Destination Glenwood

Roundup Report – Saturday 6th February & Sunday 7th February 2015

Destination: Point Vernon, Kanigan, Glenwood

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Yesterday I chaired Area 4 Neighbourhood Watch Meeting in Point Vernon. It was refreshing to have cooler temperatures and not be in the heat. Geoff Redpath joined us and introduced himself as a Candidate for Division 6. He presented his survey to everyone and took them through it and stayed back to chat to a few locals. Thank you for taking the time Geoff, I know they were happy that you took the time to hear some of their concerns.

Today was interesting driving around the local roads in Kanigan. The road off the highway is small and lucky there wasn’t any traffic. The tiny bridge over a little creek has been used as a drag strip by the look of it but the scenery was picturesque.

Following this I went for a big drive around Glenwood. Wow this area has grown so much and appreciated the lush countryside. Most of the roads start with Arbour i.e. Arbour Seven, Arbour Nine, Arbour Ten, Arbour Thirty Seven etc. There is a need to drive with caution on every road in Glenwood especially at creek crossings.

Ventured on down to Windsong Opals and engaged in a lengthy discussion with owner Harry Sannholm. Thoroughly enjoyed discussing many of the issues with a focus on rates, roads and pet registration fees. Managed to get a little education on gem fossicking and opals. He has a wealth of knowledge and I recommend if you haven’t been; please do so. Harry was so generous and kind giving me an early birthday present ? Amethyst necklace and a map of the goldfields in Queensland.

Headed on back to the Community Hall in Glenwood for the Progress Association Meeting. Bernie chaired the meeting and I must say he is very effective with his mallet 😉 It was a little fiery in parts with some locals expressing concern, anger and frustration at the neglect for their community from Council. Phil Truscott held his composure and responded to the questions posed with little satisfaction from those in attendance. Figures could not be given on how much of the $7 million in rates had been spent there. Phil said he would get them and advised he had spent his $100K discretionary fund in Glenwood.

Roads seem to be the major concern and recently a lady crossing a creek was washed off the road with little time to escape. Gauges are placed in bad positions so when it is flooded no one can read them. Another problem even having signage for caution, it is difficult for motorists to see any water across these crossings until they have entered, by this time it is too late.

Council needs to apply for more funding under the Roads to Recovery Programme and folks are sick of money being spent in Hervey Bay. 33% goes to Bundaberg, 40% goes to Gympie and 27% goes to Fraser Coast. 51 roads in Glenwood needing works carried out. Director prioritises roads.

Further to this there is an issue with dust contaminating water tanks making it a health hazard.
Aurecon will be attending Glenwood Community Hall for an information session on the NBN 29th February 2016 1pm – 6pm

A road of low priority cost $280K for 200 metres where the high priority roads in particular; the bus runs have been left (Arbour 16, 11, 12). Questions were raised on the tender process and why the costs were so high. There is neither flood mitigation for Glenwood nor any arm rails. Armour Seven and Eighteen had 2 and half metres of water in 5 minutes with no flood indicators. Arbour Three was mentioned as being dangerous for flooding. Arbour Eighteen should be closed.

WH&S Representative spoke about how Council workers placed rocks in the top drain and didn’t bother spending 45 minutes to clear it. Ergon Energy metre still not sought – 3 phase. Glenwood has an issue with their power and lose it quite frequently. They will attend a meeting in Gunalda Hall tomorrow at 10am.

Rate payers were very unhappy about the 2 fire levies that Council has placed on them. Apparently one should be Fire and the other Disaster.

Candidates in attendance were then given 5 minutes each to speak: Gordon Dale, Anne Maddern and Chris Loft. Bruce Saunders also addressed a couple of issues with the Community of Glenwood.

Thought for the day:
“Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth.”
Only a couple of photos today as I was too busy talking.

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The truth about rates


Are you concerned over increasing rates and the need to alleviate cost of living pressures?


FCRC is accountable for establishing priorities for service provision and expenditure for all our areas, in consultation with all our local communities. When budgeting for projects and services, FCRC needs to be innovative and look for the best value and deliver that value for all of us that live on the Fraser Coast.

We need the State Government to look into a ‘rates cap’. This system caps rates increases to a figure based on the Consumer Price Index.

**  80% of properties are on the same base rate i.e. $9,000 block that floods, has no building and a $250,000 house with full services both pay minimum $1,240
**  38.18% of rates go towards wages and salaries
**  Yearly discount should be applied to all quarterly notices
**  11% compounding interest needs reviewing
**  $75 Infrastructure fee needs reviewing i.e. Reintroduce $25 Environmental levy fee – $25 Emergency / Critical Infrastructure Fee – $25 straight off rates.
**  32 categories need reviewing – seriously do we need this many?

I would like to see each town and regional locality have its own kitty to ensure money is being spent fair and equitably for all rate payers across the ENTIRE Fraser Coast.

We must implement a FULL Financial Analysis / Reports of all RATES and Departments in particular Fraser Coast Opportunities and Council Operations to make savings and reductions; if possible to reduce rates substantially. Water bills will need to be reviewed.

Hope to see you at the Community Rates Forum before the Election – stay tuned, details to follow.

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January 24, 2016  12:37:17

Urraween Road & Maryborough-Hervey Bay Road Petition

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland citizens draws to the attention of the House the intersection of Urraween Road and Maryborough Hervey Bay Road, Hervey Bay, which is considered the most dangerous intersection within the Fraser Coast. The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads have identified this intersection as their highest safety priority locally.

This intersection is extremely important to our community. It is used to access four local schools, Xavier College, St James Lutheran College, Hervey Bay Christian Academy and Yarrilee State Primary School. It is the access route for both Hervey Bay and St Stephens Hospitals. It is the main Heavy Vehicle traffic corridor to and from the Dundowran industrial estate to Hervey Bay. It is also heavily used by the daily commuters travelling north and south on the Maryborough Hervey Bay Road and those moving between the surrounding Businesses, Medical Centres, Nursing Homes, Residential Estates, TAFE Campus, the Crematorium and the Tourist Information Centre.

Current traffic count analysis at this intersection shows that the practical absorption capacity is exceeded by approx 25%. It is impractical for Urraween Road traffic to manoeuvre (or be absorbed) through the intersection in a safe manner. This danger is only heightened during peak hours as traffic congests in all directions to form extremely long queues, causing multiple blind spots and increased driver risks.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to seek an immediate State Government funding commitment and timetable to upgrade the Intersection of Urraween Road and Maryborough Hervey Bay Road to an acceptable safety standard. Sign the Petition here