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Toogoom Rock Wall

**  Wrong materials were used created broken shards of rock on the beach and sink holes at the back of the wall.

**  Lines of vegetation defence have been removed.

This has been a very costly exercise not only to the rate payers of the Fraser Coast but more costly to the Toogoom residents.

It is in my opinion; the current Council should be stating how they are going to fix this very serious problem before the election. The recently submitted Engineer’s Certificate signing off on the project insuring it for the next 100 years is questionable.

If elected, I would be speaking to experts about the best approach in finding a solution. Coupled with this, it is imperative the home owners affected by this are involved in all future conversations to ensure all parties will be satisfied to achieve the appropriate outcomes.  

There are solutions which I would like to explore further. It is hoped Bruce Saunders MP for Maryborough will assist in this process and in particular have an enquiry into how such poor decisions can be made and how a project that has failed on so many levels be acceptable to both the current Council and / or any State Government.

Hervey Bay Rock Wall

**  $4.2 million so far

**  Regular clean-ups of sharp shards of basalt rocks on what was a sandy beach.


**  Update Shoreline Erosion Management Plan (SEMP) with current information, resources and technology in line with current modern practices.

**  Sand from the Dayman Spit which has accumulated there since the Marina was extended should be used.

**  Further sand nourishment with vegetation and tree planting along the five lines of defense implemented between 1974 and 1999, should be undertaken.

**  $8 million to embellish foreshore plus $7.2 million to repair damage done by embellishment is just senseless.

**  Recommendations from the 2012 that $600 MILLION needs to be spent over the next 20 years. So why is Council mismanaging the foreshore? 

**  Comply with Module 10 of the Coastal Protection Policy – no building or developments on the erosion buffer zone.

**  Monitor Phellinus Noxius – brown root rot disease across the Fraser Coast.

**  Maintain and protect animal corridors across the Fraser Coast.

**  As Chief Petitioner for Saving the Cottonwoods I delivered 500 plus signatures to Councillor George Seymour who presented them to Council on 21st January 2015.  Council could not find the further 300 signatures posted that were lost in the mail.


**  Strong campaigner against the removal of trees from Scarness Caravan Park. 

**  Jeanette Maynes presented the petition with 650 plus signatures to Councillor James Hansen at Ordinary Council meeting No.16 on 2nd December 2015, to reference when the Council wants to chop the next lot of roosting tress the birds relocate to.

**  Councillor George Seymour raised a very important point “Rainbow Lorikeets are a very special native bird, to deliberately destroy their habitat to move them away sets a very bad example to the community and to children on how animals should be treated.”

**  The question suggesting ten trees would not be sufficient to provide a greater benefit is a ridiculous argument as is the health reasoning some Councillors iterated. 

**  Setting up a Lorikeet feeding station on a smaller scale such as Currumbin would pull in the tourists in droves (or flocks) as was discussed in today’s Council meeting is well worth looking at. 

**  Removal of these trees needs to be handled by the correct Environmental Agencies and impact assessed accordingly.

Bats – need to adopt an approach similar to Logan City Council

Introduce Environmental / Sustainability Portfolio

Introduce Private Member’s Bill for a Container Deposit Scheme – will assist in reducing rubbish that litters or beaches and land.


Fraser Coast Community Unites


I have organised this event in Hervey Bay Qld for the entire Fraser Coast in line with the weekend there will be Welfare Marches around Australia 11th – 12th July.

The venue was chosen for several reasons. As you are probably aware Freedom Park is the home of the Hervey Bay Communities remaining two historical buildings – Memorial Hall and the Railway Station; which Council is trying to clear for their proposed new building. I thought this was the best location, as it is a perfect position to highlight the concerns of the people surrounding heritage, environment, foreshore management, small business, rates, crime, drug epidemic, jobs, dingoes and all the issues affecting our community by the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s poor and mismanagement practices, including State and Federal Governments.

People from ALL OUR Communities will be attending. Specialist parties have also been invited. i.e. Foreshore, Environmental, Rates Association, Youth Groups, Domestic Violence Advocates, Child Welfare Groups, Save the Fraser Island Dingo, Homeless Advocates, Heritage Committees, Small Business Representatives, De-amalgamation Committee, all Community Groups that utilise the Memorial Hall on a daily basis and the Vietnam Veterans Association currently working from the Railway Station etc.

Ministers, Senators, Members of Parliament, Mayor, Councillors and Executive of the Fraser Coast Regional Council will be given special invitations. Some are already aware and waiting confirmation of event details.

I am waiting on confirmation from two worthy groups to cater for the event as an opportunity to fund raise.

If you know a group or speaker who would like to be heard please ask them to contact me.

Click here to join the event


ERNIE ORGAN PARKFraser Coast Regional Council voted 4/7 against community consultation on the removal of the native hibiscus (cottonwood)Obviously the removal of the cottonwood trees will just enhance the serious erosion problems at Torquay, while not even creating a view. It will be an unnecessary taxpayer expense to continuously combat the erosion, remove the cottonwood trees for no reason plus lay and maintain lawn.  There will be added expense to business including the time to clean sand and leaves from their properties and merchandise.This park has its own ambiance and does not require a needless upgrade.  I am sure there are other areas that would like a park on the foreshore or even back from the beach within the community for children as 70% of the Wide Bay is obese I am all for more recreational areas!