Point Vernon Protest


Tomorrow (Sunday 13th December) you are invited to attend a protest in Point Vernon at 11:00 am where trees are marked for their demise.

Please bring a yellow ribbon to tie on these habitat trees and stand together to send a clear message this is totally unacceptable.

Five mature trees and 13 saplings will be removed as part of the project to rebuild 1.2km of the Esplanade at Point Vernon.

The trees will be removed from a 40 metre section near the intersection of Flinders Street and the Esplanade. They are the only trees that have to be removed as part of this project. Under Council’s tree policy, two trees will be planted for each tree removed.

Hope to see you there 🙂

In Australia, the Save Albert Park group have utilized the yellow ribbon as a symbol of protest. The group is a coalition protesting the reclamation of public space in Albert Park, Melbourne for the annual Australian Grand Prix. When the race moved to Melbourne in 1996, yellow ribbons were tied around the trees in the park which were designated for removal.

Although the group were unsuccessful in protecting the designated trees, they and their supporters still tie ribbons around the trees each year at the time of the race.

In 2009, the yellow ribbon was used during the appeal for those affected by the 2009 Victorian bushfires.

On 16 September 2012 the Yellow Ribbon was adopted for the unilateral support of volunteer firefighters across the State of Queensland and one month later ratified in State Government Hansard on the FIRST