Thinking ahead, preparing for isolation

If I hear ‘unprecedented’ one more time … 

21 March 2020

Don’t any of these professionals own a thesaurus?

Have they not heard of the Spanish Flu, Ebola, World Wars I and II, HIV/Aids, Cholera, Black Death, Typhus and other events we should have learnt from?

The truth is the response and the ability to react to COVID-019 has been appalling. Always behind the eight ball – only when it gets to the crisis point does anything happen, a sad reality of life today.

One of the most worrying aspects of the leadership response to the public health crisis is that the actions taken or advice by government have often lagged behind what I and others in the community have been advocating for.

In the current climate, people don’t trust politicians and it appears every state has its own strategy and ways of dealing with the COVID-19. Queensland is no different. I believe we need a national approach and a committee appointed whose trusted expertise would control all facets of the public health response. Politicians should arrange and action the implementation of their recommendations.

We must take control in a caring, sharing and loving way. We need to refrain from panicking, to restore order and calm in our communities, supermarkets, chemists, streets and our hospitals. Messaging needs to be consistent. We must have clarity to what is really going on so we stop any chaos in its tracks.

Thinking ahead, we have seen around the world countries in lock down and each day we get closer to isolation ourselves. Throughout this period, we need to be looking at how we are going to look after ourselves, and each other. Besides being careful and cautious we must ensure we look after our mental health. I will be encouraging others to prioritise some meditation whether that be through prayer, faith, yoga, or focussing on fitness. To accept that there are somethings like finances that won’t be able to be controlled during this period – this will be a reality for many and accept that this coronavirus is bigger than any of us and trust that this is only temporary.

It is important to also find virtual places of connection to substitute the real connections of touch we have been so familiar with, and look for that connection where humanity reaches through from the beauty and find purpose. Change can yield positive results even if we don’t understand it. In these moments of personal isolation, we need to stay in the moment, we cannot predict what will happen, even the most knowledgeable have some level of speculation.

Platforms are like springboards for innovations and when you think about the millions of people connected on many virtual networks and once of the very few sources we have for connecting; imagine the collaborative networks where opportunities for great discoveries could evolve as slow premonitions, maturing and connecting to other ideas and over time we could have these ready to inaugurate and implement in the near future.

For now, we have to look at the people we don’t necessarily agree with and be compassionate. Remember, this too shall pass and by being kind to each other; we will be awarded by growth in intuitive knowledge and strengthening of character.

Proper Preparation Protects People Purposefully

Never follow a leader who is more in love with power than people

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Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Tone of virus language must change

Exercise caution in communicating

20 March 2020

In mental health terms, a crisis refers not necessarily to a traumatic situation or event, but to a person’s reaction to an event. One person might be deeply affected by an event while another individual suffers little or no ill effects.

I write these comments in relation to 2 recent Fraser Coast Chronicle articles:
1. Rolf Light – Managing COVID on Fraser Coast is like ’40 cyclones, 20 bushfires and six floods hitting the region all at once’
2. Gerard O’Connell’s ‘war room’ ‘We need to be ready for war’: Call to combat COVID crisis

Leaders in the community must guide by way of example and we cannot underestimate the significance of remaining calm. I am awfully disappointed in the language used by chairman of the LDMG causing further angst and leaving people in the community with a feeling of impending doom.

Using a term like a ‘war room’ is inappropriate at local government level in my opinion. I am not comfortable with using a conflict term when we could be using words such as a command centre, strategy room, or similar which sends a completely different message. Candidates need to be mindful of the terminology that they are using.

Leaders must not be the cause of nervous agitation in this situation we currently face and must deal steadily with the present circumstances by taking a pragmatic and methodical approach. It is important that the right language is spoken, I cannot stress this enough.

Throughout this period, we need to be looking at how we are going to look after ourselves, besides being careful and cautious we must ensure we look after our mental health.

The strategic use of language and information are instrumental for creating a sense of order, particularly during an emergency. Adopting an empathetic tone during crisis communications is also hugely important.

Worried about novel coronavirus (COVID-19)? Take this quiz . And remember, testing for novel coronavirus (COVID-19) is only available for people who are feeling unwell AND have travelled overseas in the past 14 days OR have had contact with a confirmed case of the virus.

If you haven’t been overseas or been in contact with a confirmed case, you will not be tested for COVID-19 because it is more likely you have another virus such as a cold or influenza.

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Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Leading through the crisis

Fraser Coast Chronicle Q&A

20 March 2020

1. If you are elected, what is your coronavirus game-plan, given this health issue will likely now dominate your term – leading through the crisis and then dealing with economic aftermath?

Local government will be quite restricted in what it could do. The first and most important initial move is to speak to the community and calm them. Many are afraid. There must be a concerted effort in particular from the Mayor to calm this fear that’s driving the panic shopping.

To speak with business and the Chamber of Commerce and together identify ways council can assist. Small business is the heart of our community. It’s important to stay focused, not panic and keep supporting where and when we can. This is an attitude that may keep local businesses afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

2. How will you ensure election promises will still be fulfilled?

Working together with the elected council and the community will ensure what is required at the time; is actioned as the best approach and has the desired outcome. To develop a clear understanding of limitations that will be placed on council because of the COVID-19. Federal and State governments are making the big rules and we will need to work with that.

3. How has the latest health advice on coronavirus changed your campaign?

It hasn’t changed my campaign very much because I had foreseen and prepared to fit in with the effects and limitations given because of the virus. I was the first to initiate no HTV card handouts, no volunteers at polling stations and contacted relevant authorities for a contingency plan prior to the commencement of prepoll.

4. Some voters and candidates are concerned about the way the election continues to be handled especially in regards to social distancing and hygiene at prepolling and the handing out of HTV cards and flyers. What is your view about the way the election is being handled? Are you confident you have not handed out HTV cards or pamphlets where you have said you wouldn’t? If you continue to hand out, why?

My policy from the beginning of prepolling was not to be involved in distributing HTV cards and not to utilise volunteers, and have continued that policy. My preference would have been for the government to make the election a full postal vote. There is still time. In the interim the ECQ now has the power to not allow people to hand out materials, I hope they use that power.

5. Should the election have been postponed?

Definitely not. The only change I would recommend would go to postal vote which would alleviate any further issues.

6. How do you think the health advice is impacting how people vote? (E.g. are they less engaged and want to get it over with/are they asking you about how you’ll address the virus etc?)

Because I made my stance on separation very clear and maintained that stance, voters are not asking me about that, they know where I stand. People’s concerns about business and society as we go forward, that’s why I believe the role of the mayor is to alleviate the fear as much as possible.

People are mostly asking me about the economy, business, employment, compliance, cents in the dollar for rates, transport, ideas on improving regional areas with opportunities for growth as the spread of the virus is managed.

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Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Support local business

Business across the country are taking drastic measures by closing or having people work from home, but for locally owned companies, staying open is important to stay afloat.

19 March 2020

Some places have shut down restaurants, bars and other services and if you are that business owner, that’s a big hit.

We definitely need people to continue supporting locals.

Business relies on people being present having stepped up cleaning and social distancing; a practice already in place across the board.

If you have the means, you can still support your favorite small businesses.

They are the heart of our community. It’s important to stay focused, not panic and keep supporting even if you can only go once a week.

This is an attitude that may get our country back to normal and keep local businesses afloat during the COVID-19 crisis.

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Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Looking to a bright future

Creating jobs, jobs and more jobs

Sunday 15 March 2020

“I am a visionary thinker and plan for 50 – 100 years not for a 4-year term to 10 years.”

“I will be forward thinking to growth and prosperity, for jobs, for our youth by strategic planning. How? By making sound investment in our region; by making sure council provides amenities to enhance the liveability of our rich and vibrant growing community”.

“We need strong leadership to meet the growing demands of our community”.

“We are being left behind by looking back. What’s done is done. I will be looking to the future and clearing a path for a bright future for the kids, families, business and new industries.”

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Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Contingency plan needed

Candidate forums for Hervey Bay

Saturday 14 March 2020

As you are aware, there have already been candidate forums in Howard, Burrum Heads, Tiaro and Maryborough.

I was in the process of organising a forum for Hervey Bay candidates for this Sunday as it looked like nothing was going to eventuate. I had been in contact with Fraser Coast Regional Council for the venue and Hervey Bay Toastmasters Club to officiate and time keep. I already had a PA system, so was ready to let everyone know.

This had nothing to do with the Mayoral candidates and simply an opportunity for the community to be engaged with their respective divisional candidates. The planning was done so residents and ratepayers could have just attended the ones they were interested in, however I would recommend listening to them all because once elected they will be regional councillors – voting on everything.

Considering I have 9 in mine, and the volume of calls I had, I believed it was important that we hear from each of them so we could decide who would be the best person to represent and worthy of our vote.

Ken Diehm advised he was happy to waive fees of the event if it was conducted in one of our council facilities.
I thanked our CEO for his consideration and advised that the Chronicle would be arranging one. Originally it was being planned for the RSL Tuesday then was changed to the Beach House for Wednesday.

Now I want a contingency plan in place so I have emailed Ken and Jessica today. Please check back for updates.

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Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

Mitigating the risk to community

Thinking ahead of everyone for everyone, leading others to make smart decisions.

Saturday 14 March 2020

As you know I have taken a strong stand against prepoll this election and will not be having people handing out HTV cards. (emails sent 08/03/20) I care to much to put any person at risk. This is a sensible approach. We still have people travelling across the state and from interstate, it is unknown what impacts this will have. All I know is a vote is not worth somebodies health or life.

As leaders in the community I raised this with George Seymour 11/03/20 and I have had a couple of conversations with him since. Yesterday George contacted me after he looked at his roster realising many were elderly, he agreed didn’t want to put them at risk.

We will be taking a collaborative approach and jointly stand against distributing HTV cards and election materials. More importantly we will not put any of our community needlessly at risk.

We are not to panic but take a measured and pragmatic approach to this.

Every eligible Queensland voter will hit the poles in the next 2 weeks. That means 3.3 million people all attending set locations. So it won’t matter if they turn up in a group of 5 or 50, there will be more than 500 attending prepolls each day that is for certain.

With 1.25 million expected to contact the coronavirus we certainly don’t need to hasten or exacerbate the situation.

I encourage all candidates on the Fraser Coast to join George and I and not hand out HTV cards, nor have any people meet and greet voters.

Both George and I will be putting a corflute each and sharing a board with what information we respectively wish to share with voters. However, I may reconsider.

This is about community and as a mayoral candidate I take it very seriously when it comes to the welfare of the people we serve.

I will set a new standard by showing the rest of Queensland what needs to be done.

According to the World Health Organisation, the virus can linger in the air for up to 30 minutes within a 5-metre (15 feet) radius. It remains on some surfaces for up to 2 weeks and HTV cards being of paper are not only a waste of money that can’t be recycled can be contagious for several hours. (fatalities = flu 1 in 1000 COVID-19 30 in 1000)

I certainly won’t be attending the Declared Institutes i.e. hospitals, aged care facilities with the ECQ possibly putting our most vulnerable at risk, nor should any other candidate IMO.

Proper Preparation Prevents Panic and Protects People.

I highly recommend the Electoral Commission of Queensland automatically send every voter a postal vote.

In the mean time I encourage everyone to postal vote.

There is still time for you to get your application in. You can either apply on line or complete a form.

Applications Close 7pm – Monday, 16 March 2020

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Fraser Coast Chronicle article: Coronavirus sees region’s candidates take drastic measures

Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)

FCRC declared candidates so far

We will see new faces on council this year – change is inevitable!

The official opening date for candidate nominations will open with the Notice of Election on Saturday 22 February and close at midday on Tuesday 3 March.

Twenty three people have declared their intention to run in the next Fraser Coast Regional Council Local Government election on March 28.

Voters have until 5pm on Friday 28 February to enrol, check and/or update their enrolment.

It’s not good for the health of democracy if electors don’t have the opportunity to go in and make a choice for who they want to make these important decisions that affect their day to day lives. We really depend on and assume that good people are going to be willing to step up and do these jobs, but increasingly there’s a lot of folks who are taking a look at what the job entails and are deciding it’s not really for them.

Even if you’re not prepared to throw your own hat into the ring, everyone has a chance to help increase engagement in local governance. People should encourage others to run, particularly those from under-served and under-represented divisions.

If you see somebody who loves their community who you think would make a great contribution, encourage them. Tell them you think they’re great, encourage them to put their name forward and help them when they do.

It’s incredibly valuable to represent your community that you will carry with you for the rest of your life. If you have the passion to put your name out there and run for politics at the government level that has the most impact on citizens’ daily lives, I encourage people to do so.

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27 January 2020

By George he’s done it

Thank You Fraser Coast

Congratulations George Seymour on being chosen by the people for the Mayoral role of the Fraser Coast. We look forward to you following through on your commitments and unifying the Council so a brighter future is paved out for all.

Thank you to the community for taking part in the democratic process and especially those that had taken their time to research and understand the truth of what has transpired.

I deem it a great honour and privilege to have represented the community in this by-election and grateful that many found value in what we achieved together.

To the many volunteers supporting their respective candidates, thank you.

To the amazing volunteers who spent their valuable time at prepoll and polling booths believing in my ability, I extend heartfelt appreciation.

Thank you to all those who expressed kind words, thoughtful discussion, distributed and collected corflutes and HTV cards and sharing a post or two.

I especially acknowledge all those that voted for me personally, which showed you trusted and had confidence in my service to you.

Jannean Dean

Jannean Dean: Politics, Hervey Bay, Maryborough, Fraser Coast, QLD
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The people’s candidate


I am delighted to confirm I am officially a Mayoral Candidate in the upcoming Fraser Coast Regional Council By-election.

“We’re in this together.”

Although it is a concern that a Government may be able to sack a democratically elected Mayor, I will not let this deter me from serving my community.

Please keep informed of my campaign by following me on social media or go directly to my website

Browse all the issues to confirm where I stand, and why they may be important to you.

My campaign is self-funded.

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