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I would like do the following with rates with the support of newly elect Councillors:
* Put the yearly discount across the 4 quarterly notices – we are paying rates in advance so there is no reason why this cannot be done. Will make it easier on the family budget.
* Remove the $75 Infrastructure Fee – after all this is what your rates are for.
* Reintroduce $25 Environmental Levy Fee to protect wildlife corridors and special pockets of land.
* Review 11% compounding interest – the Act says “up to” so this surely could be reduced.
* Ask State Government to Review Emergency Management Levy Fee.
* Rates must come back to Land Valuation and reduce the cents in the dollar.
* Review 32 categories – there is much confusion and seriously how many rateable categories do we need?

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The truth about rates


Are you concerned over increasing rates and the need to alleviate cost of living pressures?


FCRC is accountable for establishing priorities for service provision and expenditure for all our areas, in consultation with all our local communities. When budgeting for projects and services, FCRC needs to be innovative and look for the best value and deliver that value for all of us that live on the Fraser Coast.

We need the State Government to look into a ‘rates cap’. This system caps rates increases to a figure based on the Consumer Price Index.

**  80% of properties are on the same base rate i.e. $9,000 block that floods, has no building and a $250,000 house with full services both pay minimum $1,240
**  38.18% of rates go towards wages and salaries
**  Yearly discount should be applied to all quarterly notices
**  11% compounding interest needs reviewing
**  $75 Infrastructure fee needs reviewing i.e. Reintroduce $25 Environmental levy fee – $25 Emergency / Critical Infrastructure Fee – $25 straight off rates.
**  32 categories need reviewing – seriously do we need this many?

I would like to see each town and regional locality have its own kitty to ensure money is being spent fair and equitably for all rate payers across the ENTIRE Fraser Coast.

We must implement a FULL Financial Analysis / Reports of all RATES and Departments in particular Fraser Coast Opportunities and Council Operations to make savings and reductions; if possible to reduce rates substantially. Water bills will need to be reviewed.

Hope to see you at the Community Rates Forum before the Election – stay tuned, details to follow.

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