Cabinet Ministers Meeting

On Sunday Jeanette Maynes and I traveled to Bundaberg to meet with Qld State Government Officials to voice our concerns, start conversations and offer ideas and solutions.

We were warmly welcomed by Mayor of Bundaberg Mal Forman and to my delight the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was keen to speak with me on many matters.

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I spoke with 17 Government Officials on a range of matters and look forward to continuing the conversations.

I spoke to The Premier several times during the afternoon on Medical Cannabis, Hemp Industry, Job Creation, Supporting Farmers, Boosting our Economy and Innovation, Domestic Violence. Annastacia received all the literature and evidence and advised she would read it on the plane tomorrow and be in touch.

Jon Black, Director-General – Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Chris Hill, Director – DEHP joined Jeanette Maynes and I for clarification on the Maryborough Original Township Site and any future development protocols. Jon Black made a call to seek confirmation and further information. We discussed our perspective of this magnificent site and what we believe is a better approach and under no circumstances should this site have an ‘iconic development’ built there. They listened intently to our argument for this and were keen to learn more.
We also mentioned the current application for Pialba Memorial Hall and the Cenotaph, which will be heard in the near future. Freedom Park and the Railway Station were also discussed. We will discuss this again.

Jeanette Maynes champions for the protection of our foreshore by speaking with Steven Miles MP for Environment. Rodney Dudgeon also standing strong on the correct and proper decisions that should be made. Great advocates for environmental awareness.

Qld Treasurer – Mr Curtis Pitt MP made time to discuss the Indigenous Employment and Training Programme, Col Bowman and I have been working on for some time. Joining us was Manny Hegarty, Regional Director CQ – Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and several other people. They loved it and are going to advise how to make this happen. I stressed that 90% Indigenous unemployed on the Fraser Coast was a fail and not good enough, especially since something like this which is 100% Federally funded is not already running is poor. We also discussed how this would improve relations and acknowledging the Traditional Owners we move forward. Keeping Indigenous Bush Medicine and Culture and valuing it is something we should all want to do.
I am thrilled they agreed and Manny will be working out the best way to make this happen and soon. Fingers crossed.
They also advised to speak with another DG Megan Houghton regarding the Fraser Island (K’Gari) Tourism and Dingo Management Policy. Megan is from Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games.
Megan and I discussed some of the points from the document to highlight why it needs to be seriously changed. She agreed and accepted, advising she would circulate to all the relevant Departments for consideration as it takes into account environment, tourism, small business, education, medical etc. We will have further discussions.

Linda from the Community Cabinet Ministers Office will personally deliver the De-amalgamation Public Address from Cliff Hammer to Hon Jacklyn (Jackie) Trad, Deputy Premier, Minister for Transport, Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Minister for Trade. This will be followed up.

Qld Police Commissioner Ian Stewart enjoying Jeanette Maynes conversation. A big thank you to the Police Commissioner for willing to look at the people’s Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Policy incorporating the Judiciary System. Whilst speaking with another high ranking police official we both agreed the current system is not working and a fresh approach is required. I look forward to discussing this further with them in the near future.

Michael Hogan, Director-General – Department of Communications, Child Safety and Disability Services spent every moment exchanging information on Domestic Violence – I requested Qld adopt the Batty Findings by Judge Ian Gray in Victoria. We also discussed time frame, $’s and education and training amongst other topics including risk assessment and information sharing. Briefly discussed the inadequacies of the Bail Act. This is crucial to winning the war on DV. It was a valued meeting. As requested I will complete a submission to task force for consideration.
The DG will also look into the helicopter being permitted to land next to a Children’s Disability Park and the concerns we have about this and how this was approved.

Acting Director General, Stephen Johnston – Dpt Infrastructure, Local Government & Planning was concerned as we were about the direction FCRC have taken us all and was unaware of some points made. There will be follow up communications on a range of matters.

Fraser Coast Community Unites


I have organised this event in Hervey Bay Qld for the entire Fraser Coast in line with the weekend there will be Welfare Marches around Australia 11th – 12th July.

The venue was chosen for several reasons. As you are probably aware Freedom Park is the home of the Hervey Bay Communities remaining two historical buildings – Memorial Hall and the Railway Station; which Council is trying to clear for their proposed new building. I thought this was the best location, as it is a perfect position to highlight the concerns of the people surrounding heritage, environment, foreshore management, small business, rates, crime, drug epidemic, jobs, dingoes and all the issues affecting our community by the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s poor and mismanagement practices, including State and Federal Governments.

People from ALL OUR Communities will be attending. Specialist parties have also been invited. i.e. Foreshore, Environmental, Rates Association, Youth Groups, Domestic Violence Advocates, Child Welfare Groups, Save the Fraser Island Dingo, Homeless Advocates, Heritage Committees, Small Business Representatives, De-amalgamation Committee, all Community Groups that utilise the Memorial Hall on a daily basis and the Vietnam Veterans Association currently working from the Railway Station etc.

Ministers, Senators, Members of Parliament, Mayor, Councillors and Executive of the Fraser Coast Regional Council will be given special invitations. Some are already aware and waiting confirmation of event details.

I am waiting on confirmation from two worthy groups to cater for the event as an opportunity to fund raise.

If you know a group or speaker who would like to be heard please ask them to contact me.

Click here to join the event

Qld Corrective Services to combat overcrowded prisons


It will be interesting to learn what the plan is…. and I wonder how long ‘imminent’ will be….

This is what I have suggested to State Government:

In brief, our Judicial System needs a complete overhaul – based on common sense. This system should be a deterrent to anyone thinking of breaking the law. Our jails are overcrowded at 85% over capacity with drug, alcohol and misdemeanor related offenders. These would be better treated in a boot style camp with counselling and rehabilitation facilities. These people should serve a minimum of six months where re-education can begin. This is also where community standards can be raised where it becomes safe and these offenders and repeat offenders can be better equipped to make positive choices in their future. As it is now they get drugs inside with all the security how is this even possible? Where there is a will there is a way and drug addicts can be very creative when they need to be.
This will free up the jails for serious and serial offenders including drug dealers.
Paedophiles and sex offenders should never be released. Corrupt police should not be protected. I believe none of these types of offenders should be in protective prisons and would be better placed in main stream prisons. Why should they be protected when they violated the rights of our young, elderly and most vulnerable?
Serious and long term offenders; surely their idleness can be put to be better use. They could grow their own food for example.
The problem needs to be addressed and we need to stop putting band aids on everything. Let’s get it sorted once and for all. A discussion needs to be had on these matters from one idea a solution can come with the right input.
The police know who are selling drugs in their local areas, but when they go to the trouble of arresting them, the court system is too lenient and I believe having our jails full is one of the factors at play.
Prison population has risen 16% in four years. Women in particular indigenous are being incarcerated because of lack of resources. Northern Territory has less than 10% convicted felons returning to jail once released under new initiatives.
The Queensland Bail Act 1980 is inadequate and fails to even have proper processes and protocols in place before releasing offenders on bond.
No Bail, No Suspended Sentences. Do the crime, do the time. Life is life, not 25 and out in 7.

Chronicle story here


For the past two (2) weeks, we have been subjected to increased advertising from all the major parties. Makes me wonder why they are not putting their marketing budgets to better use; especially where they could be helping our community by donating a medical stretcher to a sporting organisation, offering to pay fees for children wanting to play sport who are from poor backgrounds, putting money into the SES or a community support group or charity, just to name a couple of options?

Without doubt we will be inundated this week by further marketing mediums – remember Actions speak louder than words!


This week I experienced the grubbiness of politics on many levels. Firstly those that think they can intimidate me or feel bullying me will win my confidence on their issue or respect, they are sadly mistaken. Several people have tried to break my spirit – but it is because I don’t permit others to have that much power over me that they are unsuccessful. I must have hit some nerves!
If anyone has something to say to me, it is better being respectfully delivered and providing evidence to the contrary. I am all prepared to say I was wrong, if that is the case. To date this has not been proven. I’m always the first one to say I’m wrong if need be. Unless you have something to contribute that is beneficial to the good folk of Hervey Bay please don’t waste your time, mine or theirs, because that is who I work for.
I find the only people that don’t like, bully or run me down are dishonest and ‘like attracts like’. I soon notice who their friends are and know to steer clear! My dearly departed Mum would always say “show me your company and I will tell you what you are”. “Birds of a feather flock together”.
Negative, disrespectful and negative behaviours / communication will not be tolerated at any level nor are they in the best interest for the positive and much needed new direction of Hervey Bay. I cannot stress how important it is to change the behaviour of politics.



Any solutions or vision for the future as far as crime goes? I don’t think so. From what I experienced today at the Crime Forum was nothing more than a media marketing exercise for Keith Pitt, FCRC, Ted Sorensen and the LNP agenda.

The Federal Minister for Justice Michael Kennan was unable to answer my question and many others that attended. He said he would speak to me later but couldn’t escape quick enough. For all their degrees and wealth of knowledge they don’t have any solutions. Keith Pitt did not even have any valuable responses.

I can’t believe tax payers money is spent on sending these people from town to town and not really providing a true forum for community involvement. They want to continue the status quo with the revolving door. Shame Shame Shame.