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Toogoom Rock Wall Rally

Calling all Fraser Coastarians to stand united against the failed rock wall in Toogoom. Sunday,…

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Open democracy requires that the people who are served by Local Government know they are being fully informed.

The Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk, Minister for Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning Hon Jacklyn Trad, Director-General Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning Frankie Carroll, the two appointed advisors, Deputy Director-General, Department of Infrastructure, Local Government and Planning Stephen Johnston and former Cassowary Coast Regional Council CEO Terry Brennan are performing a responsibility, Section 4 (1) (a) Local Government Act and that they have to comply with the 5 Principles of the Local Government Act.


The LGA09 (Section 4) is founded on five Local Government principles:

  • Transparent and effective processes and decision-making in the public interest.
  • Sustainable development and management of assets and infrastructure, and delivery of services.
  • Democratic representation, social inclusion and meaningful community engagement.
  • Good governance of, and by, local government.
  • Ethical and legal behaviour of local government employees.


We Demand: Representative Government, Good Governance

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Toogoom Rock Wall Rally

Sunday, 30th October 2016 – 10:30am

Coastal erosion must be a concern for all rate payers in the FCRC region as we are all paying for rock walls along Scarness, Pialba etc every year. The failing Toogoom rock wall is a metaphor for the incompetent management and mendacious policies of council. Maximum attendance at this rally will hopefully have both council and state departments stop the wasteful madness and take appropriate action. We have had enough lies about the Toogoom rock wall.

Standing united against the failed rock wall in Toogoom. Standing united against the poor decision making of Fraser Coast Regional Council and Queensland State Government in protecting the environment, protecting the rate payer, protecting the integrity of good governance.

The important issues are:
1. The application to build the wall was not assessed in accordance with the legislation.
2. The wall was not in accordance with the SEMP and in fact contradicted the SEMP.
3. The wall was not constructed in accordance with the approved design.
4. The wall alignment is causing serious environmental impacts to the foreshore to the west of the wall.

And there is more.

Those paying for the wall have not got what they agreed to pay for!

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