Leading through the crisis

Fraser Coast Chronicle Q&A

20 March 2020

1. If you are elected, what is your coronavirus game-plan, given this health issue will likely now dominate your term – leading through the crisis and then dealing with economic aftermath?

Local government will be quite restricted in what it could do. The first and most important initial move is to speak to the community and calm them. Many are afraid. There must be a concerted effort in particular from the Mayor to calm this fear that’s driving the panic shopping.

To speak with business and the Chamber of Commerce and together identify ways council can assist. Small business is the heart of our community. It’s important to stay focused, not panic and keep supporting where and when we can. This is an attitude that may keep local businesses afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

2. How will you ensure election promises will still be fulfilled?

Working together with the elected council and the community will ensure what is required at the time; is actioned as the best approach and has the desired outcome. To develop a clear understanding of limitations that will be placed on council because of the COVID-19. Federal and State governments are making the big rules and we will need to work with that.

3. How has the latest health advice on coronavirus changed your campaign?

It hasn’t changed my campaign very much because I had foreseen and prepared to fit in with the effects and limitations given because of the virus. I was the first to initiate no HTV card handouts, no volunteers at polling stations and contacted relevant authorities for a contingency plan prior to the commencement of prepoll.

4. Some voters and candidates are concerned about the way the election continues to be handled especially in regards to social distancing and hygiene at prepolling and the handing out of HTV cards and flyers. What is your view about the way the election is being handled? Are you confident you have not handed out HTV cards or pamphlets where you have said you wouldn’t? If you continue to hand out, why?

My policy from the beginning of prepolling was not to be involved in distributing HTV cards and not to utilise volunteers, and have continued that policy. My preference would have been for the government to make the election a full postal vote. There is still time. In the interim the ECQ now has the power to not allow people to hand out materials, I hope they use that power.

5. Should the election have been postponed?

Definitely not. The only change I would recommend would go to postal vote which would alleviate any further issues.

6. How do you think the health advice is impacting how people vote? (E.g. are they less engaged and want to get it over with/are they asking you about how you’ll address the virus etc?)

Because I made my stance on separation very clear and maintained that stance, voters are not asking me about that, they know where I stand. People’s concerns about business and society as we go forward, that’s why I believe the role of the mayor is to alleviate the fear as much as possible.

People are mostly asking me about the economy, business, employment, compliance, cents in the dollar for rates, transport, ideas on improving regional areas with opportunities for growth as the spread of the virus is managed.

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