We finally know future of Original Maryborough Town Site



At Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Ordinary Meeting No. 6 on Wednesday there was a unanimous vote by councillors to use the site as a nature area with minimal embellishments. Music to my ears! Great decision. Good to see Council finally respecting the Qld State Heritage Listing. Many people fought to save this site which we say thank you: Councillor George Seymour, Councillor James Hansen, Sandra Armstrong, Save Maryborough Original Township Site Committee and members, advocates for heritage, environment, historians, Indigenous elders, culture groups and not forgetting the community. Without strong committed support we would not have these exhilarating, rare wins.

The vote to stop the push for an 89-lot residential development came after $651,000 was spent on designs and reports. This is a very good example of more wasteful spending.

Councillors now need to discuss plans to maintain and improve the site, especially after $500,000 was moved from the project and allocated to sinking the HMAS Tobruk on the Fraser Coast. After all they are guardians and should at the very least restore this site to the glory it once was. If they can waste over half a million on reports and remove allocated dollars then they can afford to make the repairs, replace the bins they removed and all the other changes they made in hasty preparedness to develop the site that didn’t get the go ahead.

With the right vision and community consultation this would value add to Tourism, Education and Environmental Portfolios. More jobs, more boosting of the economy and supporting small business.

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Article Fraser Coast Chronicle 17th June 2016



Freedom Park No Deal Campaign


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Freedom Park community_The Indy_02_12_16

Hervey Bay Independent Articles – 2nd June 2016

Cenotaph entered into State Heritage Register


Exciting news – At its meeting on 6th May 2016, the Queensland Heritage Council resolved to enter the Pialba Memorial Cenotaph in the Queensland Heritage Register as a State Heritage Place.

Click here to read details on the Queensland State Heritage Register

Council vote for Pialba Memorial Hall to stay put

Our ‘No Deal’ campaigned worked – Together we saved our historical buildings. 🙂


Special thanks to Kenneth Hall, Bev Price, Jeanette Maynes, George Seymour, John Anderson, Mark Norfolk

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council has voted unanimously to keep the historic Pialba Memorial Hall and Pialba Railway Station in their current positions at Freedom Park.

The result of the vote was praised by Deputy Mayor George Seymour, who said he had opposed the decision of the previous council to move the two historic buildings.

“These two heritage buildings help tell the story of Hervey Bay,” Cr Seymour said.

Jannean Dean, who campaigned for the buildings to remain in their current location, said she was delighted by the Fraser Coast council’s decision yesterday.

She said the two buildings were among the last remaining remnants of Hervey Bay’s early years.

“It’s a massive win for the community,” she said.

“I’ve got to congratulate this council for representing the majority of the community.”

Ms Dean said she would be approaching the council with a development and tourism strategy designed to make the most of the heritage buildings in the coming months.

Ms Dean said it was also pleasing to see the Hervey Bay cenotaph was placed on the Queensland Heritage Register this month.

She said while the railway station and memorial hall had missed out on being listed, it was pleasing to see the council taking the necessary steps to preserve the buildings.

Cr Seymour said the railway station and the hall were both listed on the Fraser Coast Heritage Register.

He said when the Pialba Railway Station was opened in 1896, the trains that disembarked there transformed Hervey Bay into a popular tourism destination.

He said the memorial hall was built in 1906 and was first known as the Pialba Shire Council Hall.

The hall was the only surviving building of the short-lived government authority.

“These two buildings add character to our CBD and are extremely well utilised by the community,” Cr Seymour said.

“The railway station is used as the Veterans Advice and Social Centre and the Memorial Hall is utilised by a wide range of community groups and activities.

“By preserving them and recognising their historic significance we are maintaining a link with the past.”

Article Fraser Coast Chronicle 26th may 2017


Oral Presentation to Heritage Council

Oral Presentation – Pialba Memorial Hall

Friday 6th May 2016 – 9:50 am

Recently I went on a tour of Maryborough examining the buildings designed by architect Phillip Hawkes spanning several decades. It was wonderful to see so many structures preserved and restored, whether they were civic, religious or domestic buildings.

Take a trip 33 kilometres down the highway and we reach a city fighting desperately to preserve its history; the case in point being the Memorial Hall at Pialba. The community don’t want Pialba to look modern and slick; they love their Hall in Freedom Park precinct. I, like many others find it unbelievable and foolhardy to even consider such a move.

I wish to put forward reasons why the hall should retain its current position. The fact that it had been shifted many years ago is no justification to have it moved again. The position is perfect.

The architect of the changes when it went from being the shire hall to memorial hall, Phillip Hawkes, was a very significant – but is underrepresented on the Queensland Heritage Register.

The Pialba Memorial Hall, dating from 1906, is of state aesthetic and rarity significance for its monumental scale within a regional urban setting. The hall has state historical significance for its demonstration of a major investment by a tiny community in commemorating the large proportion of its citizens who enlisted in World War I and World War II. The Pialba Memorial Hall is of state representative significance for its memorial function designed to permanently commemorate the local men and women who lost their lives in World War I and World War II. Its status as a war memorial represents the importance of “remembrance” in Australian culture. Remembrance Day ceremonies, they are an important element of Queensland’s towns and cities and are also important in
demonstrating a common pattern of commemoration across Queensland and Australia.

The Pialba Memorial Hall has been in continuous community service since its establishment; first as a memorial Shire hall, and then as a memorial hall. A heavily utilised building, and a source of fond memories for generations, it has a demonstrated long standing and ongoing social and cultural association with the Hervey Bay community and the Fraser Coast Region.

The hall also has representative significance as a high quality regional hall used for social and cultural events that draw the community together, including its years of functioning as the local dance hall. The hall helps to tell the story of Hervey Bay through its use as a local government office, memorial hall and community hub.

The Pialba Memorial Hall is an early, intact, well-utilised, and representative example of this type of utilitarian World War I and World War II memorial: a building with a dual role of living commemoration and providing a community learning and entertainment space. The hall is ‘living heritage’ – it is booked almost every day with events and activities from bingo to Zumba.

The building is sited in a prominent and highly visible location within its community; it provides hall space and a stage. It has been modified over time to accommodate its continuing use and changing community needs.

The Pialba Memorial Hall, Cenotaph and Railway Station are a reflection of the hard work of the community. They are the only surviving heritage structures we have and were pivotal in creating progress, driving our economy and tourism. It reflects the pattern of development in a coastal community. As a community facility that documents and represents the evolving and growing nature of coastal settlements, it is of State Significance.


Push for hall state heritage continues


THE push to add Pialba’s Memorial Hall to the State Heritage register will continue after the neighbouring cenotaph was recognised.

The heritage council has recommended the cenotaph be added to the state’s register due to its historical significance.

Last year Jannean Dean submitted the application to add the cenotaph and the Memorial Hall to the state register.

While “thrilled” to see the cenotaph recommended, Ms Dean said the goal was to secure the hall for the future.

“Chris Loft told me the council has no intention of moving it but regardless, we need to lock it in,” Ms Dean said. “I’m hoping the community will come forward with more historical information or pictures. It’s got significant local heritage but we’ve got to get it across the line.”

The submission to the Queensland Heritage Council comes after the previous Fraser Coast council indicated the hall could be moved to an undisclosed location.

Fraser Coast councillor for heritage George Seymour said the hall was a “vital community hub”.

He will move a motion at next week’s council meeting to prevent it from being re-located. “It’s the only surviving building of the Pialba Shire Council,” he said.

Ms Dean hopes to have most of Freedom Park heritage listed. “Once we get the hall listed then we’ll have a better chance of getting the railway station done,” she said.

Article Fraser Coast Chronicle

Mayoral candidates divided on development of original site


AN ISSUE close to the hearts of many Fraser Coast residents is the looming development of the Original Maryborough Site.

Led by incumbent mayor Gerard O’Connell, Fraser Coast councillors have endorsed a plan to sub-divide the State Heritage-listed site into townhouses.

The Fraser Coast’s mayoral candidates have again been divided on the issue.

Cr O’Connell said progressing the development would be like business as usual if he was returned to office.

“I’m looking forward to seeing a great historical precinct take its rightful page,” he said.

“We’ve allocated $250,000 each year over the next two years to preserve and promote the heritage of that site.”

Chris Loft backed Cr O’Connell’s plans.

“We’re needing to improve that property the Old Maryborough Township,” he said.

“I want to bring a new type of person to town who will buy and build nice homes – we’ve got to get the economy going.”

Steve Coleman said he would like to discuss the issues about the development with Coast heritage experts.Mr Coleman was not sold on the proposed development but also unsure on what the future of the site should look like.

“I don’t know whether the mix with modern housing and the Original Maryborough Site is a clever way to go,” he said.

“Some form of construction probably needs to happen.”

Tinana resident and mayoral candidate Greg Schmidt said something needed to be done as the site was costing ratepayers money.

“There’s a minority that says leave it alone but it costs money to maintain,” he said

“No one rides a horse anymore – something has to be done with it in a manner that the community is undivided over.”

Jannean Dean was opposed to developing the site and said it should be left for generations to come.

“This place is living history – I will be a respectful guardian of this place,” she said.

Ms Dean pledged to restore the site “to its original glory”.

Using the site’s history as its future is the goal of mayoral candidate Lee Carter.

“I would leave it the way it is and look at restoring it to a historical site,” he said.

My comments to reporter Hayden Johnson
Maryborough Original Township Site is State Heritage listed and is a marker of the past, and of people’s identity and memory. This place is LIVING history. Preserve our Heritage for future generations to come. I pledge if elected Mayor to be a ‘Respectful Guardian’ and restore the Original Maryborough Township Site to the glory it once was. I will also be listening to the people to find out the best way to make this magnificent site a Tourism Gold Mine.

The below image is an example of the unkempt state of the site – Council are caretakers of this site and have not shown it the respect it deserves.

MOTS_missing plaques

Fraser Coast Chronicle Article 24th February 2016

#Vote1 #JD4Mayor #TripleR – rates rubbish roads

Election Commitment 5 of 8



Pialba Memorial Hall & Cenotaph

**  Chief Petition for saving Pialba Memorial Hall, Railway Station and Cenotaph.  I delivered 1002 signatures to Councillor George Seymour on 6th May 2015 at Ordinary Meeting No. 6 where he tabled the petition objecting to the relocation of the Pialba Memorial Hall and the Pialba Railway Station.

**  Completed and submitted application to Queensland’s Department of Environment Heritage and Protection. The Department accepted application for proposed entry of the Pialba Memorial Hall and Cenotaph on 28th October 2015.

**  Public Submissions were sought and received by the Department before the close of business on 4th December 2015. Ref No. HRN 650026

**  Fraser Coast Regional Council is yet to make a submission and an extension has been granted to them until 27th April 2016.

**  The application will be considered in May 2016.


Railway Station

**  Brian Downey gave me a proposal for embracing our Heritage that included a buffet/restaurant dining car, having all the buildings in this vicinity themed with pantomimes and theatre creating ambiance that builds to the shopping experience.  It is also envisaged to run a further train as a tourist ride to Nikenbah. 


Historical Plaques

**  These plaques are packed in boxes in the Library – they need to be on display.

**  A suitable location needs to be found.

Old Maryborough Original Township Site

**  Strong campaigner in support of protecting this magnificent site. This is a gold mine with the right tourist vision.

**  Canoe rides when it floods around the temporary islands (safety and weather taken into consideration)

**  Great location to open up for an RV site.

**  Excellent for community events, weddings, education.

**  Theme entire site for the historical experience.

**  The only undisturbed original township site in Australia .

**  The Maryborough Original Township Heritage site is a marker of the past, and of people’s identity and memory. This place is LIVING history. Preserve our Heritage

**  Council reallocated $500K from Maryborough Original Township Site to the HMAS Tobruk with the CEO to find a further $500K.

**  Qld Heritage Council made it known on 9th October 2015 that the Application to list most of the Original Township Site had been successful and to be listed on the Queensland State Heritage Register.

**  On the 21st October 2015 Councillors O’Connell, Loft, Garland, Taylor, Sanderson, McDonald, Truscott and Everard voted to destroy and build on a site that floods, echoed by the Town Planner.

We need to ask all candidates if they intend being ‘respectful guardians’ to this special place.

I pledge to be a ‘Respectful Guardian’ and restore the Original Maryborough Township Site to the glory it once. I will also be listening to the people to find out the best way to make this magnificent site a Tourism Gold Mine.


Moolyyir Creek

**  Moolyyir Creek Community Environment Program

**  Strongly supported protecting Moolyyir Creek

Scarness Rotunda

**  Was opened in 1926 and I will start an application Queensland’s Department of Environment Heritage and Protection to be listed. 

**  This historical 90 year old structure should not be moved. An application should be made to be placed on the Department Qld Environment and Protection State Register.

**  The Scarness Railway picnics attracted 6 to 7 thousand people.

Torquay Tennis Courts

**  This proposed new tennis court is being built 50m -100m from a tennis court in perfect condition

**  75 years and still used regularly by locals and tourist.

** An application should be made to be placed on the Department Qld Environment and Protection State Register.

**  Build new tennis court in another town on the Fraser Coast that does not have one.  Granville residents have requested.



Hall campaigners are hoping for heritage listing


CAMPAIGNERS seeking to have the Pialba Memorial Hall and cenotaph heritage listed are quietly confident in their chances.

Hervey Bay woman Jannean Dean, who lodged the application, said she was positive about the chances of the hall making it to the state register.

“Everybody was really thankful that the application was put forward because it gives them hope,” she said.

Public submissions for the state heritage listing closed on Friday afternoon.

A Department of Environment and Heritage Protection spokeswoman said of the 15 submissions, only one was against the listing.

“The department will then make a recommendation about the heritage significance of the place to the Queensland Heritage Council who will decide whether it is entered into the Queensland Heritage Register.

Fraser Coast Regional Council is yet to make a submissions and an extension has been granted to them until next month.

The application will be considered in May next year.

Read the article Fraser Coast Chronicle 9th December 2015

Application placed to have hall heritage listed

Public Submissions are being sought and must be received by the Department before the close of business on 4th December 2015.
Please quote Ref No. HRN 650026
You can either email to: heritage@ehp.qld.gov.au
or post: GPO Box 2454, Brisbane Qld 4001
Further information can be found on the Qld Heritage website.

Pialba Hall_FCC_09_11_15

Read the Fraser Coast Chronicle Article – Click Here

Article in the Hervey Bay Independent 12th November 2015

Pialba Memorial Hall_The Indy_12_11_15