Fraser Coast Community Unites


I have organised this event in Hervey Bay Qld for the entire Fraser Coast in line with the weekend there will be Welfare Marches around Australia 11th – 12th July.

The venue was chosen for several reasons. As you are probably aware Freedom Park is the home of the Hervey Bay Communities remaining two historical buildings – Memorial Hall and the Railway Station; which Council is trying to clear for their proposed new building. I thought this was the best location, as it is a perfect position to highlight the concerns of the people surrounding heritage, environment, foreshore management, small business, rates, crime, drug epidemic, jobs, dingoes and all the issues affecting our community by the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s poor and mismanagement practices, including State and Federal Governments.

People from ALL OUR Communities will be attending. Specialist parties have also been invited. i.e. Foreshore, Environmental, Rates Association, Youth Groups, Domestic Violence Advocates, Child Welfare Groups, Save the Fraser Island Dingo, Homeless Advocates, Heritage Committees, Small Business Representatives, De-amalgamation Committee, all Community Groups that utilise the Memorial Hall on a daily basis and the Vietnam Veterans Association currently working from the Railway Station etc.

Ministers, Senators, Members of Parliament, Mayor, Councillors and Executive of the Fraser Coast Regional Council will be given special invitations. Some are already aware and waiting confirmation of event details.

I am waiting on confirmation from two worthy groups to cater for the event as an opportunity to fund raise.

If you know a group or speaker who would like to be heard please ask them to contact me.

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Any solutions or vision for the future as far as crime goes? I don’t think so. From what I experienced today at the Crime Forum was nothing more than a media marketing exercise for Keith Pitt, FCRC, Ted Sorensen and the LNP agenda.

The Federal Minister for Justice Michael Kennan was unable to answer my question and many others that attended. He said he would speak to me later but couldn’t escape quick enough. For all their degrees and wealth of knowledge they don’t have¬†any solutions. Keith Pitt did not even have any valuable responses.

I can’t believe tax payers money is spent on sending these people from town to town and not really providing a true forum for community involvement. They want to continue the status quo with the revolving door. Shame Shame Shame.