Election Commitment 1 of 8


I am funding my own campaign to be completely independent; to not allow decisions to be influenced, delivering the right outcomes.

I PLEDGE to embrace The FIVE Local Government Principles underpinning the Local Government Act 2009. This will be my job description if elected:

a)  transparent and effective processes, and decision-making in the public interest
b)  sustainable development and management of assets and infrastructure, and delivery of effective services
c)  democratic representation, social inclusion and meaningful community engagement
d)  good governance of and by local government
e)  ethical and legal behaviour of Councillors and local government employees.

Introduce video streamlining of all Ordinary Meetings. Not only will we be able to observe body language and listen to how responses are expressed, absentee Councillors will still be able to vote.

Public Participation to be recorded and followed up. I value people’s time, energy and ideas. If they can find the courage to address Council than this needs to be respected and acknowledged. Recordings can be uploaded to Council website for future reference.

REVIEW Chief Executive Officer (CEO) position and salary. Review all Senior and Executive Management positions.

Put the focus back on the entire Fraser Coast and make it fair and equitable for all communities.

Review terms and conditions that silence Councillors and staff.

Discuss divisions and portfolios. Should future Councillors be elected under specific portfolio criteria or divisions? Do divisions just divide people?

Rate payers provide Fraser Coast Opportunities (FCO) wages to the sum of 2.6 million dollars per annum, plus contribute a further $500K in grant form. This is not viable when you look at the report. FCO need to be looking at all the undervalued treasures across the Fraser Coast and synergise with Council’s Economic Development Strategy.

Review Ambassadors for the Fraser Coast.

Open up a new conversation on de-amalgamation. Unless we have elected Councillors with vision for the entire Fraser Coast this is a must. Councillor salaries will reduce between $12,000 and $20,000 per annum. 8,600 plus signatures to date presented to the State Government wanting de-amalgamation.

Continue discussions with State Government on the guardianship of public / crown land. Again, if we don’t have a Council that respects the people’s open spaces then State need to take back control.

Rates – Rates for residential, commercial and industrial highest of 15 major councils in Queensland – (32 categories)
*  Review rates, categories and compounding interest.
*  Apply the yearly discount to quarterly accounts.
*  Review $75 Infrastructure Fee. (a) Reintroduce Environmental Levy Fee $25 (b) Vital Infrastructure Fee $25 (c). $25 reduction in rates.
*  After paying rates; present receipt to pick two (2) tube stock trees/shrubs free of charge for properties.

Rubbish & recycling
*  Issue 2 rubbish vouchers with rates notice – will assist in reducing illegal dumping.
*  Introduce Green Waste Bin
*  Review Tip Fees
*  Restrictions on throwing ‘junk mail’ from moving vehicles onto nature strips

Review animal registrations, fees and management.

Review Developer Incentive Scheme
*  The developers are eligible for infrastructure refunds of up to 75 percent on the project under the Direct Financial Incentives Offer and the Infrastructure Charges Incentives Administration Policy.
*  Under the criteria of the Infrastructure Charges Incentives Administration Policy, medical centres attract a 30% refund; and because the development was operational within 12 months of approval and created new jobs, it was eligible for a further 45% discount under the Investment Attraction Incentives Scheme.

What legacy are we leaving future generations? What direction do you want the Fraser Coast to take? Do you want to look like the Gold Coast / Hinterland with a touch of city life or do you want to retain the integrity of a country/seaside region?

Focus on vital infrastructure.

Facilitate a plan for future water supply. Focus on sustainable development and know CSG and open cut coal mining should not happen on the Fraser Coast. We need to protect ground and surface water.

I will expect my team to work hard and produce quality content and I will lead by example. As a leader I am responsible for a team of people and it is important to raise the bar even higher. I will be honest and my ethical behaviour are key values which my team will follow suit. I will promote a healthy interoffice lifestyle and encourage my team to live up to these standards. By emphasizing these standards, and displaying them myself, I will influence the office environment into a friendly and helpful work space. Morale is linked to productivity, and it’s my job as the team leader to instil positive energy.