Green light for live streaming

Council meetings are now live

Jeanette Maynes and Jannean Dean campaign for live streaming of Council meetings for 2 years


A huge thank you to Mayor Chris Loft and Fraser Coast Regional Council for testing the live streaming at Ordinary Meeting No. 2 on 8th February.


1K viewers appreciated having the opportunity to watch and be able to provide live feedback. I am sure they will get the sound sorted quickly and see an increase in viewers.


I am delighted to advise FCRC will now include Public Participation in live streaming commencing Ordinary Meeting No.3 on 1st March 2017.


Live Streaming will:

  1. Generate a bigger audience
  2. Provide the ability for online interaction
  3. Open opportunities for new revenue
  4. Providing live video recordings of council proceedings grants the community immediate access to the chamber without having to leave the comfort of their living room. It encourages a greater number of people to get involved: parents can follow a full council meeting while getting the dinner on, while those working long hours can catch up with proceedings on their tablet or smartphone.
  5. Critics might argue that an army of under-informed armchair activists is the last thing that local government needs facing a crisis and the thorny question of what councils should and shouldn’t do. This rudely underestimates the intelligence of residents and is an age-old excuse for conducting the business of local government in the dark. It’s would be great to see our Council like others across Queensland who are working in the full gaze of the public eye.
  6. Visual recordings won’t be edited in a way that could lead to misinterpretation of the proceedings as Council has full control.
  7. Live-streaming Council meetings so more people can see how decisions are made. Understanding how local government operates is the first step to getting more people involved on a practical level, whether lobbying councillors, taking part in community groups or considering standing for office themselves.
  8. Few people have the time or inclination to attend meetings like this in person. But this but many will join in or observe the debate if you make it accessible to them, in a way that better suits their lifestyles. Being able to submit a question online and then sit back and see it answered from your sofa has to be a positive thing for transparency and local democracy.
  9. Public participation is important so the community know what problems we face in our region and can support the causes that need change.
  10. I requested this be placed on the next agenda (08/02/17).

Council agreed to test live streaming without going to a vote. Fantastic result 🙂

#transparency #goodgovernance #livestreaming