12314010_945843132167181_1280674529728554947_n“You Don’t Need Sight To Have Vision”

Politics cannot be about one individual; whether it be Local, State OR Federal Governments; it has to be about the entire population and the people that it represents. Time is precious and things need to change here in the Wide Bay. I am excited and thrilled about the opportunity to be part of the Glenn Lazarus Team taking on all challenges and assist in finding the solutions that we all need.

I am very confident in being able to achieve anything I set out to do. Having worked at the Law Department, Ministers Office for Survey and Mapping, 2nd in charge of Qld Hardwood Sawmills, Executive Secretary to Director of Education Training and Services amongst other executive management positions equips me to have more than enough experience to take on the role as an MP for Wide Bay. I am driven by my passion for all people and not by ego or money. Currently I am studying Diploma of Counselling with 6 study majors and actively 7 days a week I am being a strong community advocate.

Previously I have worked in voluntary capacities as Executive Secretary and Fete Coordinator to the Parish Council of Hervey Bay Anglican Church, Executive Secretary to Hervey Bay Football Association (soccer), assisted in the co-ordination of Children’s Ministry and supported families and individuals in crisis.

During this past 18 months I have met and spoken with the Premier, Ministers, Director Generals and executive levels of Qld State Government Departments working in partnership to be in a position to deliver. These are healthy relationships; which will provide further discussions and benefits for the Wide Bay in the near future.

As a protector of the environment, I have rallied and voiced my concerns over the removal of the 5 lines of defence along our coastline because of irresponsible / inappropriate development. I have coordinated, organised, participated and attended many events, forums and alike. I am passionate about our Heritage and recently had Pialba Memorial Cenotaph Queensland State Heritage listed. Coupled with this, Fraser Coast Regional Council following my ‘No Deal’ Campaign voted unanimously to keep the Pialba Memorial Hall and Railway Station in Freedom Park, preserving the very little historical buildings Hervey Bay has; which were instrumental in the growth of the region. Further to this I have been a strong advocate in protecting Maryborough’s Original Township Site. A focus on safer roads, essential upgrades and vital infrastructure.

Saving the Fraser Island Dingo is something I have championed for and State Government is not listening. I have written a policy endorsed by many that have solutions to the issues surrounding Fraser Island (K’Gari) and our rapidly declining dingoes.

I am a strong advocate / campaigner for Medical Cannabis because people are suffering needlessly. People’s rights are at risk. Laws different every state, this needs to be the same for not only Queensland but the entire Nation. The Hemp Industry is a million dollar crop and a trillion dollar industry – why don’t we have this already? We need to be preserving and protecting our water and we can replace everything plastic and start to clean up our oceans and waterways. Support our farmers, protect the environment, boost our economy and create jobs, jobs and more jobs.
These are two issues that need expediting and are critical to our future. Why people are suffering needlessly is beyond me and the fight for Drug Law Reform will continue until people’s rights are returned to them.

Additionally I am working with several groups: Toogoom Rockwall, Bauple Township, Sports Precinct, Drugs, Alcohol and Addictions, Coordinator for Neighbourhood, Arts, Heritage, Environment, Watch, Health, Education and Training, just to name a few.

I stood as an Independent for the Queensland seat of Hervey Bay, as part of an alliance of ‘like-minded’ individuals in January 2015 to gain experience and create some awareness around the issues and get conversations started. I received 3.81% of the vote from throwing my hat in the ring 4 weeks before the election. Recently, I again through my hat into the ring for the Mayoral position on the Fraser Coast Regional Council. This also created more awareness, conversations and some welcomed change. I received 10% of the vote and has doubled in 3 months; continuing to grow, so I must be doing something right. The way this election played out was not surprising but that is another story. The highlight of campaigning both campaigns was the people – You are the reason why I am doing it a 3rd time.

I would like to assist you by taking on-board all you share and having your voice at the 2016 Federal Election. As your representative my promise to the people of Wide Bay is that I will be accessible at all times to deal with your needs and concerns. I will be accountable and totally transparent and expect all government levels to be the same. I listen to the people; I talk to the people, I Serve the people. All these things have been missing in the Wide Bay! I am not driven by money nor ego but my passion for people. Let’s work together to make the Wide Bay the best region in Australia. Let’s give our community maximum opportunities to reach its full potential.

Sady with only a 3 weeks to go, I won’t be able to get to speak to everyone so please if you like what I do and agree with what I am trying to do, please spread the word. This is about our future so it is critical that we elect the right people.

I am transparent.     I am open.     I listen.


Law Department

Ministry of Housing

Land Titles Office

Minister’s Office Department Survey & Mapping

Department of Employment & Training

Ergon Energy Corporation Limited

Queensland Sawmills Pty Ltd

Ray White Real Estate

Australian Institute of Professional Counsellors


Schizophrenic & Mental Health – Personal Care / Support Worker

Football Hervey Bay Incorporated – Executive Secretary

St. John’s Anglican Parish – Executive Secretary / Fete Convener

Hervey Bay Foreshore Protection Group


Voices of the Valley

Save Fraser Island Dingoes Inc

Area 4 Coordinator Neighbourhood Watch

Fraser Coast Interagency

Hervey Bay Indy Foundation


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