Battle for Heritage rolls on

Hervey Bay Heritage Vote

Please Share: Contact all the Councillors who voted against keeping our heritage the Memorial Hall and Railway Station in Hervey Bay. Let them know what you think. Contact Details can be found here:


Resource:  The Independent

On 17th July at Council Meeting No. 8; Councillors had two (2) votes surrounding the Memorial Hall and Railway Station.  
To amend the Master Plan to again REMOVE the Railway Station, and develop a working group to look at the future of Freedom Park.
Upon a division being called by Councillor Hansen, the following voting resulted:
Councillor O’Connell     
Councillor Sanderson     
Councillor McDonald     
Councillor Garland     
Councillor Taylor     
Councillor Truscott     
Councillor Light 
Councillor Seymour      
Councillor Everard      
Councillor Loft     
Councillor Hansen
Cr Seymour’s motion to preserve the Memorial Hall, Railway Station and War Memorial as an historical precinct was lost 5-6.  You will note Councillor Light changed his vote second time around.


Chronicle Report here