Wide Bay Motor Complex

Thank you Tony Downs for inviting Jeanette and I to attend tonight’s Wide Bay Motor Complex (WBMC) meeting in Hervey Bay. I look forward to having a site tour with Ben Collingwood on 3rd February at Boonooroo Plains.


Briefing as follows:
This is the first site out of four that has got any traction with the approval process. Originally this site was waste for timber/sawdust dumping.

It also has some endangered species of frogs which are protected. The group is environmentally aware and specific parts of the 306ha property have been isolated from any development. 120ha are usable and 204ha preserved.

To date the following have been completed:
Traffic Impact Statement
Environment Impact Study conducted by Roger Currie. (WBMC advised Emma Kate and Roger are both supportive of the Motor Complex)
Still needing to be completed:
Historical Survey
Storm Water Management Plan – WBMC provided 2 options: 1. Storing and processing water on site and 2. Running a line back into town.

Total cost of project $30 million – 30 year lease

Design has not been finalised until final approval of Development Application which they hope will be the first or second meeting of the new elect Council.

Currently this is a ‘non for profit’ project as Council will not sign a lease unless this criterion is met. Council will not agree to a commercial operation for the tenure of the lease. That isn’t to say that down the track depending on the success and possible private investment that this could change and should the land become available for sale.

This group is very community minded and believe that this will be a catalyst for jobs across the Fraser Coast. If all goes well, the following are examples of skills and employment it would create: mechanics, tuners, race car builders, trainers, eco-tourism, catering, pit crew training and new education programs and the list goes on. Opportunities for school excursions are also likely.

Council will waiver the $112,000 development fee – State will be approached to waive the $15,000 agency fee

s, Bruce Saunders very supportive. State and Federal Governments will also be approached for grants. Possible cost to Council $1.2 million to seal road.

Council submitted a Material Change of Use in 2015.

Camping area will be provided for a fee and possible RV site.

There will be little or no impact on neighbouring properties. The one property that seems will have to put up with some noise is a motoring enthusiast.

Expected to have race meetings 50 weeks each year, weather permitting.

They have no wish to compete with Maryborough Speedway who have been owned and operated by one family for the past 50 years. (Development is planned behind speedway). WBMC have had discussions and made room on plans to incorporate the current speedway if necessary.

WBMC will offer defensive driving, drift track, 2nd tier motor racing events, road motor bike events, drag racing. Children as young as 12 can apply for a CAMS licence. Poor behaviour will not be tolerated and those not following the rules will be black flagged.

I believe the concept is well thought out with this project and will bring many jobs to the Fraser Coast as you know we are desperate for. It will increase Tourist numbers to the Fraser Coast significantly (36,000). All the best with WBMC’s next step for a successful development approval, this should excite and encourage the investors and sponsors.

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