Region ripe for the new-age industry

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What a fantastic letter. Echoing what many are saying around the world and what I have been discussing for several years now. If we look at the truth from propaganda this is such an easy common sense decision to make when it comes to legalising cannabis, And why would we putting people through all this needless agony and trauma and suffering further because of chemical and synthetically produced drugs. The first thing people need to realise is cannabis is a PLANT and a HERB nothing like Oxycontin, Methamphetamine, and alike. It would be sensational if everyone would watch these two informative videos dealing with the history of cannabis and the science proving it must go ahead.

1hr viewing on the science of tetrahydrocannabinol, TCH & delta-nine. In the human body – Major Active Compound, 2 receptors CB1 & CB2, THS receptor – anandomide.
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This a a ten x 5 minute mini series on the history of cannabis and the reasons behind prohibition.
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15 minutes to watch a quick insight into why Cannabis became illegal: Click here to watch