Vote of ‘NO CONFIDENCE’ in Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Another classic example of local government gone “mad” with no accountability to who really matters – the rate payers who put them there!

How is it in the interest of the rate payer to use their money to fund an appeal to the Supreme Court’s decision when this money has been ordered to be refunded?

AND why has this gone unchecked for so long? This makes me furious! And is exactly why I am running for a State seat in the current Qld election, we have to stop the rort and the sheer incompetence!

How an Administrator hasn’t been called in already is beyond comprehension as this would never happen in the private sector.

Holding Government (at any level) to account is a corner stone of my platform and an issue I am very passionate about. The CEO states the money has been spent and believes the rates were lawfully set but also states they failed to comply with the LGA. Unlike the CEO, the rate payer cannot just say they spent the money and not pay their rates. Court Orders must be upheld.

The fact that many of Councils in Qld are in the same boat demands that appropriate action be taken. Makes one wonder who was providing advice to them.

It’s appalling that this could happen to honest hard-working Australians, the FCRC is clearly living in a delusional “bubble” if they think for one minute their constituents would welcome their CEO’s decision.

What does this mean to the rate payer? Will interest be paid? What happens to homes sold for arrears in rates? $12,822,648 million in overdue rates, will this be waivered? What happens to deceased estates? Will there be class action?

FCRC needs to explain this and many other serious outstanding matters including the $170 million. Why wasn’t this money on the books? Where was this black money being spent? Why hasn’t the outgoing CEO who received big dollars to have the “wheels fall off the bus”; answered to this? Who else on Council knew about this?

It’s a conspiracy in the true definition of the word. How is this a democracy? This is a total money grab and to waste even more money attempting to change the Supreme Court decision is disgraceful.


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