FCSC Opposing Letter

I presented Councillor James Hansen with the Opposing Letter with 345 signatures against the Sports Precinct yesterday at Ordinary Meeting No.13 in Hervey Bay.

It was the first time in Council history that a vote was called to receive a petition of any kind.

Thank you to Councillors James Hansen, George Seymour, Rolf Light, Daniel Sanderson and Phil Truscott for voting to accept the Opposing Letter to the Fraser Coast Sports Precinct. This showed respect for the people’s valid concerns surrounding this.

Councillors Darren Everard, Robert Garland & Trevor McDonald alongside Mayor Gerard O’Connell voted not to accept.

I will be collecting the petition tomorrow which currently has in excess of 2,000 signatures. Following this I will create and electronic petition so that it can be shared for further signatures before submitting at the Fraser Coast Regional Council No. 14 on 21st October in Maryborough.

Thank you for having a voice and working towards what is in the best interests of the Fraser Coast.

Fraser Coast Sports Precinct

Fraser Coastt Regional Community SP

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Earlier this week the CEO of FCRC sent out the Sports Precinct Brochure coupled with a letter of information and a letter of support.

As we live in a democratic society; I believe it is only fair and just that the people have a say in response to the CEO’s request from seeking ‘support’ from community leaders, organisations and key stakeholders, (refer images), and that you have an option of signing an ‘opposing’ letter.

You are welcome to use either or write your own.



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Click here for: Opposing Letter CEO Sports Precinct_12_09_15

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