Councillors ignore community by voting 6/5



I am not shocked but I am extremely disappointed in the decision by Fraser Coast Regional Council? today; voting 6/5 on #7million dollars without a business case.

Councillors who are allowing this to continue:

Councillor Paul Truscott – Division 3
Councillor Daniel Sanderson? (President – Football Maryborough) – Division 4
Councillor David Lewis? – Division 6
Councillor Darren Everard? – Division 7
Councillor Stuart Taylor? (President – Executive Members of Council, Wide Bay Football & Kawungan Sandy Straits Jets FC) – Division 9
Councillor George Seymour? – Division 10

This makes me angry to think an out of towner has the contract. What about local spend Councillors?

These Councillors just don’t get it! Maybe they should consider resigning, they certainly are not listening to the community they are meant to be representing IMHOATT.

The difference between the two voting pacts; one is community up, the other is government down. Pretty obvious to me.

The estimate of the project will now be over #55million dollars. I believe it will be at least double that.

There is still NO Federal funding
There is still NO State funding
ALL ratepayers money ūüôĀ

Do you think it wise spending of rate payer money Councillors when it only gets us this?
* Bulk earthworks
* Fence around it all
* Northern Road 250 car parks
* Water reticulation, electric and lighting facilities

There are NO:
* soccer fields
* netball courts
* change rooms
* toilets
* canteens

Nothing in the budget for maintenance going forward.

Think my first live discussion will need to include this as one of the topics. Too many questions unanswered. It is my opinion that there is far more to this considering the Councillors still pursuing after a great deal of opposition from the community across the entire Fraser Coast.This is a very poor decision, using very poor judgement.

Click here to read and sign the petition


Conforming Petition FCRC CEO


A petition is now circulating in both electronic and paper formats calling on the State Government to act in ensuring that FCRC CEO is removed from office. The electronic version of the petition can be found here:

Paper versions will also be available and I will update on the relevant locations or events where the paper petitions can be signed.

So why this petition? So far, the CEO has flat out refused to back down and resign. The CEO has not explained her actions / inaction Рit will take a massive public outcry to get the majority of Councillors or the Qld State Government to act in the public interest.

The Mayor has power to remove the CEO by putting a motion forward to Councillors but we know the numbers are not in chambers. It is important to note that 74% of staff have completed the
anonymous survey as requested by Mayor Chris Loft. Prior to this survey staff participation at best was 35 Р40%. This confirms that staff have a lot to say about what is happening behind closed doors and want a change.

It is understood that the CCC has 33 FCRC complaints before them which were submitted in 2016. I am waiting for Frankie Carroll, Director-General of the Department of Infrastructure, Local
Government and Planning to advise which complaints have been finalised, how many remain outstanding and when they will be publicly available.

I agree with many who say ‘sack the lot of them’, however, there is no point sacking the Councillors¬†until someone has dealt with the organisational transparency and accountability; which includes the¬†Executive team and that starts with the CEO.

I cannot believe the rate payers are paying the salaries for these people and the saga is allowed to continue. When is the State Government going to show leadership and put an end to the ongoing open undermining of efforts and grossly disrespecting the Office of Mayor? How much longer will our staff have to go to work under this type of toxic environment and how long is the community going to have to put up with this?

In an email dated 16th March 2016, (3 days prior to the local government elections Lisa Desmond¬†penned “The wheels have fallen off this bus, there is way too many matters that are falling through¬†the cracks. No follow up, no accountability, no responsibility and urgent action is required now to start¬†getting this organisation back on track.” She went on further to say “We are floundering on our¬†continuous improvement and efficiency drives across Directorates and failing basic legislative responsibilities. Examples: backflow prevention device testing, animal compliance, DA register¬†required under SPA, Asset Management, Forward Designs, capital infrastructure planning, I could go¬†on.” This email is referred to in the State Government Report so the ‚Äėadvisors‚Äô Steven Johnson,¬†Deputy Director-General, Local Government and Regional Services, at the time, now CEO of¬†Bundaberg Regional Council and Terry Brennan, former Cassowary Coast Regional Council CEO knew;¬†therefore the Department and Jacklyn Trad Minister, Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure,¬†Local Government and Planning knew about it also.
State Government, Councillors and the media are not asking the right questions about this. Why¬†aren’t they? This should be discussed in open council.

After several requests for intervention from Qld State Government and my phone constantly ringing¬†with ‘disgruntled’ staff and residents, I decided mid November 2016 to commence enquiries into a¬†conforming petition to have Lisa Desmond removed as CEO from Fraser Coast Regional Council. The¬†delay in publishing this conforming petition was because the Parliamentary Clerk went on leave.

The reasons for this Petition are numerous and varied:
* doctoring minutes
* inaccurate reporting
* micromanaging councillors
* wasteful expenditure
* Wide Bay Water fiasco
* Toogoom Rockwall debacle
* contractors contracts and obligations
* economic failure of Bauple
* approval of incomplete development applications
* missing backflow register
* secrecy surrounding CEO extension of contract
* staff working in a toxic environment and the rate payer is paying for all this plus much more.

This list of failures that demonstrate gross maladministration cannot simply be ignored. Again, why¬†hasn’t State Government, Councillors and the media been asking the right questions about this?

A paper version of the petition is also available for those that would like to get signatures from those who are not on the internet. Please contact me to arrange hard copies. I will arrange locations for the petition to be available across the Fraser Coast and also advise of locations and times for the community to come say hello, ask any questions and sign. If you would
like to be a coordinator in your area please let me know.

Paper petitions must be returned to me by Tuesday 7th March 2017, so it can be finalised and tabled at Parliament sitting commencing Tuesday 14th March 2017. Online Petition closes Friday 3rd March 2017. Click Here:

If all tiers of Government were doing their job properly at Local, State and Federal levels I would not be receiving all the requests I do for help 7 days a week.

I want our representatives to be striving for ‘great governance’. If you agree that basic ‘good¬†governance’ is lacking, transparent and accountable government is no longer, then please sign the
petition. I want to see strong leadership with caring integrity. If you want this too, please sign the petition.

Thank you so much for helping fight for ‘good governance’.

Jannean Dean

#WeDemandGoodGovernance     #CaringWithIntegrity     #NotGoodEnough


Conforming Petition – FCRC CEO must go

The Qld Parliamentary Clerk approved our ‘Conforming Petition’

Let’s spread the word!

So far, the CEO has flat out refused to back down and has not explained her actions / inaction ‚Äď it will take a massive public outcry to get Qld State Government to budge.

Please sign and share the Conforming Petition No. 2689-17 with your friends to help grow the movement of people across the Fraser Coast standing firm against the failings of the CEO.


Would those that have offered to take a paper version and get signatures from those who are not on the internet please send me a message. Please note, each page of the conforming petition must be in the format I send.

I will arrange locations for the petition to be available across the Fraser Coast and also advise of locations and times for the community to come say hello, ask any questions and sign. If you would like to be a coordinator in your area please let me know.

Paper petitions must be returned to me by Tuesday 7th March 2017 so it can be tabled at Parliament sitting commencing Tuesday 14th March 2017.

Online Petition closes Friday 3rd March 2017.

Thank you so much for helping fight for ‘good governance’.

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Council should at least explore de-amalgamation


Study after study has found that the benefits of regional amalgamation have failed to materialise. Costs generally increase after amalgamation, largely due to a harmonisation of costs and wages, and increases in service-efficiency remain elusive. The transitional costs after amalgamation are often quite high and, in some cases, reduce or even eliminate any anticipated immediate cost savings.

Mounting evidence suggests that amalgamation on the Fraser Coast – Three quarters of the Wide Bay is part of this Council and has not led to more efficient service production or delivery. Regional mergers reduce competition between regions, which weakens incentives for efficiency and responsiveness to local needs, while also reducing the choice for residents to find a community that best matches their ideal taxation and service rates. Since regional mergers rarely result in boundaries that encompass the entire region, externalities may still exist in transportation and land-use planning. Regional amalgamations have sometimes forced rural residents to pay for urban services they do not have access to.

With so many negative aspects, it’s no surprise that local restructuring proposals have often been met with stiff resistance from local residents. It also comes as no surprise that many residents argue that their communities were better off prior to consolidation. In the wake of lingering resentment regarding amalgamation, de-amalgamation is often suggested as a solution.

We have seen the call for de-amalgamation emerge in many cities and towns across Queensland. There is no reason why de-amalgamation cannot be pursued. Provincial governments have the ability to amalgamate regions and, therefore, also have the ability to separate them.

The difficulty in successfully implementing de-amalgamation means that amalgamation is something that cannot, and should not be easily entered into. More care needs to be taken in finding the best institutional structure for our local government.

Chris Loft was asked for his standing on a referendum for de-amalgamation of Maryborough, Tiaro and Woocoo Shires and boundaries joined to make one city pre-election and writes “Yes let the process begin. We must listen to community.” So why did he vote against it?

Anne Maddern Councillor for Division 2 sitting under the allocated Small Communities portfolio is trying to represent her communities aspirations, but unfortunately not many of her fellow colleagues do not seem to be supporting her which in turn means they are telling the community we are not listening. We don’t care, we will do what we want!

What are they scared of? Is the Council worried they may get a drop in pay? There is no reason why Council cannot have a conversation about this with people and initiate a poll considering in excess of 9,000 people wanting it that I know of. Under the LGA Councillors have to listen and report back to the people. They have failed Chapter 14,2 C Democratic representation, social inclusion, and meaningful community engagement.

Click here for Fraser Coast Chronicle article – Monday 20th June 2016

Cliff petition_Bruce

Clifford Thomas handing Bruce Sanders Maryborough MP 8000 plus signatures

Sports Precinct on hold pending report


At FCRC Ordinary Meeting No. 4 on Wednesday 4th May 2016 the following motions and discussion took place.

For: Hansen, Light, Maddern, Chapman, Loft
Against: Lewis, Taylor, Everard, Sanderson, Seymour ,Truscott
MOTION FOR REPORT – Carried unanimously

CEO target report for 15th June. Report no later than 6th July. Significant project affecting budget allocation.

James Hansen -70% of community opposed
No State or Federal support
Essential infrastructure is a must
We need to help existing clubs
Rolf Light – prioritise basic infrastructure.
Yes need for upgrades and multiple footprints
Custodians of the communities money
$204 for every rateable property on $10m
Hand up not hand out
Further debate on special levy
George Seymour – look at dispassionately and use rationale
Needs more information to make a decision
Not in favour of sports club not in favour
Facts no longer clear
Anne Maddern – very clear mandate from her Division as a no.
Outlying areas feel disenfranchised.
Very least to use existing assets and have hubs across region.
All community to be consulted
Build footpaths creates exercise
Research cheaper alternatives
Darren Everard – benefits region
More events will benefit whole region
Hervey Bay does not have sufficient sporting facilities.
Health, education, heritage- plan for the future
Growth for sporting clubs and bring competition.
Denis Chapman – attended committee meeting wrong information being given out.
Was asked to leave by Dr Rudd after he gave an opinion.
No business plan.
Put money into clubs and grounds across the region.
Train closer to home
David Lewis – needs more information.
Concerns on Level of support, funding, economic plan, competition so, clubs, PCYC
Gauge level of community support
Talk to MPs
Stuart Taylor – supported from start
Strong advocate for
Considered approach on complexity of project.
Paul Truscott – only support with State and Federal funding
Believes in 20 years community will thank for having vision.
Daniel Sanderson – matching funding as a local government have to lead. Sport is pillar of community
Private funding
Chris Loft – people voted for rate restraint
Unbelievable borrowings, stranded assets
Not 1 club has come forward with positivity
Current grounds need maintenance and won’t get for 10 years
No multiplying effect
Rate payers at maximum stress
This project surrounded by secrecy

Table $28k report in addition
Need a completely unbiased report
Community engagement strategy includes everyone
Delays project no further money spent until decision made after report received.

Please sign and share the Opposing Letter


FCSC Opposing Letter

I presented Councillor James Hansen with the Opposing Letter with 345 signatures against the Sports Precinct yesterday at Ordinary Meeting No.13 in Hervey Bay.

It was the first time in Council history that a vote was called to receive a petition of any kind.

Thank you to Councillors James Hansen, George Seymour, Rolf Light, Daniel Sanderson and Phil Truscott for voting to accept the Opposing Letter to the Fraser Coast Sports Precinct. This showed respect for the people’s valid concerns surrounding this.

Councillors Darren Everard, Robert Garland & Trevor McDonald alongside Mayor Gerard O’Connell voted not to accept.

I will be collecting the petition tomorrow which currently has in excess of 2,000 signatures. Following this I will create and electronic petition so that it can be shared for further signatures before submitting at the Fraser Coast Regional Council No. 14 on 21st October in Maryborough.

Thank you for having a voice and working towards what is in the best interests of the Fraser Coast.

Urraween Road & Maryborough-Hervey Bay Road Petition

TO: The Honourable the Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of Queensland

Queensland citizens draws to the attention of the House the intersection of Urraween Road and Maryborough Hervey Bay Road, Hervey Bay, which is considered the most dangerous intersection within the Fraser Coast. The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads have identified this intersection as their highest safety priority locally.

This intersection is extremely important to our community. It is used to access four local schools, Xavier College, St James Lutheran College, Hervey Bay Christian Academy and Yarrilee State Primary School. It is the access route for both Hervey Bay and St Stephens Hospitals. It is the main Heavy Vehicle traffic corridor to and from the Dundowran industrial estate to Hervey Bay. It is also heavily used by the daily commuters travelling north and south on the Maryborough Hervey Bay Road and those moving between the surrounding Businesses, Medical Centres, Nursing Homes, Residential Estates, TAFE Campus, the Crematorium and the Tourist Information Centre.

Current traffic count analysis at this intersection shows that the practical absorption capacity is exceeded by approx 25%. It is impractical for Urraween Road traffic to manoeuvre (or be absorbed) through the intersection in a safe manner. This danger is only heightened during peak hours as traffic congests in all directions to form extremely long queues, causing multiple blind spots and increased driver risks.

Your petitioners, therefore, request the House to seek an immediate State Government funding commitment and timetable to upgrade the Intersection of Urraween Road and Maryborough Hervey Bay Road to an acceptable safety standard. Sign the Petition here






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