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“You Don’t Need Sight To Have Vision

Politics cannot be about one individual; whether it be Local, State OR Federal Governments; it has to be about the entire population and the people that it represents.

I am not a member of any political party and aim to stay that way.

All campaigns are completely self-funded.

Work History

I am confident in being able to achieve anything I set out to do. Having worked at the Law Department, Ministers Office for Survey and Mapping, 2nd in charge of Qld Hardwood Sawmills, Executive Secretary to Director of Education Training and Services amongst other executive management positions equips me to have more than enough experience to represent our community. I am driven by my passion for all people and not by ego or money,  sharing my skills as a strong community advocate 7 days a week. I am job fit.

Previously I have worked in voluntary capacities as Executive Secretary and Fete Coordinator to the Parish Council of Hervey Bay Anglican Church, Executive Secretary to Hervey Bay Football Association (soccer), assisted in the co-ordination of Children’s Ministry and supported many families and individuals in crisis.


I have attended many Fraser Coast Regional Council meetings and addressed council in Public Participation on several issues including a deputation on deamalgamation. Thankful to Council for giving the green light to my request for live streaming council meetings. I would like to see public participation included also in the near future, so those having the courage to speak to council may get some support from their community and be aware of some of the issues they face.

With so many issues at a local level we need to ask why? Since amalgamation we have lost representation from twenty three (23) councillors which is why people like me step up and fill that vital role where people are not being heard. The community would know very little about issues that get swept under the carpet or filed away with nothing to see here. Some examples are the rates rates debacle where council did not comply with the legislation making them invalid over three fiscal years. Then because Council declined that both parties pay their own costs, ratepayers ended up paying for not only council costs but the appellant by judgement of the court because they wouldn’t go 50/50. The Toogoom Rockwall is a major blunder by the powers that be where fourteen (14) ratepayers pay $100k on top of their rates for a revetment wall that did not meet the design specifications on public land. Let’s not forget the cat registration fees that were fully refunded and the back flow device fees where citizens where charged illegally. Ignoring community surveys and doing what they desire is far more important than what ratepayers have to say.

For those who are unaware the Australian Local Government Association (ALGA) speaks for 537 councils across the country. Their membership consists of a peak body in each state and territory as follows:

Local Government Association of Queensland (LGAQ)
Local Government Association of South Australia (LGASA)
Local Government Association Tasmania (LGAT)
Local Government Association Northern Territory (LGANT)
Municipal Association of Victoria (MAV)
Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA)
Local Government Association of New South Wales (LGANSW)

For example in Queensland the LGAQ has 77 members, being Queensland’s 77 councils. Council membership is voluntary. So, exactly how much money does the LGAQ actually get from ratepayers? Why do we need them? An open and transparent conversation around this would be beneficial to remove any confusion.

If you have a council related matter that needs addressing in Queensland, I recommend contacting and supporting QLGRA – Queensland Local Government Reform Alliance as the peak body representing ratepayers. QLGRA are connected Australia wide. QLGRA Website

Saving the Fraser Island Dingo is something I champion for and the State Government still have not listened. I have written a policy endorsed by many that have solutions to the issues surrounding K’Gari (Fraser Island) and our rapidly declining dingoes. Save the dingoes before they are extinct.

I am a strong advocate / campaigner for Medical Cannabis because people are suffering needlessly. People’s rights are at risk. Laws are different in every state. These laws need to be the same for the entire Nation in my opinion. Why people are suffering needlessly is beyond me and the fight for Drug Law Reform will continue until people’s rights are returned to them. Addiction must be treated as a health issue. The opposite of addiction is connection.

The Hemp Industry is a million-dollar crop and a trillion-dollar industry – why don’t we have this already? We need to be preserving and protecting our water and we can replace everything plastic and start to clean up our oceans and waterways. Support our farmers, protect the environment, boost our economy and create jobs, jobs and more jobs. We must start phasing out plastic. We cannot continue to land fill at the enormous expense without considering alternatives. Having championed with others the Qld State Government agreed to introduce a Container Deposit Scheme. It was set for July 2018 but has been delayed until November 2018.

Championed for the container deposit scheme and currently working on a solution for all plastics by building a Catalytic Hydrothermal Reactor which will take plastics back to its molecular structure and can be refined for fuel. More to come on this exciting project. Will continue asking the government to get serious about phasing out plastic and replacing with industrial hemp and other natural products.

We are right in the middle of a food bowl, by 2050, 9 billion people will be wanting to be fed, we should be tapping into this right now. I support our commercial fishing industry and believe there is room for recreational fishing also, but both must be subjected to the same legislation. We need infrastructure that complements sustainable industries that value add across many portfolios. Decentralisation of government departments would be welcomed here.


I have and continue to grow excellent partnerships with many across Australia of which I regularly communicate with. If I can video call, I will. Costs nothing to use technology this way. Emails, phone calls, social media are all excellent tools, I utilise on a daily basis. When I travel across the region, throughout the state and fly interstate, it has a silver lining, as I get to see my loved ones. At my expense. Everything I do revolves around people – it is my purpose. I don’t profess to know everything and I know there are much smarter people than me out there but someone must stand up for those that don’t have a voice. I genuinely care so I want what is best for everyone, even those that don’t agree or those that spread misinformation about me. When someone asks for my support and I can see an injustice and / or I am in a position to help with whatever gifts, skills and resources I have, I do and will continue too.

I have been constant, committed and behaved as one would expect an advocate to behave. I am fine with being corrected and if you can show me a better way I am more than happy to embrace it and run with it. I am the opposition with purpose.


I support many community advocates across many portfolios throughout Australia. I have donated to many by way of a cash donation, pay it forward, purchasing medical equipment, purchasing marketing materials and gifting them, pay for printing of posters for groups having events, many ways and often. I have assisted many families by welcoming teenagers into my home and support the family to unify them. This is who I am, this is what I do. Not for money as some are saying. I have run in several elections and it has cost me money. I have not received one cent of tax payer’s money. It is ridiculous to think I would be in it for the money when I’m spending my own for no return other than caring for others.

Someone like me cannot play on an even ground with the majors, there is a lot of grubbiness in politics and this most definitely has to go. Right from the get go it has been difficult with getting fair play in the media. Earlier on before I started asking too many questions it was ok, but as my knowledge and understanding increased and now having a fairly good idea on what has and is transpiring, it is becoming more apparent that the truth will be exposed and this is because not only I but many across our regions won’t go away.

They can call me a serial candidate but they need to add ‘serious’ to that. It is not a game to me, this is serious business when your representing someone else. The bullies and online trolls will not stop me from speaking up on the issues that need addressing. We need the facts, what is it with all this practice of secret squirrel business today? Why is it necessary that I be threatened, bullied, intimidated and misinformation spread about me? Must be onto something!

Never did it cross my mind that cottonwoods would end up shining a light on so many more important issues.


I have been to every town and regional locality across the entire Fraser Coast several times and still have not spoken to everyone.

Part of the problem is exposure and unless you have a big budget and team of people working for you through political alliances, you are at a disadvantage. Working out how to overcome that is challenging and a steep learning curve. My passion for a better tomorrow has never wavered and the community knows that I don’t give up and follow through on my commitments. Even though I have not been elected, I have not gone away and continued to support those that need it daily. Not like most candidates just go away and don’t get involved until an election is called. I find it amazing that some candidates don’t even make an appearance and get votes.


I cannot control what other people think as far as my allegiances go, and I understand why people would associate me with others. The important thing to remember is you have to have some sort of relationship with everyone to have conversations. There are several people I have no admiration for in the political world but they wouldn’t know it because I respect the conversation and work with them.

As for Chris Loft, this goes much further than the man himself and people will learn the truth. What he did with staff bullying and having the CEO removed was also part of my campaign in the 2016 Mayoral election and I will support the issue first and foremost. People may see it as supporting the man which I do, but I see it more importantly as supporting what is right. Chris Loft did not get my vote, I voted for ‘me’ but I stand by him as he has had an uphill battle right from the get go, being targeting in my opinion. Remember, “the wheels fell off the bus” 3 days before election day in 2016. Non-compliance.

Contrary to what you may read in the media, there is unrest in the chamber, not rosey like they would have us believe. I rallied with others to end council chaos. There is way too much political interference and a democratically elected Mayor was sacked. We are told he was sacked due to the reasons before the court which was not following the correct procedures, but he was sacked for exposing corruption in my opinion. Chris Loft was persecuted by the complaints process. His crimes were for discovering a $200 million slush fund, being transparent with ratepayers on matters they should be aware and putting our council staff in a safer work environment. Solid grounds for my support. (Two out of the three serious charges have been dropped.

Councillors have been subpoenaed to appear in court for ex Mayor Chris Loft on trial for one serious charge of . New date set for 28 October 2019. Magistrates court minor charges listed for November 2019. Will he get the chance to set the record straight?

Government Partnerships

I meet and liaise with the Premier, Ministers, Director Generals, Government Departments, Senators and Members of Parliament across many portfolios and issues; working in partnership to be in a position to deliver.
Having written several submissions i.e. domestic violence, youth judiciary, tourism, waste, environmental and sentencing just to name a few; delivered and presented to committees, contributing to change.


  • As a protector of the environment, I rallied and voiced my concerns over the removal of the 4 lines of defence along our coastline because of irresponsible / inappropriate development. I have coordinated, organised, participated and attended many events, forums and alike. I teamed up with Lock the Gate, environmental groups and the Fraser Coast community with the #water4life campaign across Queensland and the #dontfrackthefrasercoast March in Maryborough were we successfully achieved our region to be declared frack free. Water security is paramount.
  • I am passionate about our Heritage and in 2016 had Pialba Memorial Cenotaph Queensland State Heritage listed. Coupled with this, Fraser Coast Regional Council following the ‘No Deal’ Campaign voted unanimously to keep the Pialba Memorial Hall and Railway Station in Freedom Park, preserving the very little historical buildings Hervey Bay has. These buildings were instrumental in the growth of our region. Further to this I was a strong advocate in protecting Maryborough’s Original Township Site. My request for livestreaming Council meetings was given the green light and several other requests also granted.
  • Being the Chief Petitioner against the Sports Precinct I continue to ask questions as the project unfolds. I still want to know about the privately-owned residence that was overlooked by the previous CEO?
  • Conflicts of Interest
  • Maryborough and surrounds wants to divorce Hervey Bay 15,000 plus signatures should be respected and a poll on de-amalgamation should take place.
  • The Toogoom Rockwall – These property owner should not be paying $100k on top of their rates for failing infrastructure not constructed according to the specifications and the incorrect rocks being used to be built on Crown land. There remains serious unanswered questions in relation to the appointment of the contractor, the maladministration of the AS4000 contract, including questions of corrupt payments made for work not completed and materials never delivered. Councillors have claimed that the Toogoom rock wall is their greatest achievement! Correspondence dated October 2015 shows that the Department of Environment had reported to the then Minister, Dr. Miles, that a large number of the rocks were fracturing and significant shoreline erosion occurring at the western end of the rock wall. Fracturing and erosion to the west is far worse today.
  • And what about the fake fees for backflow devices, proven by the Ombudsman? Why was only one year refunded? Doesn’t make sense when cat fees were refunded in their entirety.
  • Why are we paying a $75 infrastructure fee that is what our rates are for? There is no specific assignment for a particular project.
  • LGAQ – too many tentacles.
  • Community consultation – deliberative democracy – all smoke and mirrors…

Neighbourhood Watch

It has been an absolute privilege and pleasure to represent Area 4 in Point Vernon as the Coordinator for Neighbourhood Watch Queensland.

Neighbourhood Watch Queensland is a key crime prevention program run by the Queensland Police Service and was launched on 22 June 1988. Thirty (30) years of community partnerships, continuing to encourage communities to join together in small informal groups to collaboratively improve the safety of their families, neighbours as well as visitors to their neighbourhood.

We handed over cheque for $500 thanks to the generosity of our neighbours to Crime Stoppers; putting a spot light on Neighbourhood Watch and the benefits of the community being involved.

NHWQ is a terrific organisation and the best part is working with everyone to make our communities safer and I encourage you to get involved.


Where are the jobs? We still retain the 2nd highest unemployment low social economy in Qld. Have we made the World Guinness Book of Records yet? What hope are we giving our children for a prosperous future?


I do not go about belittling or demeaning people. I respect those that are courageous enough to stand up and want to represent the people. My focus is on the issue, and create conversations about how we can improve together.

Fact: I have removed and blocked people from my social media platforms NOT because they have a difference of opinion; BECAUSE they breached the rules: coarse swearing, bullying, offensive remarks, offensive pictures and forcing of views – no other reason. #zerotolerance

On social media I ask everyone to consider the following before commenting:

  1. Identify the subject matter/thread. Explain why you feel there is a pro or con to the subject matter/thread
  2. Give your idea as to advancing subject matter/thread or give a viable option to the subject matter/thread.
  3. It is all very well saying no to something but if there is an alternative given then that will advance the discussion and maybe your idea may end up as the model to follow.
  4. Just to say no without espousing your reason only leads to conflict and personal attack.
  5. Recognise that one’s opinion is not necessarily the correct one but people should be free to put the idea into the mix without vilification and ridicule.
  6. We all need to realise that our beliefs may not be the consensus of the majority and where decisions are being made, they are for the majority and not the perceived majority. Consultation and discussion are the only ways to get the best for all concerned.
  7. Any person who feels they cannot control themselves and abide by these rules, please remove yourself – there will be no hesitation to remove anyone that breaches the guidelines.

Previous Elections


2015 Queensland State Elections – 4 week campaign – 3.81%

2016 Fraser Coast Local Government Elections – 4 week Mayoral campaign – 10.97%

2016 Federal Election – 2 week campaign – 10.97%

2017 Queensland State Election – 2 week campaign – 2.93%

2018 Fraser Coast Mayoral By-election – 4 week campaign – 8.71%

2020 Fraser Coast Local Government Elections


  • Law Department
  • Ministry of Housing
  • Land Titles Office
  • Minister’s Office Department Survey & Mapping
  • Department of Employment & Training
  • Ergon Energy Corporation Limited
  • Queensland Sawmills Pty Ltd
  • Ray White Real Estate
  • Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors


  • Schizophrenic & Mental Health – Personal Care / Support Worker
  • Football Hervey Bay Incorporated – Executive Secretary
  • St. John’s Anglican Parish – Executive Secretary / Fete Convener
  • Hervey Bay Foreshore Protection Group

Memberships / Support

Authorised J. Dean, 2 Patrick Street Point Vernon 4655 for J. Dean (candidate)