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Saturday 14 March 2020

As you know I have taken a strong stand against prepoll this election and will not be having people handing out HTV cards. (emails sent 08/03/20) I care to much to put any person at risk. This is a sensible approach. We still have people travelling across the state and from interstate, it is unknown what impacts this will have. All I know is a vote is not worth somebodies health or life.

As leaders in the community I raised this with George Seymour 11/03/20 and I have had a couple of conversations with him since. Yesterday George contacted me after he looked at his roster realising many were elderly, he agreed didn’t want to put them at risk.

We will be taking a collaborative approach and jointly stand against distributing HTV cards and election materials. More importantly we will not put any of our community needlessly at risk.

We are not to panic but take a measured and pragmatic approach to this.

Every eligible Queensland voter will hit the poles in the next 2 weeks. That means 3.3 million people all attending set locations. So it won’t matter if they turn up in a group of 5 or 50, there will be more than 500 attending prepolls each day that is for certain.

With 1.25 million expected to contact the coronavirus we certainly don’t need to hasten or exacerbate the situation.

I encourage all candidates on the Fraser Coast to join George and I and not hand out HTV cards, nor have any people meet and greet voters.

Both George and I will be putting a corflute each and sharing a board with what information we respectively wish to share with voters. However, I may reconsider.

This is about community and as a mayoral candidate I take it very seriously when it comes to the welfare of the people we serve.

I will set a new standard by showing the rest of Queensland what needs to be done.

According to the World Health Organisation, the virus can linger in the air for up to 30 minutes within a 5-metre (15 feet) radius. It remains on some surfaces for up to 2 weeks and HTV cards being of paper are not only a waste of money that can’t be recycled can be contagious for several hours. (fatalities = flu 1 in 1000 COVID-19 30 in 1000)

I certainly won’t be attending the Declared Institutes i.e. hospitals, aged care facilities with the ECQ possibly putting our most vulnerable at risk, nor should any other candidate IMO.

Proper Preparation Prevents Panic and Protects People.

I highly recommend the Electoral Commission of Queensland automatically send every voter a postal vote.

In the mean time I encourage everyone to postal vote.

There is still time for you to get your application in. You can either apply on line or complete a form.

Applications Close 7pm – Monday, 16 March 2020

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Fraser Coast Chronicle article: Coronavirus sees region’s candidates take drastic measures

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