CEO calls executive team for urgent meeting


Deputy Premier tabled a report dated 31 October 2016 titles FRASER COAST REGIONAL COUNCIL – State intervention under the Local Government Act 2009.

On page 10 of this report, 3.6 Governance states “As early as March 2016, the Chief Executive Officer identified concern for immediate action within Council in terms of its operations and compliance with governance requirements.” (Footnote 13 which is identified as “Email. Chief Executive Officer, 16 March 2016.)

Below is a copy of the 16th March 2016 email from Fraser Coast Regional Council CEO Ms Lisa Desmond. (3 days before the Election).

It is understood that the timing of this email coincided with the release of local polls that showed a swing away from the incumbent.

At the March 2016 Local Government Elections Mayor O’Connell was defeated and Mayor Chris Loft was successful. This outcome was clear on election night.

In this email, Ms Desmond ADMITS the council is failing basic legislative principles amongst a list of other things.

From publicly available records, Ms Desmond has been CEO of Fraser Coast Regional Council since 2011 having served under Mayor Kruger and Mayor O’Connell. (5 years)

The Council has had two ‘advisors’ from Department Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DILGP) whose reports were relied on in the above mentioned report.

This email is referred to in the Report so the ‘advisors’ Steven Johnson, Deputy Director-General, Local Government and Regional Services and Terry Brennan, former Cassowary Coast Regional Council CEO knew; therefore the Department and Jacklyn Trad Minister, Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning knew about it also.




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