Report being kept secret

Toogoom rockwall report being kept confidential

Jannean Dean: Politics, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Fraser Coast, QLDWhy is the report confidential and to remain confidential until Council decides otherwise?

Why is an asset that is public infrastructure on public land being kept secret?

Is there something in the report about a piece of public infrastructure that is so damning?

Why is this being buried? Is it the intention to keep it buried?

Who authorised the payment of this consultant’s report?

Who is the consultant?

How much did this report cost?

Where is the transparency required by the LG Act?

The residents are paying for this public infrastructure and its maintenance.

The community has every right to read this report which they paid for. So many questions, so few answers.

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Toogoom rock wall must be isolated

I am calling on Fraser Coast Regional Council to immediately place signs warning it is a high risk area and place temporary fencing to isolate access to the failing rock wall at Toogoom.

7 News Wide Bay – 1st November 2016

Thank you Glenn Lazarus for taking the time out of your hectic schedule and attend today’s Rally in support of our fellow community members on the Fraser Coast. Accompanied by your amazing wife Tess who we are all the better for organising us all at #glt. Your kind words today humbled me and I feel exactly the same – proud to stand with you and our team #CaringWithIntegrity.

Thank you to Councillor Denis Chapman Div 8 for listening as a regional Councillor and under the banner of your Portfolio: Planning and Infrastructure. You listened attentively to the communities concerns and we now have confidence that at least one Councillor stands by the Principles of the LGA. Something many others should aspire to reach across all Queensland Councils.

Norm Hoffman you are a true man of integrity and speak only in facts. It is an absolute privilege to have worked with you over the last few years. Your conviction to principle and righteousness is a courageous gift and all the while you go about it respectfully. Nothing but admiration for an outstanding Fraser Coastarian. Like I said today, we will not go away and I will keep fighting this until it is resolved satisfactorily to all parties.


It was great 7 News Wide Bay turned up, videoed and interviewed several people in attendance. Keep a look out, probably go to air Monday evening 6pm.

Fraser Coast Chronicle interviewed both Norm and I a couple of times this week, so I am looking forward to reading future editorials

Thank you to all those that travelled from different parts of the Fraser Coast today to attend the rally and share your concerns – Bauple, Urangan, Torquay, Scarness, Pialba, Sunshine Acres, Antigua, Maryborough, Toogoom, Point Vernon, Dundowran, Dundowran Beach, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC and others.

Thank you to everyone who sent support vie emails, texts, messages, social media etc. I do this for you, because you ask it, and this is how a representative of the people serves.


Toogoom Rock Wall Rally

Calling all Fraser Coastarians to stand united against the failed rock wall in Toogoom.

Sunday, 30th October 2016 – 10:30am

Standing united against the poor decision making of Fraser Coast Regional Council and Queensland State Government in protecting the environment, protecting the rate payer, protecting the integrity of good governance.


The important issues are:
1. The application to build the wall was not assessed in accordance with the legislation.
2. The wall was not in accordance with the SEMP and in fact contradicted the SEMP.
3. The wall was not constructed in accordance with the approved design.
4. The wall alignment is causing serious environmental impacts to the foreshore to the west of the wall.

And there is more.

Those paying for the wall have not got what they agreed to pay for!


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