CEO Lisa Desmond responds to Opposing Letter

I received correspondence from CEO Lisa Desmond today in relation to the Opposing Letter with 345 signatures. Below
you will find the response.





I received correspondence from the CEO Lisa Desmond today in relation to the Opposing Letter that was tabled with 345 signatures.

I have emailed the CEO, Acting CEO and Executive Assistant as Ms Desmond is out of the office until 9th November for further details and to advise on the following:
1. Who pays for the ongoing upkeep of the grounds? The Management Committee, the Sporting Clubs or the Rate Payers who don’t use the grounds?
2. What are the details of the Sponsorship Agreement?
3. The amount approved by Council was $54 million now it is $55 million – when was this approved?
4. In stage 1 there is a $5 million dollar variance, now $10 million. This averages at $2.5 million annual over 20 years; and then allows for up to $15 million in the first stage which is current.
5. I request correspondence from each Sporting Club advising they wish to move.
6. How much will the loan be? Where will the loan be sourced? What will the interest percentage be? The interest will be a cost to the community for the next 20 plus years.
7. Will the money that is to be borrowed and paid back over 20 years be affected by compound interest?
8. Did Councillor Stuart Taylor and Councillor Darren Everard disclose their interest?

Still waiting on a response for the thousands who signed the petition.