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Daniel’s Law went through Parliament in the Northern Territory for a public register of serious sex offenders in 2015.
All the other states and Federal need to get onboard!

Sex crime affects many Australians and Australian families, and is something that can happen to anyone’s child, relative, partner or friend. We are not immune to this here in Hervey Bay.

Child sexual abuse does irreparable damage, leaving a deep and long-lasting impact on the child / victim, the family and the entire community.

Most would agree with us that JAIL is the best place for sex offenders. I believe they should never be released.

The FACT is, that the majority of them live in “unsuspecting” communities, possibly near schools / playgrounds etc.
Paedophiles aren’t shamed instead they shame the victim into silence. They just keep re-offending!

Making a National Sex Offender Register PUBLIC will really revolutionise Australia and massively lower all forms of crime.

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