Deputy Premier tables Fraser Coast Regional Council report

Well known Community Advocate, Jannean Dean, today said no amount of Queensland State Government intervention is going to solve the issues currently facing the Fraser Coast Regional Council. These sentiments were echoed in the Report on the Fraser Coast Regional Council which the Hon Jacklyn Trad tabled in Queensland Parliament today – “No amount of State intervention is likely to resolve inter-personal issues of this nature.” 

“If this is so, why is the Queensland State Government not acting now,” Ms Dean asked today.  

“How much longer are we expected to tolerate this continued poor behaviour from our elected representatives?” 

“It is clear from reading the Report that the information contained within has confirmed our suspicions and I believe there is more to be disclosed.” 

“In my view, there are sufficient grounds to sack the entire Council and Executive Team and with the weight of the statement above this should be expedited. Even with mediation, communications have deteriorated and the continued presence of the current Council is not tenable.”

“There is reasonable prospect of the council working well with a new CEO and after a proper internal review. Only the council and in particular the mayor, have the power AND DUTY to deal with the CEO”.

“I CALL ON the Mayor Chris Loft to sack the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Desmond immediately.”  

“I also request the release of details of the one substantiated complaint of the 33 lodged. The people of Fraser Coast would also like to know if the remaining 14 complaints mentioned in the report have been fully investigated or are still ongoing?”

“We as a community deserve to know the reason why one of the 33 complaints has been investigated and substantiated? We need to know the breakdown of the complaints, the time frame in relation to the election. I believe the majority of the complaints would relate to the previous Council / Mayor and not the current Council / Mayor.”

“Right now, I do not care if we have to pay, it is inevitable – the CEO must GO!”

“We deserve to have strong leadership, goodwill and more importantly good governance. The Council has been plagued with infighting and because of this they have failed to provide good government. They have been brought to a stand still with dysfunction and are unable to work together in the region’s best interests. The people of the Fraser Coast deserve a Council that will represent them with pride, upholding the 5 Principles of the Local Government Act and it is my opinion the current Council will never be able to work together for the betterment of the community. Time is money and they are wasting rate payers money”.

“There are several Councillors who have my support and I continue to support Mayor Chris Loft. If our Mayor was supported by a team of Councillors that represented their Divisions and Portfolio, embracing their regional role; we would have a dynamic regional Council. Sadly this is not the case.”


Read the Report: fcrc-report-from-trad-2016-11-02