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Fraser Coast Sports Precinct – Strongly opposed to $56.8 million and rising Fraser Coast Sports Complex

**  With little or no benefit to any other community across the Fraser Coast.

**  The cost to ratepayers in the future will be colossal.

**  Chief Petitioner for Opposing Letter – I presented Councillor James Hansen with the Opposing Letter with 345 signatures against the Sports Precinct at Ordinary Meeting No.13 in Hervey Bay on 30th September 2015. It was the first time in Council history that a vote was called to receive a petition of any kind.

**  I delivered a further 2,636 signatures to Councillor James Hansen prior to the commencement of Ordinary Meeting No. 14 in Maryborough on 21st October 2015. Again, Council did its best to try and stop the people’s voices being heard – fortunately for us it was accepted, unfortunately only to be ignored.

**  Invest in Tavistock Street and Boundary Road Sporting Precinct.

**  Maryborough has sufficient sporting facilities for next 50 years.

**  Place sporting facilities across other communities on the Fraser Coast that are in need.

**  Utilise school sporting facilities that are not being used on a weekend.

Revisit in ten years with dual purpose i.e. Entertainment Centre

 no sp

Swimming Pools

**  Review entry costs

**  Open pools at night over the summer months.

**  Review charges to swimming clubs.