Original Maryborough Town Site

My heartfelt appreciation to Sandra Armstrong for taking the time to walk with me back in history today. I can certainly understand why Robert Bolton did not want to leave the Maryborough Original Town Site.

Council is supposed to be maintaining this site under State Legislation – yet very few markers have plaques on them. Some are surrounded by weeds and disintegrating old tyres. Very disrespectful.

Sections that were mowed / slashed by Council, where chopped up and left in patches with damage to trees.

I could envisage the boot makers, jail, church, houses and all the buildings, transport, Chinese market, shacks, Butchulla people playing the didgeridoo, and a thriving community. Imagine when it floods and the landscape would completely change leaving little islands.

Because Council hasn’t blocked the fence off, cars are being driven around on this heritage site.

TBC $30K spent on fencing off the site for development.

Council and Heritage are only ones to have seen the Archaeological Register from this site.

What a hidden jewel – I recommend if you have not been to this serene and majestic site, please go and enjoy.