Thinking ahead, preparing for isolation

If I hear ‘unprecedented’ one more time … 

21 March 2020

Don’t any of these professionals own a thesaurus?

Have they not heard of the Spanish Flu, Ebola, World Wars I and II, HIV/Aids, Cholera, Black Death, Typhus and other events we should have learnt from?

The truth is the response and the ability to react to COVID-019 has been appalling. Always behind the eight ball – only when it gets to the crisis point does anything happen, a sad reality of life today.

One of the most worrying aspects of the leadership response to the public health crisis is that the actions taken or advice by government have often lagged behind what I and others in the community have been advocating for.

In the current climate, people don’t trust politicians and it appears every state has its own strategy and ways of dealing with the COVID-19. Queensland is no different. I believe we need a national approach and a committee appointed whose trusted expertise would control all facets of the public health response. Politicians should arrange and action the implementation of their recommendations.

We must take control in a caring, sharing and loving way. We need to refrain from panicking, to restore order and calm in our communities, supermarkets, chemists, streets and our hospitals. Messaging needs to be consistent. We must have clarity to what is really going on so we stop any chaos in its tracks.

Thinking ahead, we have seen around the world countries in lock down and each day we get closer to isolation ourselves. Throughout this period, we need to be looking at how we are going to look after ourselves, and each other. Besides being careful and cautious we must ensure we look after our mental health. I will be encouraging others to prioritise some meditation whether that be through prayer, faith, yoga, or focussing on fitness. To accept that there are somethings like finances that won’t be able to be controlled during this period – this will be a reality for many and accept that this coronavirus is bigger than any of us and trust that this is only temporary.

It is important to also find virtual places of connection to substitute the real connections of touch we have been so familiar with, and look for that connection where humanity reaches through from the beauty and find purpose. Change can yield positive results even if we don’t understand it. In these moments of personal isolation, we need to stay in the moment, we cannot predict what will happen, even the most knowledgeable have some level of speculation.

Platforms are like springboards for innovations and when you think about the millions of people connected on many virtual networks and once of the very few sources we have for connecting; imagine the collaborative networks where opportunities for great discoveries could evolve as slow premonitions, maturing and connecting to other ideas and over time we could have these ready to inaugurate and implement in the near future.

For now, we have to look at the people we don’t necessarily agree with and be compassionate. Remember, this too shall pass and by being kind to each other; we will be awarded by growth in intuitive knowledge and strengthening of character.

Proper Preparation Protects People Purposefully

Never follow a leader who is more in love with power than people

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