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Long term inaction and cover-ups


Many documents were tabled in Qld Parliament today by Member of Parliament Rob Pyne – not only putting Cairns FIRST; also putting every other region First. Representing all Queenslanders.

The only politician standing up for transparency and integrity.

Here is one of the many tabled documents to give you an idea on why an Independent Commission Against Corruption should immediately be established. Fraser Coast Regional Council is not the only Council in Queensland that needs investigating.

“The Department of Local Government and the Crime and Conduct Commission (CCC) have exacerbated the situation by their long term inaction and cover-ups which has left the staff and community at unacceptable risk physically, financially and emotionally.” Anonymous

Region ripe for the new-age industry

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Rob Pyne responds to FCRC

ICAC style inquiry needed

Last year Rob Pyne called for an inquiry into local government in Queensland, stating that bullying, nepotism and toxic working environments are common. For more than a year he has been tabling examples of these matters and it is most disappointing that it has taken this long to legislate for change. Councils could be employers of choice—model employers. Mr Pyne reliably informed the House that Queensland councils are in many cases toxic workplaces that have damaged, and will continue to damage, people.

I stand with Rob Pyne in calling for a ICAC style inquiry into Local Government so that this harm and the many other offensive actions of Councils will be stopped.

Rob Pyne 

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Our time is now



#HadEnough – FCRC we call on you to end the chaos in Council.

If you care at all about fixing the ongoing dysfunction in the FCRC you must turn out in force on Wednesday morning at 8:30am, City Hall, Maryborough. Democracy can be reasserted here if we make the council hear our voice. Rally to End Council Chaos!

Bring signs or just bring yourselves and your friends but turn out as this is our time, they must listen.

Wednesday 9th November, 2016
City Hall

Enough is enough Fraser Coast. Our reputation, our economy and our community is being destroyed by the infighting between the CEO and the Mayor and between councillors. We can no longer afford our council and CEO to be focusing their energies on attacking each other and point scoring rather than working together to better our wonderful region.

We also can not tolerate that the staff of OUR council are forced to work in such a “toxic” work environment and that there is a culture of “favouritism” and “reprisals”. The CEO needs to take responsibility for the HR problems and toxic work culture. The CEO and the Mayor can not work together in any positive way. One of them must go. The Mayor is elected, the CEO is an employee, whatever the many faults with the Mayor, its the CEO who must resign or be sacked for there to be any chance of this community rebuilding faith in the council.

Apathy has hurt our community for too long, if you care this may be your only chance to really stand up and make change happen.

Our demands:
1. We ask the CEO of the Fraser Coast Council to resign immediately.
2. Should this not happen we ask the council to pass a resolution in open chambers requesting the resignation of the CEO.
3. If not passed or CEO does not resign, we request the Mayor to use his powers to sack the CEO.
4. If this doesn’t happen immediately we request Deputy Premier Jackie Trad to sack the entire council, appoint an administrator, sack the CEO and call fresh elections for March 2017.

This rally is just prior to the council meeting starting with Public Participation at 9am, please stay and make your voice heard if you can.

Thank you for caring about our region and I urge you to make sure you attend and bring friends so we can make our voice powerful as one.

Michael Weekes & Jannean Dean
Rally Organisers
Email Michael
Email Jannean

MEET YOUR CANDIDATES – 2016 federal Election

Fixing the unemployment problem in wide Bay

A Cooloola Coast Road linking Rainbow Beach / Tin Can Bay to Noosa

Improving Health services and facilities in the Wide Bay

Combating domestic violence


Meet Candidates_gtimes_25_06_16

Meet Candidates_gtimes_25_06_16_b

Meet Candidates_gtimes_25_06_16_c

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Battle for Wide Bay: Can candidates improve life expectancy?

GLT candidate Jannean Dean said everybody’s quality of life needed to be improved and that would increase life expectancy in the regions.

“If you have a disability or can’t find a job, you can claim a disability support pension, senior pension or newstart allowance and contrary to what others say, they would have us believe these benefits are plenty of money to support a gambling habit, nicotine addiction and some pretty serious alcoholic tendencies, that’s far from reality,” she said.

“This cash certainly isn’t enough to pay for things like medication, wheelchairs, disability aids, taxis to get to medical appointments or food to keep you nourished.”

Click here for Gympie Times article 23rd June 2016

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Battle for Wide Bay: 4 candidates have their say on TAFE and university opportunities in Gympie

The Glenn Lazarus Team is opposed to cuts to the TAFE system and advocates for the availability of TAFE courses particularly in regional and remote areas of the country. The Glenn Lazarus Team also advocates for affordable higher education courses to ensure they are available to all.

The Wide Bay is desperate for apprenticeships and traineeships and we believe without a strong, consistent supply of apprentices, Australia’s economic performance would be placed at risk. Boosting the quality of apprenticeships and vocational training, so they represent a pathway to skilled employment, not only helps those wanting to kick start their careers, but also wider economic growth.

The greatest investment a nation can make is in its people. Nations that invest in their people through education create social cohesion, innovation, positive communities and strong forward thinking economies.

We believe education should be available to all.

We believe the Australian Government has an important role to play in supporting the delivery of a world class higher education system which encourages participation and enables fair access by all.

We stand against the deregulation of university fees and believe a national approach to Australia’s educational curriculum; one that enriches our people while celebrating and advancing our great nation; and the delivery of additional assistance to regional and rural Australia and other priority areas.


Click here for Gympie Times Article 27th June 2016

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Meet your federal candidates for the Wide Bay

Here’s your Wide Bay candidates and why they think you should vote for them.

jannean dean head shot

elise cottamlucy stantonllew obrien






Bron marshbruce mayerbarry cook







Bruce Mayer, Family First

I’M STANDING to provide the opportunity for a sensible alternative to the major parties.

I have serious concerns about the economy and what it will mean for our kids and grandchildren if we do not act now.

Removing barriers to gaining a job, workers should have the right to work under terms and conditions that suit them, not terms and conditions dictated to them by government.

Youth unemployment is a huge problem, and no government should stand in the way of a young person wanting and gaining a job and experience.

Importantly in the Senate we need parties like Family First who review sensibly what the major parties try to impose on us.

Llew O’Brien, Liberal National Party

LLEW O’Brien is committed to providing effective representation to deliver results.

Creating jobs and strengthening the economy are priorities for Llew and the Liberal Nationals Coalition Government.

The Coalition will deliver a dedicated and targeted $20 million Wide Bay Burnett Jobs Package, to lift investment, boost productivity, grow our region’s economy and create local jobs.

Upgrading the Bruce Hwy is a priority, including rebuilding the Tinana interchange and improving flood immunity at Tiaro and Aldershot.

Llew and the Coalition will support jobs and ensure that every local family, household and business has the opportunity to share in our nation’s prosperity.

Elise Cottam, One Nation

WHY should people vote for me – because it’s easy to find problems but listening to people is the key to finding the solutions.

We need to stand together as one nation. Divided as we are now, falling apart and fed up, we need a leader that is for the people!

If elected by you I will lead by example, hands on, motivated and will not get your hopes up on empty promises. Transparent and accountable.

Essential services, better tax systems, energy-efficient electorate, pensioners, families and our youth are vital to small businesses and communities. Supporting farmers and protecting our water.

Your Choice, A vote for Elise Cottam One Nation is set to make for a brighter, buzzing Wide Bay for all of Australia to see.

Thanking you in advance Wide Bay.

Lucy Stanton, Labor

ENVIRONMENT. Protection for the Great Sandy Strait, Mary River, Noosa River and lakes. Jobs in ecotourism and many more jobs when we stop netting so recreational fishing can improve.

Education. Children educated at school according to their needs, better access to university and TAFE courses, better jobs from a great start in life.

Internet. NBN rollout using fibre-optic technology for lightning-fast internet access, not Turnbull’s outdated copper cabling solution. Future jobs in the digital economy.

Health and aged care. Proper Medicare so you can visit a doctor without worrying about costs. Healthy communities benefit everyone and provide jobs caring for others.

Jannean Dean, Glenn Lazarus Team

OVER the past 18 months I have listened to the people, consulted with the people on all things that matter to them and more importantly served the people.

Unlike many others who come and go at election time I have remained constant and committed to campaign promises and continue to bring about positive change.

I consider the smaller communities in the Wide Bay just as important as the bigger ones and will not ignore the issues they face daily.

I will not play party politics nor will I hesitate to cross the floor.

It would be wonderful for the people of Wide Bay to vote for me because I lead by example and demonstrated I am a strong community advocate, seven days a week and spend my own savings boosting the economy by investing in small business for services.

I travel to where I am needed and follow through.

Barry Cook, Katter’s Australia Party

ALL I CAN say is listen to Alan Jones’s interview with Bob Katter on June 20 2GB radio and his discussion with Alan about the sale of Australia’s strategic farming asset to foreign owners.

Only to have Penny Wong say if they get in power the Labor government would make it easier for foreign investment.

It seems government clearly doesn’t know the difference between ownership and investment.

Australia is not for sale. Wake up Australia.

Bron Marsh, The Greens

I AM PASSIONATE about protecting the natural environment, ground and surface water quality, and agricultural land in the Wide Bay, as well as the mental health of returned soldiers and farmers.

I am currently a volunteer firefighter, a Rapid Response volunteer for the Royal Australian Army Medical Corps Overwatch group, the convener of the Cooloola Community Action Group and full-time mother.

I am passionate about protecting the natural environment, ground and surface water quality and agricultural land in the Wide Bay for the food and water security of future generations, not only in our area, but for the food security of our nation.

Click for Fraser Coast Chronicle Article

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Boost the Age Pension by 20%


28 June, 2016

Press Release

Senator Glenn Lazarus announces policy to boost the Age Pension by 20% from 2017

Senator for Queensland and Leader of the Glenn Lazarus Team, Glenn Lazarus today announced the Glenn Lazarus Team’s policy to improve the living standards of older Australians across the country by increasing the Age Pension and implementing a national concession scheme to reduce the cost of living.

“Older Australians are struggling to survive,” Senator Glenn Lazarus said today.

“The Age Pension is not keeping up with the rising cost of living and older Australians are being forced to go without basic essentials simply to survive.

“Older Australians living on the Age Pension are receiving a basic weekly wage of $397.40. How are Pensioners supposed to live on this? The answer is they can’t and many Pensioners are living below the poverty line.

“I have spoken to many Pensioners who cannot afford to turn their heating on in winter because they cannot afford the electricity bills.

“Others have told me that because their medication has increased in price that they cannot afford to buy bread and milk.

“As a country we should be ashamed of the way we treat our older Australians. They have worked, paid taxes, raised families, volunteered and contributed much to our nation and we should be doing more to support them.

“Today, I am pleased to announce the Glenn Lazarus Team policy ‘Standing up for Pensioners’ to ensure our older Australians are given the support they deserve. Our policy includes:

– Increasing the basic Age Pension by 20% from 1 July 2017. This will increase the weekly income of Pensioners from $397.40 by $79.48 to $476.88 per week (single Pensioners)
– Couple Pensioners will increase from $299 each per week to $359.46
– The introduction of a national concession policy for Age Pensioners to be adopted by all states and territories as a national standard to provide:

– 20% discounts on rates, utilities such as water and electricity and gas
– Free public transport
– All older Australians from the age of 70 years – Free public transport

“How will this be funded? I think Australians know Turnbull’s company tax cut doesn’t benefit the average person. We don’t want billions of dollars flowing overseas, our policy is to keep the money in Australia and invest it into our Pensioners and our education system.

“What the silver spoon Coalition doesn’t seem to understand is that the Superannuation Guarantee only came into effect in 1992 and it was introduced at 3%. In fact, it only increased to 9% in 2002/2003. Further, it excluded employees earning less than $450 per month, part-time employees under 18 years of age and employees aged 65 and over (later increased to 70).

“Women raising children, caring for families and taking on carer duties were excluded all together because they were not employed.

“Compulsory superannuation is a relatively new initiative and many older Australians have not been given the opportunity to grow a nest egg. They rely on the Age Pension to live. Some people, often women, have not had the opportunity to grow a nest egg at all. We are seeing high levels of homelessness among older women and this needs to stop.

“It about time we stood up for older Australians and our Pensioners and assisted them to live in retirement with dignity.

“The Glenn Lazarus Team will work with which ever party forms Government after 2 July to implement this policy to ensure everyday Australians are given a fair go.”


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Glenn Lazarus team at odds over sports precinct

I think it’s great that as a member of a party I can have a difference of opinion and be allowed to express that opinion without duress or being told to tow the party line or else A far cry from the major parties who are not permitted to honestly say what they think.

As Glenn says “Jannean has a better understanding of this precinct but his desire to see more sports facilities nationally can only be a good and healthy outcome”.

In addition a further petition was tabled by Councillor James Hansen with 2,656 signatures which is missing from the article and why hasn’t the Chronicle reporters asked the answers to my questions and reported on this so everyone is informed?

Click here for Fraser Coast Chronicle Article Wednesday 22nd June 2016

Article FCC_Sports Precinct_Glenn Lazaurs_22_06_16

Media Release – 16th June 2016

I am absolutely perplexed as to how the Fraser Coast Regional Council could make such a bad decision and because I live in democratic society I am permitted to say so.

This plan was flawed right from the start, to this day and beyond. This could have been so much better a project and been inclusive of all and every person would have been able to enjoy it. This is not a project for haste, we are talking multi millions of dollars. Already committed $10 million of rate payers money and Howard not even sewered. I expect Council to undertake due diligence and respect the community that they represent. The report was missing 2,636 signatures opposing. How can they make a decision without all the facts? The Sports Precinct, besides rates, drugs, domestic violence, unemployment etc was the Local Election decider.

Separate surveys were undertaken by various platforms; seems the majority no longer have a voice. Now we have no money, no promise of funding and not knowing the final cost and not everyone will get to enjoy it but I bet all rate payers will continue contributing. To date most projects have ran well over budget, so expect costs to rise. Lucky they have a bit of cash stowed away for these types of bad judgement calls. Reminds me of the Wide Bay Water Fiasco. So many questions still unanswered.


Waiting for David Lewis to assist in finding the answers to some questions. Maybe James Hansen, Rolf Light, George Seymour, Daniel Sanderson, Darren Everard, Stuart Taylor, Anne Maddern Div 2, Denis Chapman Div 8 could also assist. (Unfortunately cannot tag the Mayor as he has removed himself from social media since the election.)

FCSP_David Lewis_Q&A_19_06_15

15,000 seat stadium on Saunder’s wishlist for region

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