Residents taking concerns to MPs

Community consultation with Maryborough residents

Maryborough residents held a community meeting on Sunday hosted by Fraser District Community Voice (FDCV) and discussed a range of issues. Councillor James Hansen must be congratulated for attending and providing helpful and trusted information.

The contentious sports precinct and deamalgamation from the Fraser Coast Regional Council were the hot topics for the afternoon. 7 News Wide Bay, WIN News and the Fraser Coast Chronicle arrived before the meeting and remained until they interviewed several people after the meeting had closed.

During the meeting a resolution for several delegates to meet with Members of Parliament Ted Sorensen and Bruce Saunders to discuss the concerns and legislation surrounding deamalgamation.

Both 7 and WIN ran stories on their respective news broadcasts on Monday evening. Click here to view 7 News coverage

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FCRC to conduct 2 polls


If you are not one of the 9% who only care if your water runs, toilet flushes and the lights come on and you wish to be heard on these 2 contentious issues; please sign, like  and share. 

Fraser Coast Regional Council conduct 2 polls to gauge exactly what the community wants:

1.  Referendum to put in abeyance the development of the Hervey Bay sports precinct and stop all further development of the above until the people have had their say.
2.  Referendum on the separation of the Maryborough Region (Tiaro, Woocoo shires) from Hervey Bay.

Click on image or here for petition

Hard copies can be download here, distributed and printed for those that do not have internet access. FCRC Poll Petition__hardcopy_24_05_17


Fraser Coast Sports Precinct

Decision time is fast approaching

Both State and Federal Governments will not be contributing to this project. The only hope they have of getting this funded in part is by starting fresh and making it dual purpose i.e. entertainment centre so all can benefit not just sporting community.

There is also the issue location, no infrastructure or business plan, no town water or sewerage etc. The home rented out on the site still has to be sorted. Will Council exhume the land, offer a proper amount of $s? This is a bad location to develop for this project and it would be better if they saved the $10M on earthworks and found a more appropriate site that does not have an effluent water system. Farmers have to be vaccinated so will the children also? This has a possibility for children to get quite ill, yet no-one is talking about this side of it.

I have said many times, I am not against the concept as if we want to grow we need to be looking at the future. Then again, plenty of schools with excellent sporting facilities which go under utilised especially on weekends. All parents sending their children to be educated have contributed to these also. Maryborough has a surplus for the next 50 years and our regional localities have very little – some don’t even have a park.

There is urgency surrounding this for those trying to push it through as it will be decided upon at the next meeting 15th June. I am praying the Council will scrap this project and begin to include the people with a new plan and approach.

Please sign and share the Opposing Letter 

no sp

Sports Precinct on hold pending report


At FCRC Ordinary Meeting No. 4 on Wednesday 4th May 2016 the following motions and discussion took place.

For: Hansen, Light, Maddern, Chapman, Loft
Against: Lewis, Taylor, Everard, Sanderson, Seymour ,Truscott
MOTION FOR REPORT – Carried unanimously

CEO target report for 15th June. Report no later than 6th July. Significant project affecting budget allocation.

James Hansen -70% of community opposed
No State or Federal support
Essential infrastructure is a must
We need to help existing clubs
Rolf Light – prioritise basic infrastructure.
Yes need for upgrades and multiple footprints
Custodians of the communities money
$204 for every rateable property on $10m
Hand up not hand out
Further debate on special levy
George Seymour – look at dispassionately and use rationale
Needs more information to make a decision
Not in favour of sports club not in favour
Facts no longer clear
Anne Maddern – very clear mandate from her Division as a no.
Outlying areas feel disenfranchised.
Very least to use existing assets and have hubs across region.
All community to be consulted
Build footpaths creates exercise
Research cheaper alternatives
Darren Everard – benefits region
More events will benefit whole region
Hervey Bay does not have sufficient sporting facilities.
Health, education, heritage- plan for the future
Growth for sporting clubs and bring competition.
Denis Chapman – attended committee meeting wrong information being given out.
Was asked to leave by Dr Rudd after he gave an opinion.
No business plan.
Put money into clubs and grounds across the region.
Train closer to home
David Lewis – needs more information.
Concerns on Level of support, funding, economic plan, competition so, clubs, PCYC
Gauge level of community support
Talk to MPs
Stuart Taylor – supported from start
Strong advocate for
Considered approach on complexity of project.
Paul Truscott – only support with State and Federal funding
Believes in 20 years community will thank for having vision.
Daniel Sanderson – matching funding as a local government have to lead. Sport is pillar of community
Private funding
Chris Loft – people voted for rate restraint
Unbelievable borrowings, stranded assets
Not 1 club has come forward with positivity
Current grounds need maintenance and won’t get for 10 years
No multiplying effect
Rate payers at maximum stress
This project surrounded by secrecy

Table $28k report in addition
Need a completely unbiased report
Community engagement strategy includes everyone
Delays project no further money spent until decision made after report received.

Please sign and share the Opposing Letter

Community wants to know where candidates stand on precinct

fcc_04_03_16_Jannean Dean

THE controversial sports precinct plans had the Fraser Coast community talking at the Chronicle’s meet the mayoral candidate forums.

The question was the only query of the two-hour Maryborough forum to receive applause from the crowd.

Incumbent mayor Gerard O’Connell said the current netball and AFL facilities were not enough for the region’s current population.

“We do have a problem now, because Hervey Bay has gone from 20,000 to 60,000 in a course of about 15 years,” he said.

Candidate Jannean Dean said council needed to listen more to the community.

“This is about your voices being heard – I am still yet to speak to somebody outside of Gerard’s group in favour of it.”

Businessman Steven Coleman said he was initially supportive of the sports precinct.

“When I first heard about it I thought it was a great idea because it was building for the future of the young,” he said. “But only if the state and federal backed it by 85% to 90%.”

Division 3 councillor and candidate Chris Loft, who has long been outspoken about the precinct, said it had been painful to sit through the sports precinct process in council.

He said he felt council had forced it on the region.

“When the government comes along and says this is good for you, that’s when the community is saying no we don’t want it,” he said.

However, he did not say whether he was in favour of the plan or not before his time ran out.

Construction worker Greg Schmidt said the region might be better off finding an area of Crown land to become trustees of the area for sports fields.

“It needs to be affordable for those small clubs,” he said.

Former teacher Lee Carter said $5million was a lot to spend.

“That’s a lot of money which could be spent on sporting fields and sporting clubs in this area now,” he said.

The sports precinct was again brought up as the last question of the night, with a Maryborough woman lodging her support for the plan.

Fraser Coast Chronicle Article 4th March 2016

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No transparency from FCRC on Sports Precinct


Sports Precinct Map_24_02_16

On Saturday I attended a meeting with Candidate for Division 8 Denis Chapman, Candidate for Division 9 Jeanette Maynes and the owners of a property near the Sports Precinct Location.
Just when you thought nothing more could be disclosed about the Sports Precinct, more details come to light – this will shock you! Again, maybe not – this is typical of the current Council and how they operate.

Council purchased two parcels of land. One from Wide Bay Water $715K and the other private sale $1.265 million, total being $1.980 million on RP Data. The Council has made a massive error and DID NOT acquire the house a third of the way along the boundary on the land purchased for the Sports Precinct.

At a meeting conducted by the CEO and Council representatives the owners of the house turned up and were questioned why they were there. Stating they were the owners of the property Lisa Desmond said NO Council owns it. The owners then echoed they were the owners and advised they pay rates on it and for Council to check their paperwork. The CEO would not have been very happy learning she had made a gross error yet again.

This deal was done hastily with the purchase of land and not subject to any conditions. The forcing of this project is disgraceful and the community should have been consulted on the Nikenbah location. So where does Council go to from here in relation to purchasing the house a third of the way in from the boundary of the site?

Stuart Taylor had the audacity to call a vote on whether the Opposing Letter and Petition ‘Against’ the Sports Precinct were to be received by Council that James Hansen tabled and then tried to use the Standing Orders to stop a further petition at a later date being tabled. This is well over three thousand signatures. Why are they attempting to remove the people’s democratic right to be heard? Yet they are still not being transparent about this project.

The CEO advised farmers there would be absolutely no impact on farming activities but this is a misleading statement or is it erroneous? The farmers, Sugar Mill and Government put money into an Effluent (waste) Water Irrigation System which has run out four (4) times at crucial instances. Farmers need vaccinations to protect them from effluent water as do plumbers and other like professions. What happens when children are partaking in sport on this site being affected by the spraying of effluent water? Will they need vaccinations also? Is this putting our children at risk? Why has Doctor Rudd heading up the Sports Plus Project Committee who is privvy to documents that elected Councillors are not; not advised on this in any of his media coverage all the while supporting the Sports Precinct? Does he know about it?

Gerard O’Connell might like to explain his plans with Riverside Christian College and the development plans for a new school on the Chapel Road side of the proposed Sports Precinct site or is this a rumour?

Bullamon RV Residential Park is being developed diagonal to the site for 222 RV sites (relocatable dwellings) and 152 small house blocks – these have already been approved. All RV’s will need to go through the housing estate as there is only one entrance and exit to both these sites from Madsen Road. This entrance is having a road that is being built over what was a dam, but since has been drained a metre and a half and now called a retardation basin. Why is there not a second entrance and exit point? What happens in an emergency situation?

Chris Loft approved the CEO report for immediate earth works for the Sports Precinct. Does he know about this house? Does he know about the effluent water irrigation system and all that encompasses? It seems to me elected Councillors are voting on projects they actually know very little about.

This intersection is one of the most dangerous intersections on the Fraser Coast. There is no town water or sewerage in this location so further expense. There is talk of a roundabout going in. The road structure is not adequate for children to safely travel to and from for sport in this location.

Apparently there will be $20 million on earthworks – $10 million 2016 and $10 million 2017. These are not the figures outlined in the budget but they are the ones they are working off. It would have been smarter of Council to look at land down Main Street where it is flat and there would not be a need to spend the first $20 million on earthworks, saving this for proper application of the project.

There is also an old shed and worn out machinery on this site owned by Council that is falling apart with apparent chemicals inside. It is a snake haven and fire hazard and should have been removed by Council. What risk is this posing to the rented house on this site?

Council has not advised where everything is going. They do not have a plan and seem to be ‘winging’ it as they go. On the new Sports Plus glossy brochures the plan layout have been altered without being voted on? Where did the approved satellite hubs and hockey disappear too? This was never discussed or voted on; plus additional running tracks, entertainment, concerts, events space…?
How much money is allocated to the second budget for Planning and Design? The one that Rolf Light has been reported to the Crime and Corruption Commission Queensland for disclosing a $28,000 spend of rate payer money on reports by a Melbourne Company plus $1,500 on business cards to sell the Sports Precinct. There is even a spiel in this document stating “how to sell the sports precinct” – 100 day campaign. How much were the new glossy brochures and logo etc? Is there any other additional monies being spent that we don’t know about?
What else is Council hiding? The Mayor would not be pushing this so hard against community if there was not something else to this.

You are right Gerard “Enough is Enough”! It is time for you to move on!

There is still time to sign the petition against the Sports Precinct here:

#Vote1 #JD4Mayor #TripleR – rates rubbish roads

Wide Bay Motor Complex

Thank you Tony Downs for inviting Jeanette and I to attend tonight’s Wide Bay Motor Complex (WBMC) meeting in Hervey Bay. I look forward to having a site tour with Ben Collingwood on 3rd February at Boonooroo Plains.


Briefing as follows:
This is the first site out of four that has got any traction with the approval process. Originally this site was waste for timber/sawdust dumping.

It also has some endangered species of frogs which are protected. The group is environmentally aware and specific parts of the 306ha property have been isolated from any development. 120ha are usable and 204ha preserved.

To date the following have been completed:
Traffic Impact Statement
Environment Impact Study conducted by Roger Currie. (WBMC advised Emma Kate and Roger are both supportive of the Motor Complex)
Still needing to be completed:
Historical Survey
Storm Water Management Plan – WBMC provided 2 options: 1. Storing and processing water on site and 2. Running a line back into town.

Total cost of project $30 million – 30 year lease

Design has not been finalised until final approval of Development Application which they hope will be the first or second meeting of the new elect Council.

Currently this is a ‘non for profit’ project as Council will not sign a lease unless this criterion is met. Council will not agree to a commercial operation for the tenure of the lease. That isn’t to say that down the track depending on the success and possible private investment that this could change and should the land become available for sale.

This group is very community minded and believe that this will be a catalyst for jobs across the Fraser Coast. If all goes well, the following are examples of skills and employment it would create: mechanics, tuners, race car builders, trainers, eco-tourism, catering, pit crew training and new education programs and the list goes on. Opportunities for school excursions are also likely.

Council will waiver the $112,000 development fee – State will be approached to waive the $15,000 agency fee

s, Bruce Saunders very supportive. State and Federal Governments will also be approached for grants. Possible cost to Council $1.2 million to seal road.

Council submitted a Material Change of Use in 2015.

Camping area will be provided for a fee and possible RV site.

There will be little or no impact on neighbouring properties. The one property that seems will have to put up with some noise is a motoring enthusiast.

Expected to have race meetings 50 weeks each year, weather permitting.

They have no wish to compete with Maryborough Speedway who have been owned and operated by one family for the past 50 years. (Development is planned behind speedway). WBMC have had discussions and made room on plans to incorporate the current speedway if necessary.

WBMC will offer defensive driving, drift track, 2nd tier motor racing events, road motor bike events, drag racing. Children as young as 12 can apply for a CAMS licence. Poor behaviour will not be tolerated and those not following the rules will be black flagged.

I believe the concept is well thought out with this project and will bring many jobs to the Fraser Coast as you know we are desperate for. It will increase Tourist numbers to the Fraser Coast significantly (36,000). All the best with WBMC’s next step for a successful development approval, this should excite and encourage the investors and sponsors.

#JD4Mayor #Vote1

Election Commitment 3 of 8




Fraser Coast Sports Precinct – Strongly opposed to $56.8 million and rising Fraser Coast Sports Complex

**  With little or no benefit to any other community across the Fraser Coast.

**  The cost to ratepayers in the future will be colossal.

**  Chief Petitioner for Opposing Letter – I presented Councillor James Hansen with the Opposing Letter with 345 signatures against the Sports Precinct at Ordinary Meeting No.13 in Hervey Bay on 30th September 2015. It was the first time in Council history that a vote was called to receive a petition of any kind.

**  I delivered a further 2,636 signatures to Councillor James Hansen prior to the commencement of Ordinary Meeting No. 14 in Maryborough on 21st October 2015. Again, Council did its best to try and stop the people’s voices being heard – fortunately for us it was accepted, unfortunately only to be ignored.

**  Invest in Tavistock Street and Boundary Road Sporting Precinct.

**  Maryborough has sufficient sporting facilities for next 50 years.

**  Place sporting facilities across other communities on the Fraser Coast that are in need.

**  Utilise school sporting facilities that are not being used on a weekend.

Revisit in ten years with dual purpose i.e. Entertainment Centre

 no sp

Swimming Pools

**  Review entry costs

**  Open pools at night over the summer months.

**  Review charges to swimming clubs.


CEO Lisa Desmond responds to Opposing Letter

I received correspondence from CEO Lisa Desmond today in relation to the Opposing Letter with 345 signatures. Below
you will find the response.





I received correspondence from the CEO Lisa Desmond today in relation to the Opposing Letter that was tabled with 345 signatures.

I have emailed the CEO, Acting CEO and Executive Assistant as Ms Desmond is out of the office until 9th November for further details and to advise on the following:
1. Who pays for the ongoing upkeep of the grounds? The Management Committee, the Sporting Clubs or the Rate Payers who don’t use the grounds?
2. What are the details of the Sponsorship Agreement?
3. The amount approved by Council was $54 million now it is $55 million – when was this approved?
4. In stage 1 there is a $5 million dollar variance, now $10 million. This averages at $2.5 million annual over 20 years; and then allows for up to $15 million in the first stage which is current.
5. I request correspondence from each Sporting Club advising they wish to move.
6. How much will the loan be? Where will the loan be sourced? What will the interest percentage be? The interest will be a cost to the community for the next 20 plus years.
7. Will the money that is to be borrowed and paid back over 20 years be affected by compound interest?
8. Did Councillor Stuart Taylor and Councillor Darren Everard disclose their interest?

Still waiting on a response for the thousands who signed the petition.

Councillor James Hansen stands united with the People


I delivered a further 2,636 signatures to Councillor James Hansen today prior to the commencement of Ordinary Meeting No. 14 in Maryborough which he tabled.

Councillor Stuart Taylor did his best to try and stop the people’s voices being heard – fortunately for us it was accepted.