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FCRC Organisational Review tabled in Parliament

The document we have all been waiting for has finally been released.

Thank you to Rob Pyne: Putting Cairns First for tabling the Fraser Coast Regional Council‘s Organisational Review and Development Plan today in Qld Parliament.

The CPEM report was behind the decision to vote for the dismissal of CEO Lisa Desmond, which was carried 7 / 4 at a confidential council meeting on April 6.

Recommendations Review Feedback to the Organisation – pages 93 and 94

1. There needs to be a public thank-you from the Mayor for their commitment to improve the organisation.

2. A feedback document should be created that summarises all findings for all staff.


3. Elected members (Mayor and Councillors) need to undergo significant training and development focused on appropriate Councillor behaviour.

This includes but is not limited to:

i. Understanding the strategic and governance role of Councillors acting as if they were a board

ii. Councillor behaviour when dealing with operational staff such that inappropriate micromanaging behaviour ceases from Councillors and allows the operational and management staff to perform their duties without inappropriate interference

iii. Councillor behaviour when dealing externally with community and/or media to ensure appropriate perception and reputation management of the organisation

4. The relationship between the Mayor, other elected members, and the CEO must be significantly addressed to minimise the current state of trauma and embarrassment within the organisation.

This should include:

i. Agreed delegated authority confirmed by Councillors as a group

ii. Agreed protocols for information sharing, communication and decision making

iii. Agreed and transparent accountability around professional conduct of both the Mayor/Councillors and CEO


5. The CEO needs to rebalance (redacted)– focus on leadership (strategy, culture and people) and management (task and function) so (redacted) significantly increase leadership behaviours and delegates typical management tasks and behaviours.

6. The CEO needs to move from a directive autocratic style of decision making towards a more consultative style of decision making thus demonstrating respect for internal expertise.

7. The CEO needs to develop a set of delegated authorities that will significantly limit. ed to get involved in day-to-day operational issues.

8. The CEO would benefit from setting up a series of clear observable and measurable KPls for senior and key staff which will obviate (redacted) to become involved in numerous meetings, conversation and decisions.

9. The CEO needs to actively increase the leadership capability of (redacted) Executive Management Team. This should include but not be limited to; i. Developing contemporary leadership competencies and behaviours ii. Developing a dynamic and interdependent leadership team

10. The CEO needs to significantly improve the clarity, transparency, and reasoning behind decisions being made.

11. The CEO needs to actively support, encourage, and drive a values based, high performance, customer centric culture that has zero tolerance for bullying, harassment, favouritism or other behaviours that reflect poorly on the integrity of the organisation.

Click here for undated, titled ‘Fraser Coast Regional Council – Organisational Review and Development Plan’ (redacted)

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Back by popular demand

A must for anyone with an interest in the changing face of politics.

You can stop messaging me now folks  We’re back with a new look and focus.

Thank you Design House for continuing to deliver outstanding work.

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Green light for live streaming

Council meetings are now live

Jeanette Maynes and Jannean Dean campaign for live streaming of Council meetings for 2 years


A huge thank you to Mayor Chris Loft and Fraser Coast Regional Council for testing the live streaming at Ordinary Meeting No. 2 on 8th February.


1K viewers appreciated having the opportunity to watch and be able to provide live feedback. I am sure they will get the sound sorted quickly and see an increase in viewers.


I am delighted to advise FCRC will now include Public Participation in live streaming commencing Ordinary Meeting No.3 on 1st March 2017.


Live Streaming will:

  1. Generate a bigger audience
  2. Provide the ability for online interaction
  3. Open opportunities for new revenue
  4. Providing live video recordings of council proceedings grants the community immediate access to the chamber without having to leave the comfort of their living room. It encourages a greater number of people to get involved: parents can follow a full council meeting while getting the dinner on, while those working long hours can catch up with proceedings on their tablet or smartphone.
  5. Critics might argue that an army of under-informed armchair activists is the last thing that local government needs facing a crisis and the thorny question of what councils should and shouldn’t do. This rudely underestimates the intelligence of residents and is an age-old excuse for conducting the business of local government in the dark. It’s would be great to see our Council like others across Queensland who are working in the full gaze of the public eye.
  6. Visual recordings won’t be edited in a way that could lead to misinterpretation of the proceedings as Council has full control.
  7. Live-streaming Council meetings so more people can see how decisions are made. Understanding how local government operates is the first step to getting more people involved on a practical level, whether lobbying councillors, taking part in community groups or considering standing for office themselves.
  8. Few people have the time or inclination to attend meetings like this in person. But this but many will join in or observe the debate if you make it accessible to them, in a way that better suits their lifestyles. Being able to submit a question online and then sit back and see it answered from your sofa has to be a positive thing for transparency and local democracy.
  9. Public participation is important so the community know what problems we face in our region and can support the causes that need change.
  10. I requested this be placed on the next agenda (08/02/17).

Council agreed to test live streaming without going to a vote. Fantastic result 🙂

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It is time to get real in the dealing of healing


Recently I spoke at Parliament House on the assault on our democratic rights when it comes to medical cannabis. Derryn Hinch offered to join Jeanette Maynes and myself a day earlier when we were discussing the National Sex Offender Register and attended shouting ‘free the weed’.

It is entirely hypocritical that cannabis is not available to treat a multitude of human problems and illnesses. Cannabis medicine should be made available to all those that may benefit or need it. Cannabis is one of the most valuable natural plant medicines. Treating glaucoma, epilepsy, asthma, insomnia, eating disorders, muscle spasms, cancer and the list goes on.

Cannabis has served mankind for thousands of years and was once the world’s most traded commodity. It was such an important crop, farmers were directed to grow the plant, it was legal tender and could be used to pay taxes.

There are thousands of rural acres crying out for a value adding crop. It could rejuvenate rural Australia. The phobia and inhibitions people have about cannabis would be better put aside and recognise this is not a drug related crop. Once it achieves respectability it would be all systems go. Huge industrial potential being hempcrete roads, hemp houses, fuels, textiles, food, medicine etc and replace all plastics, cleaning up our waterways, protecting our flora and fauna.

We need to be investing the money we spend on prosecuting people into actual crimes and freeing up police resources so they can tackle the violence and serious offences against our community. It will also remove part of the criminal element if it was regulated correctly and the black market on cannabis would literally disappear over night.

Notwithstanding the issues for patients trying to access cannabis through authorised prescribers, the Federal Government’s proposal to import cannabis is not guaranteed as overseas countries have restrictions on exporting.

Australia should just get on with cultivating it’s own supply of cannabis and change state laws to provide authorisations under health regulations so patients are not at threat of being arrested under unjust state criminal laws.

Why are we not attracting the growers and a vital industry to the Fraser Coast? Jobs, jobs and more jobs.

#million$crop #trillion$industry

Police from Strike Force Elkmont – Griffith Local Area Command in conjunction with Strike force Hyperion – SCC Drug Squad have uncovered almost $5,500,000 worth of cannabis following a crime scene warrant at a farm in Colinroobie of the Riverina in southern NSW on 23rd February. I am praying the authorities won’t destroy what could be a great start into having medical cannabis oil available in Australia relatively quickly. Other wise this will take a lot of medicine away from people who need it now!

Jannean Dean
Glenn Lazarus Team

Jeanette Maynes, Derryn Hinch and Jannean Dean discussing National Sex Offender Register and Medical Cannabis

Click here for more information – Medical Cannabis Advisory Group Qld

Jeanette Maynes blog on Canberra visit

Conforming Petition FCRC CEO


A petition is now circulating in both electronic and paper formats calling on the State Government to act in ensuring that FCRC CEO is removed from office. The electronic version of the petition can be found here:

Paper versions will also be available and I will update on the relevant locations or events where the paper petitions can be signed.

So why this petition? So far, the CEO has flat out refused to back down and resign. The CEO has not explained her actions / inaction – it will take a massive public outcry to get the majority of Councillors or the Qld State Government to act in the public interest.

The Mayor has power to remove the CEO by putting a motion forward to Councillors but we know the numbers are not in chambers. It is important to note that 74% of staff have completed the
anonymous survey as requested by Mayor Chris Loft. Prior to this survey staff participation at best was 35 – 40%. This confirms that staff have a lot to say about what is happening behind closed doors and want a change.

It is understood that the CCC has 33 FCRC complaints before them which were submitted in 2016. I am waiting for Frankie Carroll, Director-General of the Department of Infrastructure, Local
Government and Planning to advise which complaints have been finalised, how many remain outstanding and when they will be publicly available.

I agree with many who say ‘sack the lot of them’, however, there is no point sacking the Councillors until someone has dealt with the organisational transparency and accountability; which includes the Executive team and that starts with the CEO.

I cannot believe the rate payers are paying the salaries for these people and the saga is allowed to continue. When is the State Government going to show leadership and put an end to the ongoing open undermining of efforts and grossly disrespecting the Office of Mayor? How much longer will our staff have to go to work under this type of toxic environment and how long is the community going to have to put up with this?

In an email dated 16th March 2016, (3 days prior to the local government elections Lisa Desmond penned “The wheels have fallen off this bus, there is way too many matters that are falling through the cracks. No follow up, no accountability, no responsibility and urgent action is required now to start getting this organisation back on track.” She went on further to say “We are floundering on our continuous improvement and efficiency drives across Directorates and failing basic legislative responsibilities. Examples: backflow prevention device testing, animal compliance, DA register required under SPA, Asset Management, Forward Designs, capital infrastructure planning, I could go on.” This email is referred to in the State Government Report so the ‘advisors’ Steven Johnson, Deputy Director-General, Local Government and Regional Services, at the time, now CEO of Bundaberg Regional Council and Terry Brennan, former Cassowary Coast Regional Council CEO knew; therefore the Department and Jacklyn Trad Minister, Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning knew about it also.
State Government, Councillors and the media are not asking the right questions about this. Why aren’t they? This should be discussed in open council.

After several requests for intervention from Qld State Government and my phone constantly ringing with ‘disgruntled’ staff and residents, I decided mid November 2016 to commence enquiries into a conforming petition to have Lisa Desmond removed as CEO from Fraser Coast Regional Council. The delay in publishing this conforming petition was because the Parliamentary Clerk went on leave.

The reasons for this Petition are numerous and varied:
* doctoring minutes
* inaccurate reporting
* micromanaging councillors
* wasteful expenditure
* Wide Bay Water fiasco
* Toogoom Rockwall debacle
* contractors contracts and obligations
* economic failure of Bauple
* approval of incomplete development applications
* missing backflow register
* secrecy surrounding CEO extension of contract
* staff working in a toxic environment and the rate payer is paying for all this plus much more.

This list of failures that demonstrate gross maladministration cannot simply be ignored. Again, why hasn’t State Government, Councillors and the media been asking the right questions about this?

A paper version of the petition is also available for those that would like to get signatures from those who are not on the internet. Please contact me to arrange hard copies. I will arrange locations for the petition to be available across the Fraser Coast and also advise of locations and times for the community to come say hello, ask any questions and sign. If you would
like to be a coordinator in your area please let me know.

Paper petitions must be returned to me by Tuesday 7th March 2017, so it can be finalised and tabled at Parliament sitting commencing Tuesday 14th March 2017. Online Petition closes Friday 3rd March 2017. Click Here:

If all tiers of Government were doing their job properly at Local, State and Federal levels I would not be receiving all the requests I do for help 7 days a week.

I want our representatives to be striving for ‘great governance’. If you agree that basic ‘good governance’ is lacking, transparent and accountable government is no longer, then please sign the
petition. I want to see strong leadership with caring integrity. If you want this too, please sign the petition.

Thank you so much for helping fight for ‘good governance’.

Jannean Dean
Glenn Lazarus Team

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Conforming Petition – FCRC CEO must go

The Qld Parliamentary Clerk approved our ‘Conforming Petition’

Let’s spread the word!

So far, the CEO has flat out refused to back down and has not explained her actions / inaction – it will take a massive public outcry to get Qld State Government to budge.

Please sign and share the Conforming Petition No. 2689-17 with your friends to help grow the movement of people across the Fraser Coast standing firm against the failings of the CEO.


Would those that have offered to take a paper version and get signatures from those who are not on the internet please send me a message. Please note, each page of the conforming petition must be in the format I send.

I will arrange locations for the petition to be available across the Fraser Coast and also advise of locations and times for the community to come say hello, ask any questions and sign. If you would like to be a coordinator in your area please let me know.

Paper petitions must be returned to me by Tuesday 7th March 2017 so it can be tabled at Parliament sitting commencing Tuesday 14th March 2017.

Online Petition closes Friday 3rd March 2017.

Thank you so much for helping fight for ‘good governance’.

Click here to sign the petition


CEO calls executive team for urgent meeting


Deputy Premier tabled a report dated 31 October 2016 titles FRASER COAST REGIONAL COUNCIL – State intervention under the Local Government Act 2009.

On page 10 of this report, 3.6 Governance states “As early as March 2016, the Chief Executive Officer identified concern for immediate action within Council in terms of its operations and compliance with governance requirements.” (Footnote 13 which is identified as “Email. Chief Executive Officer, 16 March 2016.)

Below is a copy of the 16th March 2016 email from Fraser Coast Regional Council CEO Ms Lisa Desmond. (3 days before the Election).

It is understood that the timing of this email coincided with the release of local polls that showed a swing away from the incumbent.

At the March 2016 Local Government Elections Mayor O’Connell was defeated and Mayor Chris Loft was successful. This outcome was clear on election night.

In this email, Ms Desmond ADMITS the council is failing basic legislative principles amongst a list of other things.

From publicly available records, Ms Desmond has been CEO of Fraser Coast Regional Council since 2011 having served under Mayor Kruger and Mayor O’Connell. (5 years)

The Council has had two ‘advisors’ from Department Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning (DILGP) whose reports were relied on in the above mentioned report.

This email is referred to in the Report so the ‘advisors’ Steven Johnson, Deputy Director-General, Local Government and Regional Services and Terry Brennan, former Cassowary Coast Regional Council CEO knew; therefore the Department and Jacklyn Trad Minister, Deputy Premier and Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning knew about it also.




Jeanette Maynes has a history on the ‘backflow’ click here to learn more. 

Our time is now



#HadEnough – FCRC we call on you to end the chaos in Council.

If you care at all about fixing the ongoing dysfunction in the FCRC you must turn out in force on Wednesday morning at 8:30am, City Hall, Maryborough. Democracy can be reasserted here if we make the council hear our voice. Rally to End Council Chaos!

Bring signs or just bring yourselves and your friends but turn out as this is our time, they must listen.

Wednesday 9th November, 2016
City Hall

Enough is enough Fraser Coast. Our reputation, our economy and our community is being destroyed by the infighting between the CEO and the Mayor and between councillors. We can no longer afford our council and CEO to be focusing their energies on attacking each other and point scoring rather than working together to better our wonderful region.

We also can not tolerate that the staff of OUR council are forced to work in such a “toxic” work environment and that there is a culture of “favouritism” and “reprisals”. The CEO needs to take responsibility for the HR problems and toxic work culture. The CEO and the Mayor can not work together in any positive way. One of them must go. The Mayor is elected, the CEO is an employee, whatever the many faults with the Mayor, its the CEO who must resign or be sacked for there to be any chance of this community rebuilding faith in the council.

Apathy has hurt our community for too long, if you care this may be your only chance to really stand up and make change happen.

Our demands:
1. We ask the CEO of the Fraser Coast Council to resign immediately.
2. Should this not happen we ask the council to pass a resolution in open chambers requesting the resignation of the CEO.
3. If not passed or CEO does not resign, we request the Mayor to use his powers to sack the CEO.
4. If this doesn’t happen immediately we request Deputy Premier Jackie Trad to sack the entire council, appoint an administrator, sack the CEO and call fresh elections for March 2017.

This rally is just prior to the council meeting starting with Public Participation at 9am, please stay and make your voice heard if you can.

Thank you for caring about our region and I urge you to make sure you attend and bring friends so we can make our voice powerful as one.

Michael Weekes & Jannean Dean
Rally Organisers
Email Michael
Email Jannean

Deputy Premier tables Fraser Coast Regional Council report


Glenn Lazarus Team candidate for the Federal Seat of Hinkler and well known Community Advocate, Jannean Dean, today said no amount of Queensland State Government intervention is going to solve the issues currently facing the Fraser Coast Regional Council. These sentiments were echoed in the Report on the Fraser Coast Regional Council which the Hon Jacklyn Trad tabled in Queensland Parliament today – “No amount of State intervention is likely to resolve inter-personal issues of this nature.” 

“If this is so, why is the Queensland State Government not acting now,” Ms Dean asked today.  

“How much longer are we expected to tolerate this continued poor behaviour from our elected representatives?” 

“It is clear from reading the Report that the information contained within has confirmed our suspicions and I believe there is more to be disclosed.” 

“In my view, there are sufficient grounds to sack the entire Council and Executive Team and with the weight of the statement above this should be expedited. Even with mediation, communications have deteriorated and the continued presence of the current Council is not tenable.”

“There is reasonable prospect of the council working well with a new CEO and after a proper internal review. Only the council and in particular the mayor, have the power AND DUTY to deal with the CEO”.

“I CALL ON the Mayor Chris Loft to sack the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Lisa Desmond immediately.”  

“I also request the release of details of the one substantiated complaint of the 33 lodged. The people of Fraser Coast would also like to know if the remaining 14 complaints mentioned in the report have been fully investigated or are still ongoing?”

“We as a community deserve to know the reason why one of the 33 complaints has been investigated and substantiated? We need to know the breakdown of the complaints, the time frame in relation to the election. I believe the majority of the complaints would relate to the previous Council / Mayor and not the current Council / Mayor.”

“Right now, I do not care if we have to pay, it is inevitable – the CEO must GO!”

“We deserve to have strong leadership, goodwill and more importantly good governance. The Council has been plagued with infighting and because of this they have failed to provide good government. They have been brought to a stand still with dysfunction and are unable to work together in the region’s best interests. The people of the Fraser Coast deserve a Council that will represent them with pride, upholding the 5 Principles of the Local Government Act and it is my opinion the current Council will never be able to work together for the betterment of the community. Time is money and they are wasting rate payers money”.

“There are several Councillors who have my support and I continue to support Mayor Chris Loft. If our Mayor was supported by a team of Councillors that represented their Divisions and Portfolio, embracing their regional role; we would have a dynamic regional Council. Sadly this is not the case.”


Read the Report: fcrc-report-from-trad-2016-11-02


Toogoom rock wall must be isolated

I am calling on Fraser Coast Regional Council to immediately place signs warning it is a high risk area and place temporary fencing to isolate access to the failing rock wall at Toogoom.

7 News Wide Bay – 1st November 2016

Thank you Glenn Lazarus for taking the time out of your hectic schedule and attend today’s Rally in support of our fellow community members on the Fraser Coast. Accompanied by your amazing wife Tess who we are all the better for organising us all at #glt. Your kind words today humbled me and I feel exactly the same – proud to stand with you and our team #CaringWithIntegrity.

Thank you to Councillor Denis Chapman Div 8 for listening as a regional Councillor and under the banner of your Portfolio: Planning and Infrastructure. You listened attentively to the communities concerns and we now have confidence that at least one Councillor stands by the Principles of the LGA. Something many others should aspire to reach across all Queensland Councils.

Norm Hoffman you are a true man of integrity and speak only in facts. It is an absolute privilege to have worked with you over the last few years. Your conviction to principle and righteousness is a courageous gift and all the while you go about it respectfully. Nothing but admiration for an outstanding Fraser Coastarian. Like I said today, we will not go away and I will keep fighting this until it is resolved satisfactorily to all parties.


It was great 7 News Wide Bay turned up, videoed and interviewed several people in attendance. Keep a look out, probably go to air Monday evening 6pm.

Fraser Coast Chronicle interviewed both Norm and I a couple of times this week, so I am looking forward to reading future editorials

Thank you to all those that travelled from different parts of the Fraser Coast today to attend the rally and share your concerns – Bauple, Urangan, Torquay, Scarness, Pialba, Sunshine Acres, Antigua, Maryborough, Toogoom, Point Vernon, Dundowran, Dundowran Beach, Sydney NSW, Melbourne VIC and others.

Thank you to everyone who sent support vie emails, texts, messages, social media etc. I do this for you, because you ask it, and this is how a representative of the people serves.


JanneanDean4Hinkler #GlennLazarusTeam