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Fraser Coast has highest unemployment rates in Australia and has held that position for many years now. Time for a new approach.

Indigenous Employment and Training Programme.
** Involves working with tribal elders to collect seed, plant cuttings and root stock from known “bush medicine plants” in the 430 sq kilometre area of state controlled land north of Saltwater Creek Rd.
** Similar to the program run at Macquarie University in Sydney by Professor Jo-ann Jamie who works with Indigenous people in NSW to collect, propagate and subject known bush medicine plants to scientific evaluation.
** The ‘blushwood’ tree has been used for topical skin cancers on animals at a cost of $32 million with an excellent success rate. Further to this $600 million on human studies for breast, cervical and testicle cancers with amazing results.
** Antibiotics have become less effective, precisely because they have worked so well and have been used so often.
** This is a program which would involve a Qld University run in conjunction with the Green Army program run by FCRC for local indigenous youth who are over represented in unemployed youth.
** Unfortunately we have the highest youth unemployment in Qld and I could see many doors for further and higher education opportunities from such a program. 90% indigenous unemployed on the Fraser Coast.
** A local Landcare Group are interested in working with local people to reintroduce Endemic plants which have gone from some areas because of over clearing and a project such as this would fit well with the propagation and spread of these plants to ensure survival for future testing as well as replace them where they were known to exist naturally for we don’t realise their value in our environment until they have disappeared, this would also create further work in our region.
** There is a sense of urgency with a program such as this as the suggestion for a coalmine on the northern side, (Churchill Mine) and the Colton Coal mine on the western boundary plus the application for 2000 ha of land along the Churchill Mine Rd by the Maryborough Sugar Factory means if and when these 3 projects get under way the total removal of native vegetation would mean the end of any plant collection.
** This program has been maintained by 5 separate Governments which has had great success and continues to have great success and is 100% federally funded.
** It’s an initiative for young Australians aged 17–24 years interested in protecting their local environment.
** Participants will receive an allowance and gain hands-on, practical skills, training and experience in environmental and conservation fields.
Supported by:
** Warren Truss, Deputy Prime Minister
** Lance Stone, TESS
** Office for the Minister of Indigenous Affairs
** Fraser Coast Opportunities
** Queensland Cabinet Ministers

Light Rail / Guided Busway
** Connect to Main train lines
** Connect to airport
** This is vital infrastructure needed to connect the entire Fraser Coast. Creating jobs and boosting our economy.
** Manufactured on the Fraser Coast
** Safety is pretty impressive
** Cost effective 50% less $’s than a light rail system
** Efficient, quiet and simpler
** All the benefits of light rail and air conditioning and comfort of a bus.
** Tourist Draw Card
** Reduces household income expenses with reduction in fuel purchases and mileage on vehicles.
** Saves millions of dollars with maintenance on roads
** Travel to and from school, sport, socialising, networking, work etc
** Will reduce accidents, days out can be planned to see what our area has for the locals
** Stops at all locations, operating 24/7
** Will free up logistics and encourage manufacturing and distribution companies and warehouse operators to set up in our region.

International Regional Airport
** New airport that we can fly north, east, south and west
** FIFO – strain on family relations
** Hervey Bay airport currently operating on a special permit because of defect in runway – yearly maintenance.
** Fuel has been removed from Maryborough airport.
** Maryborough being developed for private aircraft resort.

Lobby State Government to relocate a complete Government Department to the Fraser Coast. i.e. Heritage Department to Maryborough, Fisheries or Tourism to Hervey Bay.

Invest in a Cultural Centre

Container Deposit Introduction
** Develop Recycle Initiatives
** Attract small business to create recyclable products i.e. glass bench tops, toys made out of recycled plastic milk jugs, packaging is 100 percent recycled (and recyclable), old vinyl records by turning them into functional bowls, wet/dry surf bag made with 100 percent recycled plastic bottles, bags, totes, and wallets out of pre-consumer leftover, excess, or obsolete airbags.

Encourage community to create fruit and vegetable gardens on nature strips and their properties. Council to also plant fruit trees in parks and gardens.

Invest in Renewable energy

Create the biggest Hemp Industry on the Fraser Coast – approach State Government
** Anything made with plastic can be made with hemp. 48,000 + products
** Hemp concrete – hemp, lime and water – zero emissions, stronger than concrete.
** Support our farmers, boost our economy, creates jobs.
** Creating jobs through farming and agriculture

Build and they will come’ mindset has to change – we need AFFORDABILITY! We need to utilise, build, create, introduce revolutionary ‘industries’ like hemp, wind or underwater turbines, solar, organic farms, medical cannabis; industries that are forever sustainable and then the people will come. This will also lower rates, by making things more affordable. ‘Affordability ATTRACTS People’ not High Rates, Empty Buildings and No Jobs!

We need to recognise by 2050, there will be more than 9 billion hungry people in the world and less farmland and resources than there’s ever been.
With the recent increase to China’s one child policy to two, this number will only increase.
There will be a mass exodus of farmers in the next 10 to 20 years and I believe there is a need for young leaders to be engaged in finding sustainable agricultural solutions to the growing global need for safe, nutritious food.
We are right in the middle of a food bowl, the only thing we can’t deliver is sheep.