No transparency from FCRC on Sports Precinct


Sports Precinct Map_24_02_16

On Saturday I attended a meeting with Candidate for Division 8 Denis Chapman, Candidate for Division 9 Jeanette Maynes and the owners of a property near the Sports Precinct Location.
Just when you thought nothing more could be disclosed about the Sports Precinct, more details come to light – this will shock you! Again, maybe not – this is typical of the current Council and how they operate.

Council purchased two parcels of land. One from Wide Bay Water $715K and the other private sale $1.265 million, total being $1.980 million on RP Data. The Council has made a massive error and DID NOT acquire the house a third of the way along the boundary on the land purchased for the Sports Precinct.

At a meeting conducted by the CEO and Council representatives the owners of the house turned up and were questioned why they were there. Stating they were the owners of the property Lisa Desmond said NO Council owns it. The owners then echoed they were the owners and advised they pay rates on it and for Council to check their paperwork. The CEO would not have been very happy learning she had made a gross error yet again.

This deal was done hastily with the purchase of land and not subject to any conditions. The forcing of this project is disgraceful and the community should have been consulted on the Nikenbah location. So where does Council go to from here in relation to purchasing the house a third of the way in from the boundary of the site?

Stuart Taylor had the audacity to call a vote on whether the Opposing Letter and Petition ‘Against’ the Sports Precinct were to be received by Council that James Hansen tabled and then tried to use the Standing Orders to stop a further petition at a later date being tabled. This is well over three thousand signatures. Why are they attempting to remove the people’s democratic right to be heard? Yet they are still not being transparent about this project.

The CEO advised farmers there would be absolutely no impact on farming activities but this is a misleading statement or is it erroneous? The farmers, Sugar Mill and Government put money into an Effluent (waste) Water Irrigation System which has run out four (4) times at crucial instances. Farmers need vaccinations to protect them from effluent water as do plumbers and other like professions. What happens when children are partaking in sport on this site being affected by the spraying of effluent water? Will they need vaccinations also? Is this putting our children at risk? Why has Doctor Rudd heading up the Sports Plus Project Committee who is privvy to documents that elected Councillors are not; not advised on this in any of his media coverage all the while supporting the Sports Precinct? Does he know about it?

Gerard O’Connell might like to explain his plans with Riverside Christian College and the development plans for a new school on the Chapel Road side of the proposed Sports Precinct site or is this a rumour?

Bullamon RV Residential Park is being developed diagonal to the site for 222 RV sites (relocatable dwellings) and 152 small house blocks – these have already been approved. All RV’s will need to go through the housing estate as there is only one entrance and exit to both these sites from Madsen Road. This entrance is having a road that is being built over what was a dam, but since has been drained a metre and a half and now called a retardation basin. Why is there not a second entrance and exit point? What happens in an emergency situation?

Chris Loft approved the CEO report for immediate earth works for the Sports Precinct. Does he know about this house? Does he know about the effluent water irrigation system and all that encompasses? It seems to me elected Councillors are voting on projects they actually know very little about.

This intersection is one of the most dangerous intersections on the Fraser Coast. There is no town water or sewerage in this location so further expense. There is talk of a roundabout going in. The road structure is not adequate for children to safely travel to and from for sport in this location.

Apparently there will be $20 million on earthworks – $10 million 2016 and $10 million 2017. These are not the figures outlined in the budget but they are the ones they are working off. It would have been smarter of Council to look at land down Main Street where it is flat and there would not be a need to spend the first $20 million on earthworks, saving this for proper application of the project.

There is also an old shed and worn out machinery on this site owned by Council that is falling apart with apparent chemicals inside. It is a snake haven and fire hazard and should have been removed by Council. What risk is this posing to the rented house on this site?

Council has not advised where everything is going. They do not have a plan and seem to be ‘winging’ it as they go. On the new Sports Plus glossy brochures the plan layout have been altered without being voted on? Where did the approved satellite hubs and hockey disappear too? This was never discussed or voted on; plus additional running tracks, entertainment, concerts, events space…?
How much money is allocated to the second budget for Planning and Design? The one that Rolf Light has been reported to the Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland for disclosing a $28,000 spend of rate payer money on reports by a Melbourne Company plus $1,500 on business cards to sell the Sports Precinct. There is even a spiel in this document stating “how to sell the sports precinct” – 100 day campaign. How much were the new glossy brochures and logo etc? Is there any other additional monies being spent that we don’t know about?
What else is Council hiding? The Mayor would not be pushing this so hard against community if there was not something else to this.

You are right Gerard “Enough is Enough”! It is time for you to move on!

There is still time to sign the petition against the Sports Precinct here:

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