Coronavirus preparedness

Queensland local government elections are on our doorstop. With prepoll only a week away, should we be looking at mitigating the risks of spreading the coronavirus?

Sunday 8 March 2020

Although coronavirus has not shown up on the Fraser Coast to date; we still have a lot of people travelling to and from the region to other parts of Queensland, interstate and overseas. Professor John Fraser, who is the director of ICU at St Andrews Hospital in Springhill Brisbane came out today and spoke of a ‘viral tornado’, warning the disease could have unparalleled impacts on Queensland and Australia. “It remains unclear in which direction and at what time this tornado will hit Australian land in full – but it seems likely it will land with the force of a Category 5,” he said. Will prepoll be a catalyst for the spread of coronavirus?

By preparing ahead, we must take a rational approach as our goal must be to prevent the transmission within our community and really to reduce the impact both in terms of sickness and certainly in terms of severe complications or death. It’s about keeping safe and not being in a state of panic or fear.

How to vote (HTV) cards pose another hazard, not only are they a waste of money in my opinion; a recent paper looked at how long coronaviruses could survive on various types of surfaces. It said “Human coronaviruses can remain infectious on inanimate surfaces at room temperature for up to 9 days. At a temperature of 30°C or more, the duration of persistence is shorter. Veterinary coronaviruses have been shown to persist even longer for 28 days.

When the scientists delved into the literature on the persistence of coronaviruses on different surfaces, the results were variable. For instance, the MERS virus persisted for 48 hours on a steel surface at 20°C. However, on a similar surface and at the same temperature, TGEV survived for up to 28 days.

Similarly, two studies investigated the survival of two strains of SARS coronavirus on a paper surface. One survived 4 – 5 days, the other for just 3 hours. HTV cards are paper.

We must not panic – thinking ahead, planning ahead for what or may not come is the best form of defence. In the coming weeks we will be connected in one or another – by taking care of each other we take care of our communities.

There is absolutely no need to panic. We must not see the craziness of people fighting in the supermarket aisles with toilet paper causing more harm. If your neighbor needs a toilet roll, milk, bread and / or any of the basics extend your neighbourly hand.

Proper preparation prevents the spread and protects the people.

Should all Queensland voters be considering registering for postal votes?

I have emailed Electoral Commission of Queensland, Minister for Health Steven Miles, copied in Shadow Minister for Health Rosslyn Bates and Federal Minister for Health The Hon Greg Hunt.

Responses will be published here and across my social media platforms.

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