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Pialba Memorial Hall & Cenotaph

**  Chief Petition for saving Pialba Memorial Hall, Railway Station and Cenotaph.  I delivered 1002 signatures to Councillor George Seymour on 6th May 2015 at Ordinary Meeting No. 6 where he tabled the petition objecting to the relocation of the Pialba Memorial Hall and the Pialba Railway Station.

**  Completed and submitted application to Queensland’s Department of Environment Heritage and Protection. The Department accepted application for proposed entry of the Pialba Memorial Hall and Cenotaph on 28th October 2015.

**  Public Submissions were sought and received by the Department before the close of business on 4th December 2015. Ref No. HRN 650026

**  Fraser Coast Regional Council is yet to make a submission and an extension has been granted to them until 27th April 2016.

**  The application will be considered in May 2016.


Railway Station

**  Brian Downey gave me a proposal for embracing our Heritage that included a buffet/restaurant dining car, having all the buildings in this vicinity themed with pantomimes and theatre creating ambiance that builds to the shopping experience.  It is also envisaged to run a further train as a tourist ride to Nikenbah. 


Historical Plaques

**  These plaques are packed in boxes in the Library – they need to be on display.

**  A suitable location needs to be found.

Old Maryborough Original Township Site

**  Strong campaigner in support of protecting this magnificent site. This is a gold mine with the right tourist vision.

**  Canoe rides when it floods around the temporary islands (safety and weather taken into consideration)

**  Great location to open up for an RV site.

**  Excellent for community events, weddings, education.

**  Theme entire site for the historical experience.

**  The only undisturbed original township site in Australia .

**  The Maryborough Original Township Heritage site is a marker of the past, and of people’s identity and memory. This place is LIVING history. Preserve our Heritage

**  Council reallocated $500K from Maryborough Original Township Site to the HMAS Tobruk with the CEO to find a further $500K.

**  Qld Heritage Council made it known on 9th October 2015 that the Application to list most of the Original Township Site had been successful and to be listed on the Queensland State Heritage Register.

**  On the 21st October 2015 Councillors O’Connell, Loft, Garland, Taylor, Sanderson, McDonald, Truscott and Everard voted to destroy and build on a site that floods, echoed by the Town Planner.

We need to ask all candidates if they intend being ‘respectful guardians’ to this special place.

I pledge to be a ‘Respectful Guardian’ and restore the Original Maryborough Township Site to the glory it once. I will also be listening to the people to find out the best way to make this magnificent site a Tourism Gold Mine.


Moolyyir Creek

**  Moolyyir Creek Community Environment Program

**  Strongly supported protecting Moolyyir Creek

Scarness Rotunda

**  Was opened in 1926 and I will start an application Queensland’s Department of Environment Heritage and Protection to be listed. 

**  This historical 90 year old structure should not be moved. An application should be made to be placed on the Department Qld Environment and Protection State Register.

**  The Scarness Railway picnics attracted 6 to 7 thousand people.

Torquay Tennis Courts

**  This proposed new tennis court is being built 50m -100m from a tennis court in perfect condition

**  75 years and still used regularly by locals and tourist.

** An application should be made to be placed on the Department Qld Environment and Protection State Register.

**  Build new tennis court in another town on the Fraser Coast that does not have one.  Granville residents have requested.