Election Commitment 6 of 8



Fraser Island (K’Gari) Tourism

**  Conduct information sessions on barge transfers

**  Strategies for managing visitors are imperative if tourism is to remain sustainable

**  Establish an Interpretive / Information Centre

**  Brochures or other educational material to be provided to visitors at entry points.

**  Random inspections of vehicles to prevent flora and fauna from being removed.

**  An informative talk by rangers or an Indigenous adviser whilst people waiting for barge.

**  Butchulla People to run educational bus tours.

**  Butchulla People to have camp fires for tourists including:

**  Aboriginal music

**  Aboriginal art – resources utilised including body art

**  Didgeridoo – history and playing

**  Dreamtime

** Bush Tucker

**  Indigenous language


Return quick transfers to/from Marina

**  Marketing on trains i.e. tv screens in front of every passenger on the Spirit of Queensland on planes, buses etc.

**  Link the entire Fraser Coast finding value in every community and marketing to this.

**  Encourage hospitality, accommodation and adventure businesses to put packages together.

**  Provide a healthy alternative to ‘Schoolies’

** Have tourist ambassadors in costume out and about in the community talking and advising on great places to see and visit across the entire Fraser Coast.

**  Introduce easier access to beach for people with disability aids i.e. vision canes, wheelchairs, walkers etc and market for this. Employ a person to roll out a mat that starts at entry point to the beach down to the water.  This can be maintained by this person each day and could double as a tourist ambassador.

Dingo Management & Tourism

**  Save the Fraser Island Dingoes before they are extinct

**  Establish Wildlife Centre

**  Develop application using facial technology

**  Feeding Station / Study Zone

**  Consider legislation protecting government agencies from litigation

**  Establish a Wildlife Advisory Committee

Marketing for undervalued treasures on the Fraser Coast

Bauple – Big Macadamia Nut

I intend to restore what is right and if I do NOT have all councillor support I will personally refer the matter to the Local Government Department as I am all for tourism and jobs in this location.  I have personally investigated the matter and taken advice from an independent committee. I understand a business must have customers and FCRC’s actions to prevent customers in Bauple does not help business or the community.

RV Sites

**  Remove the Stop and Shop’ voucher and roll out the welcome mat across the entire Fraser Coast.


**  Establish a night life precinct near the Hervey Bay Cinema. 

**  Review Viper Nite Club and impacts on surrounding businesses and homes.

**  Start a conversation about 24 hour trading

**  Heritage Tours across the entire Fraser Coast

**  Indigenous Historical/Education Tours across the entire Fraser Coast

**  Turn Maryborough Railway Station into a Museum / Restaurant

**  Restore 118-year-old steam train and run along Kent Street

**  Return Whale Festival to original format – Encourages activity – Competition for schools for best float – Supports small business

**  Pier to Queens Park Marathon

**  Sand Art Competition

**  Reinvest in Maryborough and Hervey Bay Drive-ins

**  Horse and carriage rides