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Looking to a bright future

Creating jobs, jobs and more jobs

Sunday 15 March 2020

“I am a visionary thinker and plan for 50 – 100 years not for a 4-year term to 10 years.”

“I will be forward thinking to growth and prosperity, for jobs, for our youth by strategic planning. How? By making sound investment in our region; by making sure council provides amenities to enhance the liveability of our rich and vibrant growing community”.

“We need strong leadership to meet the growing demands of our community”.

“We are being left behind by looking back. What’s done is done. I will be looking to the future and clearing a path for a bright future for the kids, families, business and new industries.”

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Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Contingency plan needed

Candidate forums for Hervey Bay

Saturday 14 March 2020

As you are aware, there have already been candidate forums in Howard, Burrum Heads, Tiaro and Maryborough.

I was in the process of organising a forum for Hervey Bay candidates for this Sunday as it looked like nothing was going to eventuate. I had been in contact with Fraser Coast Regional Council for the venue and Hervey Bay Toastmasters Club to officiate and time keep. I already had a PA system, so was ready to let everyone know.

This had nothing to do with the Mayoral candidates and simply an opportunity for the community to be engaged with their respective divisional candidates. The planning was done so residents and ratepayers could have just attended the ones they were interested in, however I would recommend listening to them all because once elected they will be regional councillors – voting on everything.

Considering I have 9 in mine, and the volume of calls I had, I believed it was important that we hear from each of them so we could decide who would be the best person to represent and worthy of our vote.

Ken Diehm advised he was happy to waive fees of the event if it was conducted in one of our council facilities.
I thanked our CEO for his consideration and advised that the Chronicle would be arranging one. Originally it was being planned for the RSL Tuesday then was changed to the Beach House for Wednesday.

Now I want a contingency plan in place so I have emailed Ken and Jessica today. Please check back for updates.

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Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Mitigating the risk to community

Thinking ahead of everyone for everyone, leading others to make smart decisions.

Saturday 14 March 2020

As you know I have taken a strong stand against prepoll this election and will not be having people handing out HTV cards. (emails sent 08/03/20) I care to much to put any person at risk. This is a sensible approach. We still have people travelling across the state and from interstate, it is unknown what impacts this will have. All I know is a vote is not worth somebodies health or life.

As leaders in the community I raised this with George Seymour 11/03/20 and I have had a couple of conversations with him since. Yesterday George contacted me after he looked at his roster realising many were elderly, he agreed didn’t want to put them at risk.

We will be taking a collaborative approach and jointly stand against distributing HTV cards and election materials. More importantly we will not put any of our community needlessly at risk.

We are not to panic but take a measured and pragmatic approach to this.

Every eligible Queensland voter will hit the poles in the next 2 weeks. That means 3.3 million people all attending set locations. So it won’t matter if they turn up in a group of 5 or 50, there will be more than 500 attending prepolls each day that is for certain.

With 1.25 million expected to contact the coronavirus we certainly don’t need to hasten or exacerbate the situation.

I encourage all candidates on the Fraser Coast to join George and I and not hand out HTV cards, nor have any people meet and greet voters.

Both George and I will be putting a corflute each and sharing a board with what information we respectively wish to share with voters. However, I may reconsider.

This is about community and as a mayoral candidate I take it very seriously when it comes to the welfare of the people we serve.

I will set a new standard by showing the rest of Queensland what needs to be done.

According to the World Health Organisation, the virus can linger in the air for up to 30 minutes within a 5-metre (15 feet) radius. It remains on some surfaces for up to 2 weeks and HTV cards being of paper are not only a waste of money that can’t be recycled can be contagious for several hours. (fatalities = flu 1 in 1000 COVID-19 30 in 1000)

I certainly won’t be attending the Declared Institutes i.e. hospitals, aged care facilities with the ECQ possibly putting our most vulnerable at risk, nor should any other candidate IMO.

Proper Preparation Prevents Panic and Protects People.

I highly recommend the Electoral Commission of Queensland automatically send every voter a postal vote.

In the mean time I encourage everyone to postal vote.

There is still time for you to get your application in. You can either apply on line or complete a form.

Applications Close 7pm – Monday, 16 March 2020

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Fraser Coast Chronicle article: Coronavirus sees region’s candidates take drastic measures

Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Jannean Dean for Fraser Coast Mayor 2020

Democracy works best when we have choices

3 March 2020 – Jannean Dean

It can’t be overstated the importance of voting. We need to make sure our voices are heard. But that can’t happen if we don’t have viable candidates to choose from. In the past, we had plenty of options, but not this time and it looked like George Seymour would be re-elected unopposed. This election, the community will have a choice thanks to the many who contacted me to represent them.

Some concerns raised:
* Hervey Bay council administration centre
* Waste water releases from the Marina
* Unemployment
* Aging infrastructure
* Solar wind farm
* Water security
* Community Consultation
* Visionary planning
* Inadequate transport
* Retail decline / CBD upgrade

I will continue to listen, act and serve the residents and ratepayers of the Fraser Coast. Please contact me if you have any questions.

Jannean Dean for Fraser Coast Mayor 2020

#Vote1JanneanDean #Vote1JD4mayor #Election2020 #VoteWisely
Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)
Read updated FC Chronicle article here

Council admits mistake

Something as significant as this should have been put before the public to gauge whether a name change would be appropriate.

Following the receipt of many messages and phone calls from annoyed people on Sunday 30 June 2019, I started a Petition compelling the Mayor to explain the renaming of the Seafront Oval to the community. People did not express concerns about what ‘they thought’ as suggested by the Mayor of FCRC; people expressed their concerns about what they actually saw. A sign clearly labelled ‘Pialba Esplanade Park’ erected at the Seafront Oval. In fact, the media release issued by FCRC this afternoon clearly showed it was intended.

We don’t expect the Mayor to know everything that happens across the region but something that requires the spend of ratepayer money, one would think that Cr Seymour and his fellow Councillors would be aware of it. Didn’t they recently approve a budget? Wasn’t this itemised anywhere? How many other spending related decision making are unknown to the Mayor and Councillors?

Council appeared to have started down the path engaging the community in deliberative democracy, so what happened here?

Most people understand change is inevitable but there are somethings that are valued highly in Hervey Bay and that is their heritage. With very few areas of historical significance remaining it is understandable why the community would voice their disapproval. Did they not learn anything from trying to move Pialba Memorial Hall?

The Seafront Oval is rich in history. Initially it was an indigenous corroboree ground and cooking site. It is significant in Butchulla people’s lives, where their ancestors would swim from K’Gari (Fraser Island) to the corroboree ground. The coolooloi (Cypress Pines) are sacred to them also, as are the girraman (flying fox) of which they have a spiritual connection too.

The Seafront Oval was one of the first sporting grounds in Hervey Bay, soldiers trained there during World War I, hosting many sporting and community events have transformed and impacted many people’s lives.

Bravo to George Seymour on his quick action of having the sign removed today. To finalise the matter the community would like some answers to reasonable questions, then the matter can be put to rest.

Who thought up this idea?

Who designed the sign?

Who approved the design?

Who approved the ordering of the sign?

Who approved the payment of the sign?

Why was this sign erected in the first place?

Why did we spend $80k on a corporate style guide for it not to be used? Which raises a couple of questions, why was the $80K corporate style guide not put out to tender at the time and just given to a friend of a councillor?

The more important question is why didn’t the Mayor know about the renaming of an iconic and historical part of Hervey Bay?

When will the Butchulla people be consulted considering they have the richest of history?

Who pays for the mistake? Well I guess we know the answer to that one. Ratepayers of course.

7 News Wide Bay coverage 

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Rob Pyne responds to FCRC

ICAC style inquiry needed

Last year Rob Pyne called for an inquiry into local government in Queensland, stating that bullying, nepotism and toxic working environments are common. For more than a year he has been tabling examples of these matters and it is most disappointing that it has taken this long to legislate for change. Councils could be employers of choice—model employers. Mr Pyne reliably informed the House that Queensland councils are in many cases toxic workplaces that have damaged, and will continue to damage, people.

I stand with Rob Pyne in calling for a ICAC style inquiry into Local Government so that this harm and the many other offensive actions of Councils will be stopped.

Rob Pyne 

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Back by popular demand

A must for anyone with an interest in the changing face of politics.

You can stop messaging me now folks  We’re back with a new look and focus.

Thank you Design House for continuing to deliver outstanding work.

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Our time is now



#HadEnough – FCRC we call on you to end the chaos in Council.

If you care at all about fixing the ongoing dysfunction in the FCRC you must turn out in force on Wednesday morning at 8:30am, City Hall, Maryborough. Democracy can be reasserted here if we make the council hear our voice. Rally to End Council Chaos!

Bring signs or just bring yourselves and your friends but turn out as this is our time, they must listen.

Wednesday 9th November, 2016
City Hall

Enough is enough Fraser Coast. Our reputation, our economy and our community is being destroyed by the infighting between the CEO and the Mayor and between councillors. We can no longer afford our council and CEO to be focusing their energies on attacking each other and point scoring rather than working together to better our wonderful region.

We also can not tolerate that the staff of OUR council are forced to work in such a “toxic” work environment and that there is a culture of “favouritism” and “reprisals”. The CEO needs to take responsibility for the HR problems and toxic work culture. The CEO and the Mayor can not work together in any positive way. One of them must go. The Mayor is elected, the CEO is an employee, whatever the many faults with the Mayor, its the CEO who must resign or be sacked for there to be any chance of this community rebuilding faith in the council.

Apathy has hurt our community for too long, if you care this may be your only chance to really stand up and make change happen.

Our demands:
1. We ask the CEO of the Fraser Coast Council to resign immediately.
2. Should this not happen we ask the council to pass a resolution in open chambers requesting the resignation of the CEO.
3. If not passed or CEO does not resign, we request the Mayor to use his powers to sack the CEO.
4. If this doesn’t happen immediately we request Deputy Premier Jackie Trad to sack the entire council, appoint an administrator, sack the CEO and call fresh elections for March 2017.

This rally is just prior to the council meeting starting with Public Participation at 9am, please stay and make your voice heard if you can.

Thank you for caring about our region and I urge you to make sure you attend and bring friends so we can make our voice powerful as one.

Michael Weekes & Jannean Dean
Rally Organisers
Email Michael
Email Jannean

Where you can find Jannean for a chat at Prepoll

Please come and have a chat with me at Prepoll.

TIARO LIBRARY – Forgan Terrace, Tiaro: Monday 7th 9:00am – 5:00pm and Tuesday 8th 9:00am- 12:30pm

BROLGA THEATRE – 5 Walker St, Maryborough: Tuesday 8th 2:30pm – 4:30pm and Thursday 10th

ELECTORAL OFFICE – 139 Boat Harbour Drive, Urraween: Wednesday 9th 9:00am 12:30pm – Friday 11th

ELECTORAL OFFICE – 139 Boat Harbour Drive, Urraween: Monday 14th through to Friday 18th

HERVEY BAY LIBRARY – 161 Old Maryborough Road, Pialba Wednesday 9th 12:30pm – 5:00pm

Jannean Dean_HTV_2016

Jannean Dean How To Vote Cards


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Fraser Coast Community Unites


I have organised this event in Hervey Bay Qld for the entire Fraser Coast in line with the weekend there will be Welfare Marches around Australia 11th – 12th July.

The venue was chosen for several reasons. As you are probably aware Freedom Park is the home of the Hervey Bay Communities remaining two historical buildings – Memorial Hall and the Railway Station; which Council is trying to clear for their proposed new building. I thought this was the best location, as it is a perfect position to highlight the concerns of the people surrounding heritage, environment, foreshore management, small business, rates, crime, drug epidemic, jobs, dingoes and all the issues affecting our community by the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s poor and mismanagement practices, including State and Federal Governments.

People from ALL OUR Communities will be attending. Specialist parties have also been invited. i.e. Foreshore, Environmental, Rates Association, Youth Groups, Domestic Violence Advocates, Child Welfare Groups, Save the Fraser Island Dingo, Homeless Advocates, Heritage Committees, Small Business Representatives, De-amalgamation Committee, all Community Groups that utilise the Memorial Hall on a daily basis and the Vietnam Veterans Association currently working from the Railway Station etc.

Ministers, Senators, Members of Parliament, Mayor, Councillors and Executive of the Fraser Coast Regional Council will be given special invitations. Some are already aware and waiting confirmation of event details.

I am waiting on confirmation from two worthy groups to cater for the event as an opportunity to fund raise.

If you know a group or speaker who would like to be heard please ask them to contact me.

Click here to join the event