Battle for Wide Bay: Can candidates improve life expectancy?

GLT candidate Jannean Dean said everybody’s quality of life needed to be improved and that would increase life expectancy in the regions.

“If you have a disability or can’t find a job, you can claim a disability support pension, senior pension or newstart allowance and contrary to what others say, they would have us believe these benefits are plenty of money to support a gambling habit, nicotine addiction and some pretty serious alcoholic tendencies, that’s far from reality,” she said.

“This cash certainly isn’t enough to pay for things like medication, wheelchairs, disability aids, taxis to get to medical appointments or food to keep you nourished.”

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Glenn Lazarus team at odds over sports precinct

I think it’s great that as a member of a party I can have a difference of opinion and be allowed to express that opinion without duress or being told to tow the party line or else A far cry from the major parties who are not permitted to honestly say what they think.

As Glenn says “Jannean has a better understanding of this precinct but his desire to see more sports facilities nationally can only be a good and healthy outcome”.

In addition a further petition was tabled by Councillor James Hansen with 2,656 signatures which is missing from the article and why hasn’t the Chronicle reporters asked the answers to my questions and reported on this so everyone is informed?

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Article FCC_Sports Precinct_Glenn Lazaurs_22_06_16

Media Release – 16th June 2016

I am absolutely perplexed as to how the Fraser Coast Regional Council could make such a bad decision and because I live in democratic society I am permitted to say so.

This plan was flawed right from the start, to this day and beyond. This could have been so much better a project and been inclusive of all and every person would have been able to enjoy it. This is not a project for haste, we are talking multi millions of dollars. Already committed $10 million of rate payers money and Howard not even sewered. I expect Council to undertake due diligence and respect the community that they represent. The report was missing 2,636 signatures opposing. How can they make a decision without all the facts? The Sports Precinct, besides rates, drugs, domestic violence, unemployment etc was the Local Election decider.

Separate surveys were undertaken by various platforms; seems the majority no longer have a voice. Now we have no money, no promise of funding and not knowing the final cost and not everyone will get to enjoy it but I bet all rate payers will continue contributing. To date most projects have ran well over budget, so expect costs to rise. Lucky they have a bit of cash stowed away for these types of bad judgement calls. Reminds me of the Wide Bay Water Fiasco. So many questions still unanswered.


Waiting for David Lewis to assist in finding the answers to some questions. Maybe James Hansen, Rolf Light, George Seymour, Daniel Sanderson, Darren Everard, Stuart Taylor, Anne Maddern Div 2, Denis Chapman Div 8 could also assist. (Unfortunately cannot tag the Mayor as he has removed himself from social media since the election.)

FCSP_David Lewis_Q&A_19_06_15

15,000 seat stadium on Saunder’s wishlist for region

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Election Commitment 7 of 8



**  Attract 24 hour pharmacies across the Fraser Coast. 

**  Offering professional service and advice 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

**  Gives people the ability to access a pharmacist around the clock, for a range of ailments and medication needs.

**  Reduces the burden on emergency departments.

**  Would help families avoid going to the emergency room for minor health problems.

**  This will take the pressure off our overcrowded emergency departments, so doctors can treat the sickest patients more quickly.

**  Benefits low priority cases where a patient just needs to pick up a prescription or get simple help and advice.

**  Focus on health and fitness, reducing obesity and increasing mental well-being.

**  Phase out sugar as it creates a lot of health problems

The Fraser Coast is on the verge of a health crisis with reported cases of type two diabetes rising by an enormous 17% in Hervey Bay in just two years.

The instances of the disease rose by 5% in Maryborough during the same period.

The figures are a shocking show of the health in the region considering about 60% of cases of type two diabetes are preventable through an active lifestyle and healthy eating.

Hervey Bay had the sharpest rise in type 2 diabetes cases with the Burnett the closest rival at 11% followed by Gympie which saw an increase of 10%.


Calling all Queenslanders…


On the 1st of December, for the first time in Qld history, a petition from the people of Qld, sponsored by a politician, (Steve Dickson MP) will be presented to parliament calling for the Qld parliament to:

Allow all persons with a medical condition or symptoms, who may benefit, access to Australian made whole plant cannabis therapies and to grant immediate amnesty for all cannabis therapy users, their carers and cannabis therapists.

This is the time for EVERYONE to step up and make this happen. 500 signatures is not going to help us. We need thousands of signatures on this petition. (Currently 5,170 signatures)

If Qld is able to achieve this then ALL states will have to follow.
IF YOU LIVE IN QLD – Please sign the petition.

Locate the daily posts that will be on the MCUA Australia facebook page and share with ALL of your friends no matter where they live (your interstate friends will have friends in Qld) and share in ALL of your networks. Alternatively you can tag your friends in post on the MCUA page.

If you live on the Fraser Coast please join Fraser Coast Have Your Say where you can read further updates.

A PDF version of this petition will be available for printing and we urge all Qld residents who are able to gather signatures in their local areas to inbox MCUA Australia urgently.

IF YOU DO NOT LIVE IN QLD – You cannot sign the petition. You CAN however help us reach as many people as humanly possible before the e-petition closes on the 30th November.

The epetition (linked) closes on the 30th NOVEMBER PLEASE SIGN HERE



Please print and get signatures on the Petition Medicinal-Cannabis-Paper-Petition-Nov-15

Great Interview on ABC radio with Sunshine Coast local Beck Bridson – Listen Here

Cabinet Ministers Meeting

On Sunday Jeanette Maynes and I traveled to Bundaberg to meet with Qld State Government Officials to voice our concerns, start conversations and offer ideas and solutions.

We were warmly welcomed by Mayor of Bundaberg Mal Forman and to my delight the Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk was keen to speak with me on many matters.

Annastacia Palaszczuk_Jannean Dean_18_10_15

I spoke with 17 Government Officials on a range of matters and look forward to continuing the conversations.

I spoke to The Premier several times during the afternoon on Medical Cannabis, Hemp Industry, Job Creation, Supporting Farmers, Boosting our Economy and Innovation, Domestic Violence. Annastacia received all the literature and evidence and advised she would read it on the plane tomorrow and be in touch.

Jon Black, Director-General – Department of Environment and Heritage Protection and Chris Hill, Director – DEHP joined Jeanette Maynes and I for clarification on the Maryborough Original Township Site and any future development protocols. Jon Black made a call to seek confirmation and further information. We discussed our perspective of this magnificent site and what we believe is a better approach and under no circumstances should this site have an ‘iconic development’ built there. They listened intently to our argument for this and were keen to learn more.
We also mentioned the current application for Pialba Memorial Hall and the Cenotaph, which will be heard in the near future. Freedom Park and the Railway Station were also discussed. We will discuss this again.

Jeanette Maynes champions for the protection of our foreshore by speaking with Steven Miles MP for Environment. Rodney Dudgeon also standing strong on the correct and proper decisions that should be made. Great advocates for environmental awareness.

Qld Treasurer – Mr Curtis Pitt MP made time to discuss the Indigenous Employment and Training Programme, Col Bowman and I have been working on for some time. Joining us was Manny Hegarty, Regional Director CQ – Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Partnerships and several other people. They loved it and are going to advise how to make this happen. I stressed that 90% Indigenous unemployed on the Fraser Coast was a fail and not good enough, especially since something like this which is 100% Federally funded is not already running is poor. We also discussed how this would improve relations and acknowledging the Traditional Owners we move forward. Keeping Indigenous Bush Medicine and Culture and valuing it is something we should all want to do.
I am thrilled they agreed and Manny will be working out the best way to make this happen and soon. Fingers crossed.
They also advised to speak with another DG Megan Houghton regarding the Fraser Island (K’Gari) Tourism and Dingo Management Policy. Megan is from Department of Tourism, Major Events, Small Business and the Commonwealth Games.
Megan and I discussed some of the points from the document to highlight why it needs to be seriously changed. She agreed and accepted, advising she would circulate to all the relevant Departments for consideration as it takes into account environment, tourism, small business, education, medical etc. We will have further discussions.

Linda from the Community Cabinet Ministers Office will personally deliver the De-amalgamation Public Address from Cliff Hammer to Hon Jacklyn (Jackie) Trad, Deputy Premier, Minister for Transport, Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning and Minister for Trade. This will be followed up.

Qld Police Commissioner Ian Stewart enjoying Jeanette Maynes conversation. A big thank you to the Police Commissioner for willing to look at the people’s Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Policy incorporating the Judiciary System. Whilst speaking with another high ranking police official we both agreed the current system is not working and a fresh approach is required. I look forward to discussing this further with them in the near future.

Michael Hogan, Director-General – Department of Communications, Child Safety and Disability Services spent every moment exchanging information on Domestic Violence – I requested Qld adopt the Batty Findings by Judge Ian Gray in Victoria. We also discussed time frame, $’s and education and training amongst other topics including risk assessment and information sharing. Briefly discussed the inadequacies of the Bail Act. This is crucial to winning the war on DV. It was a valued meeting. As requested I will complete a submission to task force for consideration.
The DG will also look into the helicopter being permitted to land next to a Children’s Disability Park and the concerns we have about this and how this was approved.

Acting Director General, Stephen Johnston – Dpt Infrastructure, Local Government & Planning was concerned as we were about the direction FCRC have taken us all and was unaware of some points made. There will be follow up communications on a range of matters.


medical cannabis_Indy_08_09_15

I agree 100% with Johann Hari author of ‘Chasing the Scream’. Drugs should be decriminalised. 14 years ago Portugal did just that and now drug usage has been reduced by 50%. We need to take all the money we spend on the criminal side and invest in creating jobs coupled with rehab and support. The opposite of addiction is not sobriety but connection. Everything that has been known about addiction is wrong. Bruce Alexander Professor of Psychology did a range of experiments and found addiction is not a moral failing, addiction is not a disease but a way of coping with pain and isolation. We need to have a different approach at every level, on a personal level, political level and a social level. This is the thing that is most primed to bring addicts back to us.

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Members of the Medical Cannabis Users Association Australia (MCUA) are planning a Nationwide ‘awareness raising’ campaign at courthouses across Australia on the 2nd and 3rd of September to show support for our members and their families who suffer needless stress because of the lack of police discretion; and to highlight the waste of tax payers money involved in long running court proceedings against medical cannabis growers.

MCUA members across Australia are up in arms about the slow progress being made in changing the laws and the double standards being applied by all governments in this the country, who seem unable to understand the basic concept that plant based cannabis is powerful medicine.
In one hand the NSW Government, who “lead the way forward” are offering us “cannabis” trials – without any real cannabis in them; and with the other hand they are raiding and punishing people for wanting to use it now, rather than wait 10yrs for big pharma results and “permission” to get relief.

In 2013, NSW resident, Craig Goodwin cured himself of liver cancer with the help of extracts he made from home grown cannabis. He then spent 10 months on remand in prison for growing and making this medicine. All charges were subsequently squashed in the district court and he was released without conviction last year.

Twelve months later he was arrested again for 6 plants in his back yard – grown to continue his health care regime; and 135 plants on an adjoining property assumed to have been his. He was fined $1500 in Taree court this week for 6 plants. The remaining charges were dismissed by the court.
Two weeks earlier, oil maker Malcolm Lees, who had pleaded guilty in Newcastle court to supplying medical cannabis as a “rate lower than the black market”, faced a sentencing hearing for his crime. This has been adjourned until October when he will make his 4th court appearance for the same offence at tax payer expense.

Peter Rule, who grows and makes cannabis medicine for his disabled daughter, Larisa, is now facing further charges following his court appearance for sentencing this week in Wyong. He will re appear on 2nd September. His partner will also face court in September.

Larisa has cannabis tincture in various doses listed as experimental epileptic medication at Westmead Children’s Hospital via Neurology Dept., according to her dad.

This is the second time Peter has been on charges relating to medicinal cannabis use for his daughter in twelve months.

This is the catalyst that sparked this MCUA action.

Malcolm, Craig and Peter are MCUA members. As are Matt and Elizabeth Pallet in Victoria who face serious charges in Frankston court on 3rd September, for supplying medical cannabis to desperately sick and suffering people.

These growers and oil makers are the experts the governments should be consulting – not dragging through the courts. They should not be used as pawns to boost arrest numbers in the police funding circus by officers who are brainwashed by propaganda.

The knowledge bank that already exists within the MCUA’s 8300 member base is immense. It will take our Governments decades to acquire the knowledge and results being obtained right now by these people.

Hundreds of thousands of Australians want LEGAL access to cannabis because they are already experiencing the safe and effective healing properties of this plant. Why should they have to defy the law in order to get access?

Scientific research already undertaken by international experts (and hundreds of Australian testimonials) clearly demonstrates that cannabis has the ability to improve the quality of life for sufferers of literally hundreds of common, rare and baffling ailments. It has the potential to double the current survival rate for cancer and give patients renewed hope.

Terminally ill and suffering Australians don’t have time or patience to wait a decade for trials; nor do they see the need to imitate nature with expensive pharmaceutical products brewed purely for profit, when then fresh home grown product, is non psychoactive and can produce miraculous results for the cost of a tomato plant .

MCUA members will be talking to the public about this and handing out information to raise awareness of the legal issues and the health benefits of medicinal cannabis during these actions. The governments are taking too long and we are putting them on notice – we will not be held to ransom by vested interest and we will continue to defy until the changes are made to allow people to choose and use cannabis for home grown for health.

Australian HEMP Party President Michael Balderstone applauds their dedication and action. “So few people are speaking out on the ludicrous position medical cannabis users find themselves in in Australia. Increasingly we hear drug testing drivers and workers is actually pushing people to use other far more dangerous and less efficient but undetectable drugs. The cruel greed of Big Pharma knows no bounds in its pursuit of profit. Shame on the politicians who support them and seem content to compromise two (2) million regular Australian cannabis users.”

We should be supporting OUR farmers and boosting OUR economy. We really need to have cannabis grown and made in Australia and not imported – this is important not only to our farmers and economy but for quality control.

Supporters will be attending the Medical Cannabis Users Rally Nationwide to support compassionate growers facing charges in NSW and Victoria at the Hervey Bay Magistrates Court on Wednesday 2nd September at 10:00am. Come along say hello and sign the petition requesting the Queensland Government to amend Health Regulation 270A to read “The Chief Executive Officer may grant approval to a person to cultivate, manufacture, produce, possess, supply, prescribe, obtain and use cannabis for human therapeutic use;” and introduce an immediate amnesty, access to State laboratories, and establish a Steering Committee with patient advocates; ensuring that patient’s health rights are at the centre of any decision making, and use regulating powers and prescribing standards in Part 4 and 4A of the Health Act to make regulations for a state-wide Medical Cannabis Program with provisions for patients and Carers to lawfully cultivate and produce their own cannabis and oils/tinctures; and a state licencing System for commercial cultivators and producers of manufactured cannabis products for supply through dispensaries.

Petition Link: CLICK HERE
Event Link: CLICK HERE

Fraser Coast Community Unites


I have organised this event in Hervey Bay Qld for the entire Fraser Coast in line with the weekend there will be Welfare Marches around Australia 11th – 12th July.

The venue was chosen for several reasons. As you are probably aware Freedom Park is the home of the Hervey Bay Communities remaining two historical buildings – Memorial Hall and the Railway Station; which Council is trying to clear for their proposed new building. I thought this was the best location, as it is a perfect position to highlight the concerns of the people surrounding heritage, environment, foreshore management, small business, rates, crime, drug epidemic, jobs, dingoes and all the issues affecting our community by the Fraser Coast Regional Council’s poor and mismanagement practices, including State and Federal Governments.

People from ALL OUR Communities will be attending. Specialist parties have also been invited. i.e. Foreshore, Environmental, Rates Association, Youth Groups, Domestic Violence Advocates, Child Welfare Groups, Save the Fraser Island Dingo, Homeless Advocates, Heritage Committees, Small Business Representatives, De-amalgamation Committee, all Community Groups that utilise the Memorial Hall on a daily basis and the Vietnam Veterans Association currently working from the Railway Station etc.

Ministers, Senators, Members of Parliament, Mayor, Councillors and Executive of the Fraser Coast Regional Council will be given special invitations. Some are already aware and waiting confirmation of event details.

I am waiting on confirmation from two worthy groups to cater for the event as an opportunity to fund raise.

If you know a group or speaker who would like to be heard please ask them to contact me.

Click here to join the event

Proudly Raising Awareness and Actioning Fun

FCFH Logo FCFH Press Release .....

‘Fraser Coast Fitness & Health’, Proudly Raising Awareness and Actioning Fun, Fitness & Health on the Fraser Coast!

65% of the Fraser Coast’s population is overweight or obese
30% of residents are obese which is 32% higher than the QLD state figure
19% smoke daily which is 47% higher than the state figure
8% hospitalisations are avoidable
25% of deaths are avoidable!
[Stats Via Fraser Coast Chronicle]

August 2014 saw the launch of Fraser Coast Health and Fitness Community Action Group. Now re-branded to the simple and easy to remember ‘Fraser Coast Fitness & Health’ (No more tongue twister, soothing new colours, easy to remember, new directions, new activities, new goals & new timetable.)

Good friends Jeanette, Cheryl & Florian are excited about the new direction!

They are a team of passionate people and businesses in the community that are vested in helping others achieve a new way of life and thinking that is healthy, exciting, fun, productive and will make them happy and confident! I want to share with you their enthusiasm, motivation, professionalism, qualifications, encouragement, support and life experiences and encourage you to go on this amazing journey with them!

Jeanette is a qualified personal trainer and life coach who is extremely passionate about her fitness, striving for excellence in all aspects of her life, motivating and inspiring others on their journey. She definitely ‘Walks the Talk!”

Jeanette is a published author and has written the “4 Week Program” being a mind, meal and exercise plan that has proven to really work.
Since 2012 Jeanette has been leading people on mountain hikes, free 20km Community hikes on Fraser Island and free monthly 10km challenges in Hervey Bay (run or walk).
Her next 10km Challenge is on Saturday the 4th of July starting at Scarness Car Park at 6am. All welcome, take the Challenge, or go half way and do 5km!

Cheryl Virgo is a qualified natural therapies & massage therapist plus life coach with 15 years experience specialising in energy work.
Cheryl takes a free 6.5 km beach walk from Torquay Jetty to the Pier return each Wednesday at 6 am. All are welcome and you will experience the most magical sunrises on the East Coast! Cheryl is also excited about being “The Leader of the Pack” with her new 3 km “Dog Walks” on a Monday and Friday starting at Cafe Cavour on the Esplanade opposite Crown street.

Florian is currently working away but is looking forward to getting back to the bay for work and firing up his free fitness training business!

For more info on local fitness news and events please like and follow the Fraser Coast Fitness and Health Facebook page:

or Jeanette:

I am so grateful to small business operators like Jeanette, Cheryl & Florian who give their time, expertise and knowledge to our community free of charge.

JANUARY 19TH, 2015

Time for education from a young age to be introduced into the Diabetes Type 2 epidemic, so by the time they read adult hood they have made good choices and nutrition becomes a way of life. Fast food advertising needs to be limited so the minds of everyone are not bombarded with images that will have a detrimental affect on the health and well being.…/diabetes-…/2515944/