Fraser Coast Sports Precinct

Decision time is fast approaching

Both State and Federal Governments will not be contributing to this project. The only hope they have of getting this funded in part is by starting fresh and making it dual purpose i.e. entertainment centre so all can benefit not just sporting community.

There is also the issue location, no infrastructure or business plan, no town water or sewerage etc. The home rented out on the site still has to be sorted. Will Council exhume the land, offer a proper amount of $s? This is a bad location to develop for this project and it would be better if they saved the $10M on earthworks and found a more appropriate site that does not have an effluent water system. Farmers have to be vaccinated so will the children also? This has a possibility for children to get quite ill, yet no-one is talking about this side of it.

I have said many times, I am not against the concept as if we want to grow we need to be looking at the future. Then again, plenty of schools with excellent sporting facilities which go under utilised especially on weekends. All parents sending their children to be educated have contributed to these also. Maryborough has a surplus for the next 50 years and our regional localities have very little – some don’t even have a park.

There is urgency surrounding this for those trying to push it through as it will be decided upon at the next meeting 15th June. I am praying the Council will scrap this project and begin to include the people with a new plan and approach.

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